Monday, October 12, 2009

Bi-partisan US Congress Resolution 820 Condemning the pervasive corruption of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Left to right: Rep. Ed Royce (R-California), Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Virginia), Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virginia), Rep. Joseph Cao (R-Louisiana)

[Congressional Bills 111th Congress]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office]
[H. Res. 820 Introduced in House (IH)]

1st Session
H. RES. 820

Condemning the pervasive corruption of the Kingdom of Cambodia.



October 8, 2009

Mr. Royce (for himself, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Moran of Virginia, and Mr. Cao)
submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs



Condemning the pervasive corruption of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Whereas the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia temploys threatening tactics, including the murder of opposition candidates, to curb political dissent;

Whereas according to Human Rights Watch, Khim Sambo, a reporter for Moneaksekar Khmer, a newspaper affiliated with the opposition Sam Rainsy Party, was shot and killed and his son was fired upon numerous times in a drive by shooting in central Phnom Penh on July 11, 2008;

according to Human Rights Watch, ``this killing appears to be intended to send a message not to engage in opposition politics'';

the Cambodian judicial system is fraught with corruption and is used as a tool by the ruling party to silence opposition;

Freedom House has consistently rated Cambodia as ``Not Free'', in its rankings of world freedom;

according to the NGO Global Witness, ``Cambodia is run by a kleptocratic elite that generates much of its wealth via the seizure of public assets, particularly natural resources'';

, Yash Ghai, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Human Rights in Cambodia issued the following statement to the United Nations Human Rights Council, ``One does not need expertise in human rights to recognize that many policies of the government have subverted the essential principles of democracy and due process, deprived people of their economic resources and means of livelihood, and denied them their dignity'';

Parliamentarian Mu Sochua, a member of the opposition Sam Rainsy Party, was stripped of her parliamentary immunity and given a criminal conviction for openly criticizing Prime Minister Hun Sen;

Ms. Sochua testified before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on September 10, 2009, ``I am one of thousands of innocent journalists, trade union leaders, teachers, and villagers who are tried by a judicial system that is well know for corruption, for incompetence and for acting under the control of the government and those who have political influence and money'';

the Cambodian Government is often complicit in the sex trade industry and endemic corruption has exacerbated the problem of human trafficking;

according to the U.S. Department of State 2009 Trafficking in Persons Report, ``Corruption is pervasive in Cambodia and it is widely believed that many individuals, including police and judicial officials, are both directly and indirectly involved in trafficking''; and

local police and governmental officials commonly accept bribes and extort money to allow brothels to stay in business: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
  1. condemns the repression of opposition candidates by the ruling Cambodian People's Party in Cambodia; and
  2. calls on the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia and international organizations to take concrete steps to combat the worsening problem of human trafficking in Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

What is next step?

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah.Way to go congressmen.

Anonymous said...

US must do something to slow down corrupted Hun sen's government, I meant a group of mafia-hun sen's government, but not cambodian governemt

Anonymous said...

The whole Hun Sen's government is completely MAFIA business organised by Viet invaders inside Hun Sen ministries.

Anonymous said...

My thanks go to these congressmen. corruption is a huge problem that needs to be dealt with from the top elites to the poor of the society. It is widely known that kickbacks and briberies soliciting from foreigners and visitors alike at pochentong airport has discouraged some visitors to ever return to cambodia.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see US reaction to mafia government

Khmer KK

Anonymous said...

"Tamphi-rak Pagnaing Métcha Vi-mata ,Matak Sayak KorVi-taing ,Udam-Mathaing AknuPak-Taing Tama-haing Pru-mi Pream-naing"

"He whose knowledge is deep,who is wise,skilled in the( choice of)the right and the wrong way,has reached the highest goal,-him I call a Brah man"

Anonymous said...

1:37AM My friends and I never feel comfortable landing our feet at Pochentong airport those check-in officers always press us to give them money! all tourist are shy away from Cambodia because of that!

Anonymous said...

rampant corruption is never good for cambodia. glad to see some lawmakers are caring about it and want o change all of that.

Anonymous said...

We want to see the changes which will be or will not be, for that MAFIA's government of Xcambodia.

Hanoi will order their Mafia's puppet regime to do sometning to cover up Hanoi's hands behind Xcambodia's government.

Anonymous said...

The US are barking and barking, but the truth is they need Hun Sen, the strongman in Cambodia to advance their vital interests in S.E.Asia
1) keep in check the expansion of China
2) fight drug trafficking to the West
3) prevent muslim extremism from spreading in the region
For that, they will turn a blind eye on Hun Sen's criminal activities and Hun Sen is smart enough to play the game. The bottom line is the Khmers need to rise up to defeat Hun Sen, and again bloodshed seems almost inevitable.

Anonymous said...

No countries in the world will come to liberate Xcambodia from Hanoi and, Hanoi's dictator Hun Sen, unless all Khmers revolt all together, and then the whole world will come to resolve Cambodian problems.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Mass Murder
Crimes Against Humanity
Force Labour
Overwork to Death
Human Abuses
Unlawful Detention

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Attempted Murders
Attempted Murder on Chea Vichea
Attempted Assassinations
Attempted Assassination on Sam Rainsy
Assassinated Journalists
Assassinated Political Opponents
Assassinated Leaders of the Free Trade Union
Executed members of FUNCINPEC Party
Murdered Chea Vichea
Murdered Ros Sovannareth
Murdered Hy Vuthy
Murdered Khim Sambo
Murdered Khim Sambo's son 
Murdered members of Sam Rainsy Party.
Murdered activists of Sam Rainsy Party
Murdered Innocent Men
Murdered Innocent Women
Murdered Innocent Children
Killed Innocent Khmer Peoples.
Extrajudicial Execution
Grenade Attack
Drive by Shooting
Police Brutality Against Monks
Police Brutality Against Evictees
Death Threats
Human Abductions
Human Abuses
Human Rights Abuses
Human Trafficking
Drugs Trafficking
Under Age Child Sex
Illegal Arrest
Illegal Mass Evictions
Illegal Land Grabbing
Illegal Firearms
Illegal Logging
Illegal Deforestation
Illegally use of remote detonation on Sokha Helicopter, while Hok Lundy and other military officials were on board.
Illegally Sold State Properties
Illegally Removed Parliamentary Immunity of Parliament Members
Plunder National Resources
Acid Attacks
Turn Cambodia into a Lawless Country.
Steal Votes
Bring Foreigners from Veitnam to vote in Cambodia for Cambodian People's Party.
Use Dead people's names to vote for Cambodian People's Party.
Disqualified potential Sam Rainsy Party's voters. 
Abuse the Court as a tools for CPP to send political opponents and journalists to jail.
Abuse of Power
Abuse the Laws
Abuse the National Election Committee
Abuse the National Assembly
Violate the Laws
Violate the Constitution
Violate the Paris Accords
Unlawful Detention
Death in custody.

Under the Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime, no criminals that has been committed crimes against journalists, political opponents, leaders of the Free Trade Union, innocent men, women and children have ever been brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Ah Hun Khvang Ma Khak,

You, your cronies, and N.Sihanouk sold Xcambodia to Hanoi.

All of you mentioned above are Khmer people's murderer.

Anonymous said...

A barbarian like you know only barking.
There are two type of people: one is barking like a crazy dog and one is trying to find solutions to liberate the country.
To you, leading the counry is so simple.

Anonymous said...

To 3:56

I am 100% disagree with you, because the Cambodian peoples don't even have food to eat.

If the Cambodian peoples want to get rid of Cambodian People's Party Hun Sem Khmer Rouge Regime's government, there is a very simple way.  All the Cambodian peoples have to do is vote for Sam Rainsy Party.  Once Sam Rainsy Party win an election, the president of Sam Rainsy Party, whoever he/she is will ask the UN to come into Cambodia to restore law and order if the Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime refuse to hand over power. 

All of the criminals in Cambodia will get a criminal indictment.

Anonymous said...

If the liberation is so simple like you said, Burmese and other people in the world who want to be freed from their dictatorship governments or from the invaders would have already succeeded.

Furtheremore, you wouldn't be here cursing your own people and calling them criminals of killing their own Khmers.

They too were trying to liberate their country from Vietnamese invaders, but they ended up being prosecuted and being called killers when they fought the invaders who already mutated themselves as Khmers.

If you want to liberate your country and yoru Khmers from the invaders, you will have to sarifice lives to get it.

That's not guaranteed either. You may be freed or you may not. If you are afraid of sacrificing lives, don't dream of a liberation.

Anonymous said...

While some Khmer might take this as a positive step, it is still a declaration of condemnation on paper only that's it. And this is from a handful of Congressmen. This is for the public consumption and especially aim for and at the Rights Groups. While the main US government/administration is still maintaining its cause with Mr Hun Sen control authority. In short it comes down to national interests. Remember no nation is prepared to jeopardise its national interests for the sake of others. The exception to this is the Cambodian leaders are willing and prepare to sacrifice its citizens, natural resources, sovereignty, and the whole country just to please others.


Anonymous said...

Thanks you congress men that is the way to go,only communist that destroy the world and it people,experienced from China,Russia ,Polpot and Hun Sen Sihaknuk.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the fascists like Roman empire, .... to British empire, French Napoleon, the war criminal Hirohito, Hitler, and the American imperialist didn't destroy the world? Aren't you now living in the land of fascist grabbed from he native of Australia? Who made the deadly weapons? Weren't they the fascists and imperialists? They madce those weapons to sell to other countries to make $$. What do you say to that? Pol Pot, Hun Sen and King Sihanouk are just small people whose country is small and weak with no army. They were the liberators from those powerful Fascist and Communists to free their tiny nation from being raped and abused. And how could you accused the unarmed and poor people as they destroyed the world?

Anonymous said...

I meant "They madce those weapons to sell to other countries to make $$ and wars". Edited my post 6;59am.

Anonymous said...

6:02 AM
the first election in 1993 , people didn't vote for CPP , they voted for Funcinpec because they didn't like CPP but CPP refused to step down and later on they coup against funcinpec so they can stay in power . it's not as easy as you say .

Anonymous said...

6:59 AM ! you are out of your mind. try to be smart but out of topic. been looking in the book to bring up all those names to make you look smart . what are you trying to be ? a world historian ?

Anonymous said...

to voice 6:37 AM !
do you want the US to send some cruise misiles to the defense Department in Cambodia to give Hun Sen a warning ? you sound just like an idiot .

Anonymous said...

7:42 AM,
Is it wrong what I said? No need everyone to be historian to know the history already wrote. Every body can go online and check or read. That's what internet for. You said those names who destroyed the world? How did they destroy the world? Did they drop bombs on any country?

Anonymous said...

You totally misconstrued the post posted by voice 6;37am.

Anonymous said...

6:49am while all the people they have known the truth around the world except your self try to make up some things out of nothing,the ways of your thinking is base on jealousy (1)because you can't be what of supper power countries be .(2)Your communist deep down to the bone except no challenge and reality.
What I mean China is base on the facts that Mao Setung killed million million of his Chinese people and brought to Cambodia to practice the same theory empty khmer people to bring Chinese in (sihaknuk did the same before he left Peking to Cambodia in 1975.What you stated Cambodia is the victim of the powerful country,you made me laugh because I have never seen people with the brain defected also the eyes vision incapable to see the real sad and sad,super power making bombs to sell if we are the buyer do not buy it do not kill our own that is it. But in realities Sihaknuk planed to kill his own people and accepted no responsible(If he dare show up in UN court?)How ignorant the Laos was before 1975? They been through the same our black era but they treated their people in the differences way they killed but 4to 5thousand not to two million like Sihaknuk,Hun Sen Pol Pot did,so what I mean on my comment above and you still think your Sihaknuk is Damn God untouchable?
Yes USA bla bla bla killer but every country around the world pick USA as supper power nation since world war II. So keep your baseless preach with you in the Marqui jungle like Hun Sen and Sihaknuk did people this day they not that damn stupid and let you cloud and manipulate the histories.
Thanks you hopefully it help with your jealousy head and communist infamous propaganda's .

Anonymous said...

8:56 AM
Just because I asked you to prove why did you defend Fascists & imperalist who destroyed many weak and poor nations for thousand years until this day does not mean I am communist or capitalist.

Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, British, Hirohito of Japan, ..through Americans killed too many people the same thing. Life is life. The native Americans were almost extincted from their own land.
Are you saying it is OK for the Americans to terminate the native Americans?

Yes Cambodia was a victim of powerful Communist v. Capitalist; and you can laugh all you want, it makes no difference to the facts that already happened.

If the weapons' makers didn't make the deadly weapons, there won't be anyone to buy either. They make the weapons to sell to make $$ and wars. War is a routine business of the weapons' makers. If the don't want to make money they would be making weapons.

If you believe that King Sihanouk had only intentiosn to kill his own people, you are one of the dumbest who is pro-Communist Vietnam without knowing it ever live. The King can have Kingdom if the KIngdom has people, and if you said he wanted to kill his own people, there wouldn't be a Kingdom.

How do you know the King didn't want to testify if call upon His Majesty? Your Vietnamese propagandas won't pass the test when comes to accuse Khmer liberators as they were the killers except the Vietnamese?

Laos was already full controlled by the Vietanmese long times ago, except Cambodia, that was why the fight between Communist China and Communist Vietnam happened in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Edited to 9:24AM
If they don't want to make money/wars they would not be making weapons.

Anonymous said...

9:26AM thanks you you made sense.
But the problems is between the sellers and the buyers,if the deadly weapons cost so much destruction why would bother to buy them? But in reality most of the Sihaknuk king rouge victims were beaten with the crowbars,axes and smashed with the tree and 9:24 listen ah mekhmer what Sihaknuk stated and posted in YOUTUBE and stop ignore the truth.

Anonymous said...

9:24 I do not know and how stupid you are,base on little statement to testify on your claimed you already lost if I do not recall Sihaknuk stated when UN court ready ,his wife and him will voluntarily to go and testify a bout what is happen sic
when the UN ready to summon him ,he said the judge must come to the palace at his schedule or he will quit. You know how flip flop ,bullshit coward liar Sihaknuk did?
I am not youn nor mix but I like justice and not coward ,in-respect able cheap low live like the stupid king Sihaknuk afraid to face the fact.
thanks you for reading

Anonymous said...

Every nation who has money and wants to buy those deadly weapons has reasons: 1) to defend its territory from the invaders; and
2) to keep the nation stable from the internal crisis. etc.

I don't care of those propagandas through youtubes, I care for Cambodia and Khmers.

I din't ignore the reality that's why I wrote what I knew.
Like King Sihanouk, President Bush was trying to shield his people and his nation from the radical muslims who attempted to destroy the US economy, but the Socialists/liberals insulted him. King Sihanouk and Gen. Lon Nol worked hard to liberate Cambodia from the invaders who were rooted in Cambodia, but many blame them. If your children hurt or killed others while they're under your supervision, the public will attack you, even though you are good parents.

If you can find the name of the first Viet revolutionist Phan Boi Chau and read about that man, you will know that the Vietnamese were mutated inside Cambodia since the French colony. Ho Chi Minh was his heir to lead after him.

If you read of Stalin's evil ambitions, you will find Ho Chi Minh and Mao Tse Tung in there. Stalin gave Ho Chi Minh and China billion of US dollars to take Cambodia and Laos, though Laos was already taken by the Vietnamese.

If you allow the propagandas by the Vietanmese to make you believe that the King had intentions to kill his own people; what Kingdom the King fought for, if his people all died? A lot of Youtubes displayed by the Vietanmese and picked up by Khmers who are easy to be convinced. These kind of propagandas will only lead Khmers to fight with each others while the Vietnamese sneak into Cambodia.

To liberate Cambodia from the Vietnamese you and all Khmers have to stop fighting with your own people but find ways to send a message to even the Khmers in CPP to help to reform Cambodia.
They are the majority and if you continue to fight and curse them we lost.

Anonymous said...

10:15 AM,
You don't have to insult me. Let's talk as civilized people. The King was willing to testify, and for a security reason since the Vietnamese spies are all over in Cambodia, it is up to the UN to agree to come to the palace or not, unless the members of the UN may take bribes from the Vietnamese again like they did in the past.

I am Khmer and I defend my country and my Khmer people.

Anonymous said...

11:03AM That me10:15AM
I am apologize if you are so offended but it just uncivilized words for debates,base on your debates is bias or cowardliness he is not afraid of the securities but facing the truth,nothing is mystery in the world . The Cambodian problems and Cambodia in the misery no ending is Sihaknuk problems.
Can you answer me the questions,if you think Sihaknuk is the good king?
-How many wives Sihaknuk has ?
-While Lon Nol invited him to return to Cambodia in 72 why he is not return?(Love civil war benefit youn?)
-Sihaknuk mentioned in the radio from Peking that he won't return until khmer rouge kill all the khmer phnom penh and clean them up and he stop at phnom penh a while and he will continue to reside in Siem Reab.
All the facts that I investigated and evidences after evidences Sihaknuk he is cracked heads incomparable with Hitler that kill foreigners for his country is he doesn't know anything about politic he should let the professional people to do that .One you wanted to be everything and you can't be any thing example like former king Sihaknuk at the end he is freaking out afraid to show his gut at UN court to clarify how clean he was while he was the Head of the State of infamous khmer rouge democratic from 1975-76 and he lived in royal Palace till 1979,what is his involevemen with kher rouge? While you and I in the concentrated camp?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2:02PM you are corrected, well done! I agree with you 100%.

Anonymous said...

I'm doubtful that any CPP leaders care about your long list (but same and the same) of comments. I saw such comments ten years ago and I'm sure I'll be reading it again in the next 20 years (if KI will still exist).

I would suggest that everyone should be mindful when posting your comments here and any other forum. Please make sure that your comments are meaningfull, useful and applicable by the RGC. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and will only spoil the value of KI and other forum.

You, older generation should have learned from your past experiences. We are younger generation are the victims of your mistake. You should be regretful about that and see if there is anything you can do for the last remaining time of your life to pay them back.
How many time more you want to wag war between Khmers using the word "A Yorng" "A Yorng Yourn" "A Yorng US"....etc.

KI fan

Anonymous said...

a group mafia HUN SEN'S will be eliminated sooner..

Anonymous said...


All comments seem to have same goal, simly be protective for cambodia and generations to come.
Past traumas, accusations arisen by fear, fear of what we have known and fear of invasion.

None of kmhers persist on fighting one anothers. many voice concerns over current mangements of cambodia, and that do not serve marority of cambodians but groups have tried to enslave cambodians.
Be humane that cambodians, human rights groups ask for, opposition seeking any alternative of which acceptable and productive

Clinging to power, distorsion, agression, corruption as result they become abuses of many forms to cambodian victims.

Is it power syndrome that khmers learn to recognise and rectify, for thec sake of own citizens?

Why khmers seem concern so much about being peered with outside world, but weakening ourselve in regarding right attitude to treating one another, building ourselve economically rather than siding for dollars, maintaining our environments, forest,air, agriculture that support our living, stop selling our identity for the sake of money and power...?

Arguing for the sake of irrelevant strategies of the past where the worst outcome or terrible destructions that many cambodians faced. And please be flexible but determined and open mind to realistic, relevant, construtive opinions. Holding on power and accusing any dissent as enemies, is the thing in the past.
Not far from us, say vietnam, thailand ,China...changing faces are in the front line, and why not happening in cambodia? For the sake of cambodians and our beloved country.

Be peace with one another in order to strenghten ourselve and maintain our values.

Neang Sa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Khmer Young said...

The government spokesmen and its team have tried to hide the dead elephant of killing, intimidating, human rights abuses, human trafficking, biased judicial system, evicting and pervasive corruption...etc but I am sorry government that your dead elephant is too big to hide from the public to see including Cambodian farmers...


Anonymous said...

2:02 PM,
Apology accepted.
If you said you used uncivilied words during debate I accepted that, but where I am coming from, no.

In a democratic society, a nation usually has more than one party, if it has only one party, then it would be just like Hun Sen regime, and we Khmers don't want that, don't you agree?

If you agree with me then you cannot insult me as I am a coward or I am biased. I am not in your gang and you are not in mine. We both chose opposite group. If you are in "A party then I am in "B party". I have my opinions, my reasons and I strongly disagree with your similar negative propagandas of Vietnamese Communist toward the King of Cambodia.

This world is still full of mystery, there are too many things we didn't or don't know about or we may or will never know about.

The historian writes only the events they see, but they cannot write about what were or are behind the mystery. If they knew they would have told us who killed King Mahidol or who killed Gen. Patton after WWII (just one example); because you bragged about historians knew all the mystery or knew everything.

Every leader faced or will face the problems regardless what outcomes may be. The public only blame the leaders or parents even though the citizen or children were or are the killers or rapists.

You asked how many wives the King had? It is a private life of each individual, King or no King he is also a human, and it is not relevant to attack someone's private love life. It is his work that you should debate. Are you god yourself who have never had sex? If you have sex with only one spouse, then wait to see your children. Lord Buddha had sex with many women before he became Buddha. This irrelevant question related to Karma, and it should be referred to Monks to answer your dull question about humans' desires. You and I are no positions to bash people's sex desires. Every living things are being mulitplied from havinh sex.

I believe that the King and his trusted Gen Lon Nol were working together to save/free Cambodia from the Vietnamese and from between Soviet/China v. US, whatever strategy they planned I am no positions to know and neither you or every body including historians.

So what if His Majesty broadcasted via radio from Beijing, it was the King and Lon Nol who knew their own plans. The politians will say everythings to get by, but does not mean the King will kill his own people though among his own people there are Vietnamese spies among them. It is too stupid to believe that the King will kill all his people. For what Kingdom the King fought for if his people all died? Without his people, there will be no Kingdom.

I don't care if million evidences you found or collect from Vietnamese propagandas through youtubes, the facts are with the King and Gen Lon Nol.

Your radical extremists think you are not coward? I invited you to check out the 1st Vietnamese revolutionist named Phan Bội Châu who asked Japanese & Thai to get rid of French in exchange the temporary control indochina by Japan and dividing Cambodia between Vietnam and Thailand.
Ho Chi Minh took over after his god-father Phan Bội Châu died.

You and your extreme groups are too coward to find out what happened to Cambodia, but your radical extremists know on ething is to persecute Khmer leaders who tried to liberate the country from teh Vietnamese.

You are too coward to find what Stalin instructed Ho Chi Minh to take Cambodia & Laos and isntructed China to supervise Ho Chi Minh.

There are two type of people, the one who is good in blaming others for his own stupidity, and the one who is trying to find the solutions.

Anonymous said...

Corrected typographical error to my post @ 9:14AM.

"You and your extreme groups are too coward to find out what happened to Cambodia, but your radical extremists know one thing is to persecute Khmer leaders who tried to liberate the country from the Vietnamese.

You are too coward to find what Stalin instructed Ho Chi Minh to take Cambodia & Laos and instructed China to supervise Ho Chi Minh"

Anonymous said...

How a bout Sihaknuk married with the youn lady and provide the shelter to Viet cong to win over the Viet sout and USA and Sihaknuk him self bragging that he made youn United and youn is ungrateful crocodile,don't you think Sihaknuk is sold out to youn ? Common get some real not BS

Anonymous said...

KI-Media Note: In case our readers are curious about historical facts, King Sisowath Monivong was King Sihanouk’s maternal grandfather, therefore Princess Sisowath Pongsanmoni, the mother of King Sihanouk’s favorite daughters, would be his own aunt. Unbelievable but true! Princess Pongsanmoni bore 7 children with King Sihanouk, and her marriage with the king ended in a divorce in 1951,Sihanouk had sex with his own aunt ? copy from one commentor .Kossomac and ponsamony are sisters, unbelievable .I just wondered how Sihanouk's mother felt about that?.No wonder Sihanouk was such a screw up person and he ruled Cambodia for over 20 years.Fuck.Thanks to Gen. LON NOL who kicked him out. 9 years after their marriage.

To the one above that do not know about the stupidest king of Cambodia

Anonymous said...

Hi bashers.
Love has no boundary. Princess Pongsonmoni was born from one of King Monivong's lady waiting(King's concubine), she is a half sister of Queen Kosamak and she was born after King Sihanouk. They fell in love just like every young people today.

Princess Pongsanmoni was said to be a sweet beautiful dear lady. History of human beings' love affair were tracing back into the past. King Sihanouk was a young Prince who were allowed to play around with his own royal community. It was normal for a young man would attract to a young woman near him. (ask psychologist about human mind works).

I can post a few royal love affairs in the world. In europe the royal families married to their own family members to keep power.

In egypt the queen (Nefetiti's daughter) married to her grand father after her first husband (King Tut) her half young brother died. Queen Cleopatra married to her two young brothers to keep power.

King Chulaongkorn, King Mongkut married to their own sisters, who knew may be some of their wedlock offsprings became their concubines too.

In the world we may never seen about that millions who slept with their own daughters and sisters brothers. In Australia a father and daughter married and have children. In Europe a father raped his daughter for 24 years with 7 children in the dungeon.

You bashers may never know what will hit you later on that some of your bashers may be child molesters or rapists or your children or grand children will be like that. Love has no boundary. Humans are manuss mean bab.

I think the King still love his first wife until today.

This to the super racist 2:38PM. The King's wife today is no Youn, but a commoner whose mother happened to be a Khmer woman or men's eater. Your gang bashers are loser and suffer more every time you try to torture her.

Wait to see your children and grand children will give you results. You will never know they may be porn stars or going around sleep with multiple partners including your own family members.

Did you read the news in KI that fathers raped their daughters repeatedly. May be more we don't know. Make sure you stay away from your own children at night or a quiet time.

Anonymous said...

3:12 PM,
Just because the person didn't write does not mean he does not know. The big issues in Cambodia are too many to solve, so King's love story has nothing to do with the problems in Cambodia.
Your Vietnamese propagandas are nothing else but to divide Khmer people. Do you know for a fact that along in your family members none of them fucked the closest relative or incest? Love has no bounday between young people. For the sake of Karma if you want to say it, the King and his young wife, though she was half sister of his mother is not new, it was from love between young couple.
If you only try to dig up the past of the King's love affair, dig up your own family tree.
Beware, you may receive the bab and end up fuck your own children instead.

The people who pretend to be perfect human beings like these bashers including KI are the ones who did most Bab.

Anonymous said...

12:12AM and 9:52pm you are both the root of problems included Sihaknuk ,your both brain need to be replaced with monkey 's it might evolve and get close to human because now you both insane,nave manipulator and bullshitter and only you that ignore the truth pretended to be blind and stupid with out any doctors in the world can help to take care your very low syndrome.DO NOT TELL ME THAT CRAP IF YOUR ANCESTORS DID OR DO LIKE ANIMAL TO RECREATE THE NEXT GENERATION LIKE DOGS OR SIHAKNUK,IF YOU WANTED TO BE THE LEADERS YOU MUST COME CLEAN I DO NOT VOTE AND PUT THE ANIMAL IN THE POWER LIKE SIHAKNUK AND HUN SEN.
If you count and respect infest ancestors to be your role models or leaders please stop talk to me I am not an animal like you,animal fuck with animal and the out come is animal.
Stop accuse any body that they out spoke the truth as youn,I do not care what you try to paint me,but the24k gold like me never afraid to tolerate with the 120c fire and am not ahmei ah thong or sut ping peang that survive with the ass and death with their ass or Sihaknuk ball leaking like you both .
All your statements very disgusting and in -respectable because your role model,leader or king are animal infest ancestor supporters and am not.
Before am leaving the room I am calling for sisters brothers help me to judge whose comment are prestigious the most and make senses ?
lonalianist kid

Anonymous said...

6:02 AM,

You forget that there were over FIVE MILLIONS VIET ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS inside Cambodia, and owned the rigths to vote, and they voted for Hun Khvang Ma Khak.

Anonymous said...

Lonalian is stil here crying? You are a big loser in life.

This KI Blog, I still see the same style cursing and insulting the King and the governmnet by the same useless extreme thugs who see themselves gods. Nothing more than cursing and insulting while Hun Sen is getting stronger.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is stronger because of sucker like u let him bullshit ,and your king he deserved to be cursed because he is not normal,let Cambodia down and acting like he is a clown to get the laughter,what a hell in the live that made you laugh? Is this joker killed more than two million of my khmer people.
lonalianist kid

Anonymous said...

Judging from his broadcast which he did every day from Peking during the 1970-75 war with Lon Nol, yes Sihanouk was the murderer of his own people, though he may not directly involved but the killing took place at his orders. Judging from the photo he and his wife took along with other Khmer Rouge (KR)leaders. The pictures showed him and his wife wearing KR uniforms, smiling, embracing KR leaders proved that Sihanouk and his wife was KR at that time. And as Sihanouk is a KR, who believe that he did not kill his people?