Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cambodia and Thailand clash at summit over Thaksin

Cambodia and Thailand traded barbs at an Asian summit Friday after Cambodia's prime minister offered fugitive former Thai leader Thaksin Shinawatra a safe haven and job as an adviser. (Photos: Reuters/AFP)

Bangkok Post

Cambodia and Thailand traded barbs at an Asian summit Friday after Cambodia's prime minister offered fugitive former Thai leader Thaksin Shinawatra a safe haven and job as an adviser.

Hun Sen, the outspoken Cambodian premier, further riled the hosts of the annual meeting by comparing the plight of the ousted Thaksin to that of detained Burma democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi.

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva hit back by accusing Hun Sen of being a "pawn" and urging him to work for unity between the two countries, which have had a series of deadly border skirmishes in the past year.

"Thaksin can stay in Cambodia as a guest of Cambodia. He can also be my adviser on the economy," Hun Sen said as he arrived in the beach resort of Hua Hin for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) summit.

The Cambodian leader repeated an earlier invitation to Thaksin to stay in Cambodia and rejected Thai claims that Phnom Penh would have to extradite the tycoon.

Thaksin was toppled in a 2006 coup and fled Thailand last year to avoid a jail term for corruption.

"Our concern is for humanitarian reasons, it is friends helping friends. The internal affairs of Thailand would be left for Thai people to resolve, I am not interfering," said Hun Sen.

"Millions of Thai people, the Red Shirts, support Thaksin. Why as a friend can't I support Thaksin? Without the 2006 coup these things would not have happened."

Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge commander known for his provocative remarks, added: "Many people talk about Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, why not talk about Thaksin? That cannot be referred to as interfering."

Abhisit rebuked his guest, telling reporters there was no comparison with the Burma opposition leader, whose house arrest was extended by 18 months in August to a chorus of international outrage.

"I am concerned that he is seriously misinformed. I think there is clearly a misunderstanding of the situation if he compares the situation as far as Thaksin is concerned and Aung San Suu Kyi," he said.

"I don't know how many people share his view that Thaksin is like Aung San Suu Kyi. I doubt there are many, for fairly obvious reasons."

The Oxford-educated Abhisit, who earlier in the day represented Thailand at a ceremony marking the creation of Asean's first ever commission on human rights, said the summit was an opportunity for regional unity.

"He (Hun Sen) is here for Asean. We are here to build a community, which means solidarity, which means community," he said.

"I don't want him to be a victim or a pawn for someone that undermines the interests of his country and the interests of the region. I am sure that when he is better informed he will change his mind."

Ties between Cambodia and Thailand have been difficult since June 2008 amid an ongoing border conflict over land surrounding an 11th century temple.

But relations have cooled further since Hun Sen made his first invitation to Thaksin earlier this week.

Thaksin is living in exile after fleeing Bangkok in August last year to avoid a two-year jail term for corruption. He is believed to be living mainly in Dubai.

He has angered the Thai government by staging a series of phone-ins from abroad to mass rallies in Bangkok by his supporters, known as the "Red Shirts".

The Cambodian government said earlier Friday that under treaties between the two nations it could reject a request for Thaksin's extradition because it would be made on the grounds of "political offence".

Thai officials said there were no plans yet for any meeting between Abhisit and Hun Sen at the Hua Hin summit.


Anonymous said...

Don't mess with Hun Sen, he will give Abhisit Vejjajiva a big sweat! if Thais wanted to send more troops in, cambodia are ready and waiting for....come on in!

Anonymous said...

Yep Hun Sen is a pawn and Abhisit is a royal pig.......

Anonymous said...

After he had nothing to do beside insulted khmer opposition and beg money from the donors to enrich him self now he start to bring the war from out site of the country in kemer people please do not go to war for ah Hun Sen let him call his Master Vietnam to fight instead ,oh by the way is this crazy one eye hyena go to visit the battle field brother and sister with B40 make it explode where the located close to one eye hyena stay.
Cambodia must have the good leader to save this country.

Anonymous said...

According to Thai PM, it appears that Hun Sen is an uneducated PM.

Anonymous said...

Mouk Ah Hun Khvang Doch S'va Kress.

]Bandit no schools fools trem Kancheas Vietnam.

Vea Sam Mouk Tae Ah Chor Seam Moeul Ngeay, Hoeuy Doy taing Reas Khmers Dael mean Nayok Montrei min chop sala Pakthob Soeuksa.

Vea Sam mouk Taing Ah S'dach khmer Mae chea Yuon Calong.

Anonymous said...

I forgot that this is a Sam Rainsy Blog, I'm in the wrong place. I rather support Hun Sen then SR!

Anonymous said...

hey,dont insult him. he can see through abhisit young mind.

every leaders in khmer history. there's alway the killing of who up rising against the leader. so dont be angry at him because he coulnt perform his duty the way you want him to but he's the reason the khmer rouge didnt have a chace to kill you. now that you are in the third world country. you should thank him. he may not be a good leader but he save you and your family.
if you compare what it is now to the khmer era. he has done the ok job. no one can change from a black country to a green country in just afew years. it take some time. we were in the wars for long period of time so it's not easy as you may think. so dont be so hard on him. you see westerners run their country so smooth you look back to cambodia you try to compare. that is not fair because those country dont have war inside the country. so anyway give him some credit would you. if not you go take over and see how far you can lead the country.

Anonymous said...

the khmer rouge era

Anonymous said...

Hun Xen take care more about foregners more than ouw people. On the other hand, what he do is to be wrong. Political Asyl for Taksin ??
Yes, if Taksin paid tax for Thailand (his country). But the problem for him, he don't paid did that, so his crime, for Asylum, Khmers say NO. Or Hun Xen want total war with Thailand, in order to hold more troops from Vietnam to site in Cambodia again because of for Taksin or Hun Xen wanted to destroy himself? If Thai figtt back, Hun Sen must sty in Cambodia, don't to Vietnam.

As real Khmer we don't want war with Thailand that is the point

Ghost angkor

Anonymous said...

2:13 PM
In case Mr. Abhisit really said someting like this "pawn", I would say, that Mr. Abhisit, did not have a good educational background from the UK school.
You right, Mr. Hun Sen is an uneducated person, He did not have only the academic fields, but his behavior is better, than Mr. Abhisit. In contrary Mr. Hun Sen has a good humanity educational value.

Anonymous said...

ah kwang try to play with the fire ?
yes definitely,every one around the world have known the cheater ,the manipulator ,the killer ,the pussy business country and ass kisser with the strong and power is Thailand. How many friends and supper power on Thai sites? And how many on Cambodia site? Who has more potential to win the war? So after we count from the solders ,weapons,allies,diplomatic and politic ,so we think about casualty damages,
shall we risk to go to war?

Anonymous said...

To name a few pawns of Siam,Khmer enemy, from the past: Ang Duong,Ang Eng, Chhoum and Khuang Abhaiwongse were pawns.

The world know Hun Sen is the second class pawn as opposed to the first class namely Xomdet Xihanuk.

Anonymous said...

it great that ki anti-hun sen go do politic in cambodia that would help keep hun sen in balance but they rather yap yap yap and more yap yap yap sit on thier lazy azz everyday.

Anonymous said...

4:16 PM
Are you sure are they all pawn ?
Maybe you are the only one not a paw on this planet.
Myself don't like Mr. Hund Sen and the former King Sihanouk, but I still have respect for their courage.
Good or bad what they did for Cambodia, but both of them tried to help the Khmer people.

Anonymous said...

Abhisit is a hungry PHD Tiger receiving From England whereas Hun Sen is a PHD pig receiving from Hanoi.

War will start soon from Cambodia for sure!

Anonymous said...

The war on the fields are not the same as the war from the yellow shirt at Bangkok airport.

Anonymous said...

what Hun Sen commented seemed to be strange, but maybe he wants to reverse the history. As usual, Thai government has no power. Maybe, that's the only way to help bring a real government to Thai people.

Anonymous said...

Abhisit is an illegitimate prime minister, he is a pawn of the thais military.

Abhisit This dog is placed in power by the military after several coup that ousted former Prime Minister Thasin.
Criminal proceedings against Mr. Thasin is political manipulation.

The issue of Preah Vihear is primarily political. It must be solved by politics.

It must bycotter all Thai products.
We must actively support the political party of Mr. Thasin to help him regain power in Thailand.

Old Thai King is ill and his death is near. After his death everything can change in Thailand.
If the Thai encircle khmer embassy in Thailand, the Khmer will encircle the Thai embassy in Cambodia.

This dog Abhisit, the peg of the Thai military must be ousted from power in Thailand.

Anonymous said...

This pawn of military thai, Abhisit Vejjavjia must know that Cambodia may also secretly as do the CIA, helping financially and militarily Thai Muslim separatists in the south to destabilize its power in Thailand.

Mr. Sam Rainsy, this mediocre politician can not oppose this policy of destabilization.

Anonymous said...

In the conflict with Thailand over Preah Vihear M.sam Rainsy has always been a moderate position and understanding while he is very virulent and outspoken on Youns allies PPC.

We question why the attitude of understanding and moderate
of M.sam raisny with Thailand?

M.sam Rainsy is he an ally of Thai? his political party is financed by the thai nationalists to destabilize M. Hun Sen and his Royal Government of Cambodia?

Royal government of cambodia must to control the different channels of financing the sam rainsy parti.

This control is a matter of national security

Anonymous said...

Although I don't like Hun Sen I still do think Thailand must stop its politics of exploiting and bullying on Khmer as a nation. Fuck Off Thailand! You fuck us, we fuck you!!! That is a fair statement to everyone. I am sorry I am a little raw on my language. I hope Thailand would understand how we feel after a long period of exploiting and all that bs on Khmer people and nation. We will not our guard down with you.

Anonymous said...

to mother fucker 3:00 and 10:02
can you identify who you are?

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
I won't speculate any potential of war between Thailand and Cambodia at all. But there will be a war definitely according to the Buddhist bible.
THe Bible has told us many stories which started from 1970 upward. From that time no body would have believed that Cambodian would have to suffer greatly from 1975-1979.
THe Bible has said about the intervention of the east to ease warfare. But that intervention won't provide a complete peace at all. I assume that everyone would agree with me that until now, all Cambodians have no peace in their mind at all. There are Chor Horoy. Chor Luoch Dey Thlee and killing each other to get rich.
There will be a war from a West to complete peace for all Cambodian by having a true leader from Buddhism faith. THis war will be very fast war to get ridge off all criminals from Cambodia and to provide longterm peace and true Buddhist principles.

Areak Prey

Anonymous said...

I'm Song Kunthea, the Hun Sen's secret spy living in Tacoma, Washington state.

Anonymous said...

Your point is? You do the same f**king thing as everyone else in here.

Get your sh*t right! For one, your dumb ass PM did not saved me from his (Khmer Rouge) regime. Most of us here escaped during the KR era......dumb ass.
Also, go back to school and learn your math. It has been 30 plus f**king years not 2 to fix this hell hole country.
That is a lot of improvement for you?

Areak Prey,
I hope it's true. If that's what it takes for us to have a true democracy and be it. Just wish that only a small amount of casualties involve.
God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

Since Hun Sen was a Khmer Rouge commander, now a Khmer Rouge leader and had many of his political opponents assassinated, I wonder if he have any plan to assassinate the Thai Prime Minister (Abhisit Vejjajiva)?

Anonymous said...

In case of armed aggression, unity is strength and division is weakness.
Faced with the risk of potential military conflict with the Thai nationalists about Preah Vihear, Sam Rainsy plays the division between Khmers in all his speeches, his words and his attitude on the issue of Preah Vihear.

Sam Rainsy’ attitude encourage intransigence Thai nationalists and thus the risk of actual war with Cambodia.

In a country like Cambodia which has its own constitution, parliament, the king and his government, this attitude is called the intelligence with the enemy, treason.

In war situations, this attitude for a military is liable to firing squad.
In peacetime, this attitude for a politician who has sworn to respect the constitution of his country and to remain loyal to his nation is liable to a special tribunal to judge politicians for treason and collusion with enemy.

In case of political
destabilization by the government to support the supporters of Thaksin Shinawatra to overthrow Abhisit Vejjajiva, the puppet prime minister in power by the Thai military junta after several coups, Sam Rainsy and his attitude may be an obstacle to the complete success of this policy of destabilization.

We must take stock of policy actions by Sam Rainsy for the interests of Cambodia. if its negative actions outnumber positive actions, the royal government should encourage the creation of another political opposition more useful, more constructive or encouraging the arrival of another opposition leader more respectful, more faithful to the institution , the constitution, and does not lose the sense of the superior interests of the nation.

Anonymous said...

6:09am better keep your day job rather than writing meaningless comments on KI. your attempt to divide cambodian p0liticians isnt working. You must be one of them armchair netpoliticians who dont quite understand politics in the real world.

Anonymous said...

I wish all political leaders are doing the right things by not taking advantage of the poor nations and moving toward equal opportunity in the name of human race as the 'righteous will live forever and the wicked will be terminated' Bible Proverbs.Aust

Anonymous said...

To Khmer Rouge supporter 6:09

You don't know what you are talking about.

How come you don't identify yourself?

Anonymous said...

I wish all political leaders are doing the right things by not taking advantage of the poor nations and moving toward equal opportunity in the name of human race as the 'righteous will live forever and the wicked will be terminated' Bible Proverbs. or Buddha saying " bad karma will occur if one is to take advantage of the other, seek for peace and peace will come forth". Aust

Anonymous said...

Very interesting theory. I think Sen and Shinawatra will probably stage an attempt to get rid of vejjajiva so his friend can go back and take office. Don't be surprise.

Anonymous said...

to 5:01am

if you escaped during khmer rouge era that mean you know nothing about the khmer rouge and hun sen govt. war did not ended thirty years ago,you fool!!. you do your math. the vietnam invation was ended thiry years ago. if you think you can do beter for your country why did you ran away from your country and why didnt you go back and teach hun sen how to run the country right now. cambodia only have about 15millions people but its hard to control because of lack of eduaction,poor,and war. people are breaking the law all the time from top official to a street bagger. hun sen only have one good eye he cant see everything. if he does there's nothing much he can do. he may talk about it in a loud speak but afew day latter the law breaker continue on breaking the law. its not easy being a leader. especially cambodia leader. stop talk criticize hun sen. if you think you can do better go help him out. oh, a donut shop millionaire owner in california went to cambodia several years ago to tried to get himself into politic. he came back to the state empty and he wasted millions of dollars mostly on sex to the miner. a monk in boston mass went to cambodia also tried for politic. he ran to the airport fast tried to get one way ticket back to the state. cant compete.
a wrestler is strong and brave out side the ring but when he's inside the ring. he is weak and coward.
again if you think you can do beter than hun sen go,go help him out. dont wasting your time in here. he need the educated person like you. cambodia is lack of knowlegde people if you can help out,please go. i dare you!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your comment 9;36am.
A few same bashers like to brag about themselves. Nothing else but bragging about themselves how they knew or will know what to do.
Those bragagarts are usually bad people and bad parents, can't even take care their own family members, and some may be crooks and some may be kicked out by spouses.
They cannot take care their family members then they are here to curse and to put other people down so they can feel better.

Anonymous said...

How shameful these pixs....are. Thai PM, called hun sen an immature individual....and hun sen said, what does it mean? hahahahah! what a stupid shit...ah kwack....!

Anonymous said...

3:05 PM,

a few yrs? don't you know how to count? it has been 30 yrs! Where have been the Cambodian national resources gone? Where have the profits from selling those natural resources? please take a good look at ordinary Cambodian citizens....of course, it is better if you compare hun sen's regime to pol pot's regime. Have you ever thought that pol pot led Cambodia for 4 yrs....did he has time to develop Cambodia beside a mass killing?......go figure!

Anonymous said...

1:46 PM,

If I were you. I would rather be a royal pig: Treatments wide, great! free sex...and so on so forth! Being pawned!....well, think about it...! such as stolen items, less values and/or no value at all!....

Anonymous said...

3:00 PM,

give hun sen a blow job too while you are at it....!

Anonymous said...

3:57 AM,

show me your black hole....I want to sniff it...!

Anonymous said...

Hint the word 'during.' Mean, I was there. Not before the killing Field!
All I am saying is.... if you are incompetant to run the Kingdom, then let someone else do. Not gripping to power and threaten/steal the peoples vote.

Yeah, I am parentless thanks to the Khmer Rouge supporter like you and 9:36.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Mass Murder
Crimes Against Humanity
Force Labour
Overwork to Death
Human Abuses
Unlawful Detention

Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime had committed:

Attempted Murders
Attempted Murder on Chea Vichea
Attempted Assassinations
Attempted Assassination on Sam Rainsy
Assassinated Journalists
Assassinated Political Opponents
Assassinated Leaders of the Free Trade Union
Executed members of FUNCINPEC Party
Murdered Chea Vichea
Murdered Ros Sovannareth
Murdered Hy Vuthy
Murdered Khim Sambo
Murdered Khim Sambo's son 
Murdered members of Sam Rainsy Party.
Murdered activists of Sam Rainsy Party
Murdered Innocent Men
Murdered Innocent Women
Murdered Innocent Children
Killed Innocent Khmer Peoples.
Extrajudicial Execution
Grenade Attack
Drive by Shooting
Police Brutality Against Monks
Police Brutality Against Evictees
Death Threats
Human Abductions
Human Abuses
Human Rights Abuses
Human Trafficking
Drugs Trafficking
Under Age Child Sex
Illegal Arrest
Illegal Mass Evictions
Illegal Land Grabbing
Illegal Firearms
Illegal Logging
Illegal Deforestation
Illegally use of remote detonation on Sokha Helicopter, while Hok Lundy and other military officials were on board.
Illegally Sold State Properties
Illegally Removed Parliamentary Immunity of Parliament Members
Plunder National Resources
Acid Attacks
Turn Cambodia into a Lawless Country.
Steal Votes
Bring Foreigners from Veitnam to vote in Cambodia for Cambodian People's Party.
Use Dead people's names to vote for Cambodian People's Party.
Disqualified potential Sam Rainsy Party's voters. 
Abuse the Court as a tools for CPP to send political opponents and journalists to jail.
Abuse of Power
Abuse the Laws
Abuse the National Election Committee
Abuse the National Assembly
Violate the Laws
Violate the Constitution
Violate the Paris Accords
Unlawful Detention
Death in custody.

Under the Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime, no criminals that has been committed crimes against journalists, political opponents, leaders of the Free Trade Union, innocent men, women and children have ever been brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Terrorism in Cambodia.
Killing at least sixteen innocent men, women and children.
Hun Sen's personal Bodyguards Unit (Brigade 70) was the suspects and was order by Hun Sen.

An FBI investigation concluded that Cambodian government officials were responsible for the attack.

The U.S. Senate Foreign Committee concluded that Cambodian government officials were responsible for the attack.

Leader of the Free Trade Union of Cambodia
The Cambodian government officials attempted to assassinate Chea Vichea on March 30, 1997 Grenade Attack.

Leader of the Free Trade Union of Cambodia
The Cambodian government officials are responsible for assassinated Chea Vichea.
The Cambodian government officials are working hard to cover up the real assassins.
Born Samnang and Sok Samoeun were convicted as scapegoats in the absence of compelling evidence and testimony.
The Cambodian Court convicted innocent peoples instead of the real assassins.
The Cambodian Court have no shame at all.

Leader of an Opposition Party of Cambodia
The Cambodian government officials attempted to assassinate Sam Rainsy on March 30, 1997 Grenade Attack.

Apsara Dancer and Movie Star
The president of the Red Cross of Cambodia (Bun Rany) had order Hok Lundy to murder Piseth Pilika (Hun Sen's affaire).
Source:  Statement of Heng Peov

Heng Peov hold position as the chief of Bureau of Anti Narcotic in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Anonymous said...


are you on drug ?thug!!!!!!!
the civil war did not end until the mid 90s.
pol pot created the problem for the khmer people and it pass on to hun sen. hun sen take all the blame.
the natural resources money,you will lose some along the way before it get to hun sen. no law can prevent people from stealing. combodia is a poor country they need to put food on the table so it have to be corrupt in some way.

pol pot only led combodia for four year,imagine if he led cambodia ten years or more. you dont even have a chance to ran away from country and siting on front of your computer insulting hun sen. you be kill and left on the spot so can eaten by the wild animal. you fool,think before criticizing.
cambodia wont be prosper until all the people whose live under the sihanouk regime and the khmer rouge era are die off. because these people know nothing but killing, stealing,deceiving,mostly scoundrel. your grand children kids will not copy from us because they will be more educating,there will be more money for them to spend so they dont have to do what i had mention above.

lots of khmers currently have either ptsd or metal illness. and most of them are just waiting to dies. they dont have any hope for the better future.


what do you expect. as i mention it before. every leaders in khmer history would kill those who threaten the leader in any way.

how many people did the french killed,the one speek up out against them.

how many people did norodom sihanouk send out to kill at the mountian near kompot provinse during sung kom ras ney yom? lots. who fault was it when 200,000 khmers were kill before the khmer rouge defeaded the lon nol govt. who fault was it when million of khmer went into the jungle of marki then later on were killed by the khmer rouge. who fault was it the khmer rouge won the war then turn aroung put norodom sihanouk in the cage in phum penh, sihan nouk himself. who fault was it more then two millions khmers were killed in the khmer rouge era,sihanouk. now i heard that he wanted to die. because is scare of being blame for all this. what im saying is that no matter who's incharge there alway the killing taking place. that is khmer polictic