Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cambodia in yet another bribe scandal: No surprise there with Hun Xen in power!!!

Hun Xen and the late Hy Lundok

Cambodia in bribe scandal: Australian MP

Thursday, 27 May 2010
David Boyle
The Phnom Penh Post

CAMBODIA has been potentially implicated in an international corruption scandal involving an Australian company accused of procuring prostitutes for foreign officials and offering them bribes in order to secure contracts to print bank-notes, an Australian senator said Tuesday.

Securency – a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia, which has a 50 percent stake in the company – manufactures polymer bank notes that are used in nearly 30 countries.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is already investigating whether the company’s commissioning agents offered huge bribes to officials in Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria and Indonesia.

At a federal senate committee hearing on Tuesday, Senator Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Greens party, indicated that Cambodia could be another country where agents employed by Securency have engaged in bribery.

“In the matter of Securency, government officials have been flagged as being involved in Vietnam, in Indonesia, in Nigeria, potentially in Nepal and South Africa and Cambodia, and a number of other countries,” he said.

At a meeting of the Australian federal senate’s economic reference committee last October, Brown identified Melbourne lawyer Daryl Dealehr as Securency’s commissioning agent in Cambodia.

Dealehr has ties to the families of Cambodia’s late and notorious national police chief Hok Lundy and Cambodia’s controversial Prime Minister, Hun Sen,” he said.

Dealehr, who could not be reached Wednesday, is the treasurer of the Cambodia Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (CAMEC), and the owner of the mining company Cambodian Resources Ltd.

Neav Chantana, vice governor of the National Bank of Cambodia, said Wednesday she was unaware of any corruption allegations against Securency, and that the bank had no dealings with the company.

AFP said in an emailed statement Tuesday that it would not be appropriate to comment on any potential expansion of its investigation to incorporate Cambodia, explaining it could “jeopardise the integrity of the investigation”.



Anonymous said...

I always Hate AH HOK LUNDY. Why post again his digusting picture?

Anonymous said...

9:28Pmto show that birds of the same feather go to the same direction! or the gainst will joint eachother soon!

Anonymous said...

9:39PM If your prediction is accurate, PM Hun Sen should soon be dancing with Hok Lundy in a hellish chinese hot-pot.

Anonymous said...

i also hate Ah hun sen why ki post again his Kbot Jiet picture.

Anonymous said...

What is australian gov's going to do, if found hun sen and hok lundy guilty? nothing. absolutely nothing. just watch nothing and nothing will happen. it's the s o s.

Anonymous said...

STAY WHHERE YOU ARE AND WATCH "American Khmer Yankee Idol"

Khmeng wat

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hok Luny is not even dead. Never hear news about his funeral or anything. I heard that he wasn't in the plane when it crashed and he now living in Vietnam under a new name trying to stay away from all this political turmoil and guilt. It was a fabrication of death!

Anonymous said...

Death alive! Can not se your own children in public! that shit!

Anonymous said...

Ah Xun Xen said he would like to go join his buddy ah Xok Lundy NOW!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

His funeral was broadcasted on Cambodian National TV channels. His children inherited the wealth he left behind which was robbed from Cambodian people and should've been returned to the people of Cambodia. They're homes are still surrounded by bodyguards 24/7.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion please don't teach Cambodian to be racist or hate the Vietnamese. But we need to tell all Cambodian in the country to stand up and remove a HUN SEN regime from power. I believe in the power of the peoples. That's the only way to teach Cambodian leadership from dictatorship. We can not afford many more years to have HUN SEN run the corruption government. Please rise up all Khmers.

Anonymous said...

I hate youns because when they become rich and powerful in srok Khmer they gain an anarchistic mentality and become arrogant like Sok Kong, Ly Yong Phat and all of their co defendants. They're in pursuit of selling all of Cambodia's land, forestry, sand, and other natural resources. This is why I hate the vietnamese in srok Khmer.

Anonymous said...

Mother nature should come and take her beloved child Hun Sen back to his home now.

I think it is time. He has too much fun already, its time for his Dinner and sleep.

Chongpov, please prepare for our brother, the best supper you got so he can sleep comfortable.

A little of the Secret Ingredient, makes it the best Last meal of the Day.