Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hun Xen is truly a puppet and lackey of Yuon Hanoi: Ven. Tim Sakhorn

Hun Sen and his master


Anonymous said...

What is a monk to do with political comment? Isn't his job entering into monkhood to be detached from human endeavors? Did he not know that or he is just a bad monk?

Anonymous said...

A monk is also a citizen and as such Venerable Tim Sakhorn is entitled to voice his opinions in politics or otherwise.

Hun Sen said...

I am look good with my master Vietnam.

Hun Sen

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Communist Sihanouk,Ho Chiminh have no Buddha.

2 145 451 innocent people khmers were killed,


Anonymous said...

Comeone guys- you should be polite to my PM and his personal issues

Anonymous said...

2:23 PM You're absolutely right!

4:51 PM You're are not Khmer!

Anonymous said...

Fucking Hun Sen looking so fucking scared next to his boss..!!!! And his fucking boss is looking as if he has a gun on Hun Sen's back.... "Do As I Say Hoon Zhen"..!!!!

Khmer Trakaulroongreung,Aust.

Anonymous said...

"What is a monk to do with political comment? Isn't his job entering into monkhood to be detached from human endeavors? Did he not know that or he is just a bad monk?

1:40 PM"

1:40Pm your must be a communist or your parents are dumb!

Monk hood is NOt to detach from human BUT to go deeper in human life and thought! And the conclusion is to teach human of what right and wrong and reconize and point out the devils and evils!!!!!!!!

Hope you make you parent proud by using your brain, boy! forget the uneducated PhD! from evil Hanoi!

Ah Hochi Minh motherfucker was evils!

Anonymous said...

1:40 PM,

How about Ah Tep Vong, Ah Nuon Nget, Ah y.kim Leang are they real monks or Hanoi's monks ???

These are Ho Chi Monks, do you know that, damned head???

Anonymous said...

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