Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cambodians must know well the Yuon tricks - Op-Ed by Uon Sim

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Anonymous said...

Uon Sim,

You sound like a guy who loves his country and wants to do everything he can to help his country and yet your action with your opinion expressed in this writing for sure does not do that.

Cambodia cannot even take one enemy at a time and you want her to take both Thailand and Vietnam concurrently.

This is the time that the government of Cambodia needs all the help and support from its citizens to deal with Thailand and surely you are not giving any and work, to the contrary, to try to discredit it in the eyes of the Cambodians.

PM Hun Sen is not somebody you like. However, you should set aside your preference for now and think about Cambodia's interest in the face of Thai aggression. This is the time of unity to face the outsiders and it is not the time to discuss the internal problems.

Preach unity if you want to see Cambodia survive!

I don't know what you want us, the average Cambodians to do with Vietnam. Do you want us to rise up against Hun Sen and kill each other and let the Thais take over Preah Vihear surely and de facto?

Your method of dealing with the problem is the same as that of Lon Nol and Pol Pot and it will only lead to more bloodshed among the Cambodians for the benefits of the very enemy you profess to hate.

If you want to help Cambodia, go there and help build schools or find way to raise money to help poor Cambodian children go to school because only through education and unity, can we hope to bring Cambodia forward with real develpment and ability to defend and protect herself.

Anet Khmer

Anonymous said...

take a khwak first then we raise money after. you are not khmer that why you see not YUON in srok khmer.

Siam will not take srok khmer; only YUON will and they are everywhere now.

Anonymous said...

2:20 AM,

Stop labelling anyone who does not see things about Cambodia "Not Khmer".

You are not more Khmer than them!

Don't forget the Khmers can be the most horrible destroyers of their own society. Just look at most KR torturers and officials!

That is how the KR killed the Cambodians when they were in power.

Under the KR a different opinion means "Youn", "Enemy", "Not Khmer", etc. and this was how a killing field was created.

Learn to accept different opions. There will always be different opinions which help society to grow.

Anonymous said...

Correction for above:

Stop labelling anyone who does not see things about Cambodia the way you do "Not Khmer".

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thinking,Noun Khoeun will say you right on the matters that Cambodia face.If the Karma really exist Hun Sen and Sihaknuk deserved to be terribly death with their inhuman acted.
Oun Sim you the best

Anonymous said...

Thai is afraid of Vietnam.Thai needs help from the Western country.We must take a look at Vietnam,Hun Sen is not afraid of Thai because he has Vietnam troops behind him.The Vietnam already took Lao, Cambodia since 1979;the Vietnam wants Thai.Khmer,Lao,and Vietnam will be Indochina Federation soon.Nuon Khoeun said,"walking to the West of Vietnam".Khmer right now, I would say," the state is Khmer,but the land is Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Only one way to get rid of ah DIAPERS from stealing our country,first we're needs to get rid of ah CPP regimes period. Then I believes everythings is gonna be better those.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lie Diep...where's your usual bullshit about Sdech Sihanouk? I really miss your crappy writings about Sihanouk!

Are you changing tunes like Huynh Xen now???

Maybe you should start cooking for Sam Raingsy...if you are too old to fight Yuons at the border...

Anonymous said...

Uon Sim's political analysis is too shallow...preach to your fellow m'riel m'riel on the street!

Anonymous said...

3:00 AM,

The danger for Cambodia is not and won't be Thailand, but Vietnam instead.

With over 100,000 Viet troops disguised in Hun Sen's Army Uniforms and over Five millions Viet illegal Immigrants settling FREELY in Cambodia, what are you thinking??? Are you blind like your Hanoi's slave Hun Sen???

Nobody had seen, sees Thais by millions, and Thais' troops INSIDE CAMBODIA.

vichea chan said...

with all due respect whos ever posted these comments, as an Cambodian we need to organize the group to share our understanding to other, so please get started it my e-mail is

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vietnames here, Vietnamese there...

I have been hearing all about the Vietnamese evil acts since day ONE of my life and yet the Khmers can't stop killing each other so perhaps it is better if the Khmers stop worrying about the Vietnamese for a while since they can't do anything about it anyway and begin to learn to concentrate on finding ways to work together rather than tearing each other to pieces!

Don't blame the Vietnamese or the Thais, blame ourselves for having been unable to be united and our willingness to serve other nations for our own benefits!