Friday, October 14, 2011

Khmer Ayai and Surin Ayai - Similarites and Dissimilarites

The following is a scene of Ayai interpreted by comedians Suy (Neay Suy) and Mandoline (Neay Mandoline) in Cambodia in the 60s:

The following is a scene of Ayai Kang (อาไยค้าง) in Surin:

Other types of Ayai interpretation in Surin:

Ayai Ayom - Although the main portion is in Thai, I'm amazed by the Khmer introduction portion (Kun Krou) which is perfectly preserved:


Anonymous said...

I hopes in the future Khmer will united together as one Khmer empire again, please keep our culture alive.

Anonymous said...

ខ្មែរបែកបាក់ខ្មែរស្លាប់ ខ្មែរសាមគ្គិខ្មែររស់។
Abraham Lincoln said,a house divided
against itself can't stand.

Khmer should listen,love,care,
respect and be united as group.
They should each other at this
Khmer enemies are Hun Sen,his clans,and Vietnam govt.