Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Democratic Kampuchea’s National Anthem

(listen to MP3 attached herewith)

Glittering red blood which blankets the towns and countryside of the Kampuchean motherland!

Blood of our splendid workers and peasants!

Blood of our revolutionary youth! Blood that was transmuted into fury, anger, and vigorous struggle!

On 17 April, under the revolutionary flag!

Blood that liberated us from slavery!

Long life 17 April, the great victory! More wonderful and much more meaningful than the Angkor era!

We unite together to build up Kampuchea and a glorious society, democratic, egalitarian, and just;

Independent-master; absolutely determined to defend the country, our glorious land;

Long life! Long life! Long life new Kampuchea, democratic and gloriously prosperous; determine to raise up the revolutionary red flag to be higher; build up the country to achieve the glorious Great Leap Forward!

Independently Searching for the Truth since 1997.

“...a society cannot know itself if it does not have an accurate memory of its own history.”

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Anonymous said...

the KR's primitive revolutionary vision is in their anthem. why are they blaming others for their killing fields, etc?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the song.

Could you post some more KR songs if you have them?

These songs brought back souvenirs of rice fields of Cambodia and old friends (not comrades!) to mind.

Some of these old friends left this world through abrupt and brutal death and of course, justice is nowhere to be seen as the people who are responsible for the KR killing fields are still enjoying their time and money while working for the CPP government.

What an unjust world!

Pissed off

Anonymous said...

the KR's primitive revolutionary vision is in their anthem. why are they blaming others for their killing fields, etc?

Anonymous said...

the stupid KR's ideology was in their anthem, that's why they have a policy of killing people to reduce the cambodia population. they were very primitive, indeed, you know!

Anonymous said...

Only stupid people who will believe that KR are nationalist.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that after more than 30 years I can still sing along. What momories this music brings. I wonder how many of those boys who I worked with, building dikes, planting rice, scaring away the birds, catching rats, harvesting, are still alive today. Pol Pot killed a lot of good people, including my own uncles and grandfather. Looking at Cambodia today, it was unfortunate that he did not kill enough of the bad ones as well.

Anonymous said...

the stupid KR sounded so good on paper, but once they started killing their own people, good people, then they are doomed as people lived in fear for their lives. they did backfire by thier own demise. they were really stupid and ignorant group of radical commy people. i'm glad god sees to it as now history. god bless our new cambodia.