Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cambodian media publish K. Rouge jailer's apology

Former Khmer Rouge prison chief Kaing Guek Eav, better known as Duch, sits in the courtroom at the Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia in Phnom Penh on February 3. Cambodia's UN-backed war crimes court said Tuesday that media in the kingdom were publishing an apology by Duch in a bid to provide "reparation" to genocide victims.


Cambodia's UN-backed war crimes court said Tuesday that media in the kingdom were publishing an apology by a Khmer Rouge jailer imprisoned for life in a bid to provide "reparation" to genocide victims.

Kaing Guek Eav, who oversaw the deaths of some 15,000 people at S-21 prison in the late 1970s, earlier this month had his punishment for war crimes and crimes against humanity increased on appeal.

The court said that statements of apology and acknowledgements of responsibility made by the defendant -- better known as Duch -- during his trial were being published in newspapers, websites as well as radio and television stations starting on Tuesday.

"The publishing of these statements is one form of reparation for the victims," tribunal spokesman Lars Olsen told AFP.

Chum Mey, 81, one of the few survivors to leave S-21 alive, welcomed the initiative.

"It's right to publish the statements through newspapers, radio, and television stations because more people would see and hear the words," he said.

During his nine-month trial Duch repeatedly apologised for his role at S-21, but later surprised the court by asking to be acquitted.

Led by Pol Pot, who died in 1998, the Khmer Rouge was responsible for one of the worst horrors of the 20th century, wiping out up to two million people through starvation, overwork and execution.

A second trial involving the regime's three most senior surviving leaders opened late last year.

Unlike the UN tribunals set up overseas to deal with war crimes in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the Cambodian tribunal was created in the country where the Khmer Rouge massacres were committed.

It aims to communicate its methods and results with the Cambodian people, in order to foster greater public understanding of a chapter of history still largely overlooked by local school textbooks.


Anonymous said...

លាននាក់ បានប្រឌិតឈ្មោះ(ឌុច)ឲ្យហៅជំនួស

លាននាក់ បានផ្សព្វផ្សាយឈ្មោះក្លែងក្លាយ(ឌុច)

ដែលមាននាមត្រកូល(ឌុច) ជាឧទាហរណ៏ៈ
(ឌុចស៊ីឌឹម ឌុចគីមហាក់ សុកឌុច)និង​​(ឌុចសម)ជីតាអ្នកនាង(សេងធារី)។ល។


Anonymous said...

The Khmer Rouge Organization (Angkar-leu អង្គការលើ) baptized (Duch) instead of real names (Kaing Guek Eav) is not the revolutionary name as is commonly believed but rather to hide the truth.

​The Khmer Rouge Organization (Angkar-leu អង្គការលើ) amplified, and broadcast advertising, the false name (Duch) as the scapegoat to launder their crime against humanity.

The false name (Duch) is copied and repeated Non-Stop by the global media to continue deceive the world and also to attack and dishonor real name famous (Duch) such that (Duch Sidim; Duch Kimhak; Sok Duch) and (Duch Som) grandfather's Ms.Theary Seng etc.

Paris V.February 21,2012​​​​​​​

Anonymous said...

2:54 AM, you writing lies.
How are you connected to Theary Seng?

Francois Bizot, author of "The Gate", was arrested by Vietnamese armed forces in 1973 near Siem Reap and was arrested in a prisoners camp under the command of DOUCH (as the frenchman called him).

This name DUCH was common even before the Khmer rouge took over the power in 1975.

So please stop telling bullshit, ok?

Anonymous said...

All Khmer Rouge leaders and cadres had their aliases-Duch, Hem, Van, Mok, Pok, and so on.

Duch may have Chinese blood, but he was a true Khmer Rouge, taking order from his Khmer bosses Nuon Chea, Pol Pot, and Son Sen.

Learning history objectively will liberate Khmer from ignorance and confusion.

Anonymous said...

Miss (Seng Theary) everyone admires his courage to seek truth and justice for the millions
Cambodian victims génocice by the organization of the Khmer Rouge (Angkar-leu).
I am not against the writer Francois Bizot, who wrote his book (The Gate).
Butin the Khmer Rouge tribunal, the former chief of prison
Tuol Sleng has declared that his real name is (Kaing Guek Eav)
and not (Duch).
Thank you for your understanding.
Paris V.February22,2012

Anonymous said...

I am quite agreements that Khmer Rouge leaders
have aliases.
And why the media of the world not amplify and write the names (Hem) instead
of (Khiev Samphan) (Van) instead (Ieng Sari) (Pox) instead
(Nuon Chea) ?
Thank you for your understanding.
Paris V. February 22, 2012

Anonymous said...

It is more complicated than that. Khmer people abroad know so well. Understand what you mean. You have be careful with who you are with. You make sure you know the history that tell it all about the enemies we trusted too much. You are believing in Vietnamese friends when it comes to a hard time. Learn to get to know enemies before you do the business with and who you want to fall in love. That depends on the situation and history between you and enemies.

Khmer have been so kind and have had no evil or dirty games, but just make think simple. Khmer people work very hard to make living and get better. Khmer used to help each others and invite friends who are enemies. The enemies are very smart and know how to do the business with until you lose and become weak. Why have the enemies betrayed and killed us to take money or something.

Khmer people did not know the deception and problems were coming to Khmer people when we trusted the friends or helped friends who are really enemies.

Later, there sabotages and backstabbing among Khmer people came from the enemies who know how to play the dirty games.

It has happened thousands of times in our Khmer histories.

As you know that, since Vietnam did not succeed to control Cambodia because the real Khmer Rouges forces (Pol Pot, Noun Chea, Khiev Samphan, Ieng Sari, etc.) knew the tricks and dirty secrets of the Vietnamese leaders. In the countryside or remote area of Cambodia, there were many secret Vietnamese agents there who could speak, read and write Khmer language so well were the real Killers including Khmer Vietminh (Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen, other Vietminh). Our question is, why was Hun Sen shot in one of his eyes and fled into Vietnam? Who did he fought with? Think about it.

Khmer Yeurng (part 1)

Anonymous said...

Khmer Rouges soldiers were so busy to fight against with the South and protect the land, sea, islands and invade South Vietnam to take Khmer Krom back?

Do you believe that Vietnamese leaders were frustrated and unsuccessfully to take Cambodia until it is too late for Vietnamese leaders who follow Hi Chi Minh to swallow Cambodia after Khmer Krom?

Pol Pol and his Khmer Rouges were still around and Cambodia was better off without completely Communist Vietnam control.

You should know that Vietnam has been facing the pressures of UN, International Communities and Sihanouk-China.

There were still Vietnamese puppets in Cambodia, but some of them were against Vietnam expansion to Cambodia after ousting Pol Pot. Did you see that Vietnamese take advantages of Khmer Vietminh armies and gullible Khmer people carried out hoes, sticks, rocks and so on to chase the Khmer Rouges of Pol Pot who fought against good Khmer Rouges soldiers instead in the blind eyes.

Pol Pot, Noun Chea, Khiev Samphan, Ieng Sary, and other Khmer Rouges were very smart and not fooled by the Communist Vietnamese leaders's tricks. We Khmer people are very lucky because of them. We were almost gone in the Killing Fields without Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouges comrades. Khmer people should know better that Hun Sen, Chea Sim and Heng Samrin are very dumb and stupid to used Vietnamese friends who are real enemies and killers in the Killing Fields. Khmer Krom people are rignt now crying for help. The world is watching. Don't let Vietnam Economy to be boomed. Khmer people around the world can find the way to slow down Vietnamese economy right away or as soon as possible and don't let this evil Vietnam dominate Cambodia economically by swallowing Cambodian that way. [Sanction against Vietnam]

Since, Vietnam/Hanoi leaders did not succeed to control Cambodia, but in the meantime, they used the strategies to control Cambodia economically by lifting embargoes and business trades with other countries. Did you see that there are Vietnamese working side by side with Vietnamese puppets like Hun Sen, Chea Sim, Heng Samrin and hidden Vietnamese faces like Hor Nam Hong, Sok An, Sok Kong, and other Vietnamese business crooks (you know who they are, billionaires) in Cambodia. If Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi do not succeed, there are the military forces they used, but they will violate the International laws of UN and International Communities. Keep an eye on the other strategies of Communist Vietnamese leaders are going to do. We will tell the world. Also, keep an eye on CPP Vietnamese members or crooks and spies (they speak, read and write Khmer so well such as Hor Nam Hong, Sok An, Sok Kong, and you name it) everywhere that they tried to break up Khmer unities at home and around the world.

Glad there Khmer people who live abroad worlds have raised the voices to be heard in the internationally to led the world know. Cambodia and Khmer Krom are very luck because of Khmer people living around the world.

Khmer Yeurng (part 2)