Saturday, February 23, 2013

វិទ្យុបដិវត្តន៍ ផ្កា ឈូក ថ្ងែទី២៣/​ ០២/ ២០១៣។

Dear all,
Yes Khmer People can liberate Cambodia from Vietnam!
By  Elections Boycott  & …!
 Please listen to an interview in Radio Khmer  Lotus Revolutionon February 23, 2013,  via Internet.

Best regards

Chers Tous,
Oui! Le people khmer pourra libérer le Cambodge du Vietnam !
Par Boycott des Elections & … !
Ecoutez une interview dans  la  Radio Khmer  Lotus Revolutiondu 23 Février   2013,  via Internet.


ប្រជាជាតិខ្មែរ ពិតជាអាច ដណ្តើមយកឯករាជ្យ ពីយួនវិញបាន!
ដោយធ្វើ គឺពហិការមិនទៅបោះឆ្នោត &...!
សូមស្តាប់ សេចក្តីសម្ភាស ក្នុងវិទ្យុបដិវត្តន៍ ផ្កា ឈូក ថ្ងែទី២៣/ ០២/ ២០១៣។ 



Anonymous said...

Dear Suon Sok (Peaceful Garden) of,

We speak of the Revolution, right?

What's wrong with below title presented on that site, can you tell?

The Great Mortal Danger of The Irreversibility of the Vienamisation

Can we make a revolutionalion when we can't even spell the one most critical word right?

Anonymous said...

He is afraid of hurting the Yuon, that's why he opts to just close his eyes and spelling that word


in lieu of


Lolz, ROFLMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

yuon took kampucheakrom long before sihanouk was born. lotus revolution has no ground to condemn sihanouk nor to prove it can revolt against yuon.
history of khmer problems are that
leaders do not get along but against each other.

if sihanouk was not overthrown the problem still existed but not this big.
except the three guys in the cpp, sihanouk, lon nol, pol pot are not traitors but they just do not get along like other leaders in other countries.

Anonymous said...

And you were just in the bull shit at that time right 6:55AM? Thx for the good info!

Anonymous said...

Pardon me for not being a bit more articulate about this. What I should say is that you and I were most definitely still somewhere in the bull shit at that time...God only knows...and most definitely there were not much anybody can do anything about it. Am I getting this right?

Anonymous said...

Re: lotus revolution has no ground to condemn sihanouk nor to prove it can revolt against yuon.


Where did you see that ref?

Anonymous said...

How many people show up for your bogus, I mean lotus revolution?

Anonymous said...

revolution ! revolution! what do u have in Cambodia? do you get support from Cambodia people in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 6:06 AM
You seem to show that a "t "missing in the world vietnamisation can make you serious to liberate Cambodia from Vietnam. We prefer to keep the spelling vienamisation just to let you know that we don't give adamn about this cheep misled historical fact calling vietnam instead of yuon.

Anonymous said...

To 6:06 AM

What's the matter with you ?
The spelling was wrong, but the intent and the mission were right.

If you don't help, don't hurt !!!

Anonymous said...

តាមតែខ្លួនចង់បាន ប៉ុន្តែមានគិតដ់ផលវិបាករបស់ ពួកគាត់នៅ ក្នុងស្រុកទេថានឹងត្រូវប្រឈមមុខបែប ណាជាមួយពួកកាន់អំណាច?​ បើធ្វើពហិការមិនទៅ
បោះឆ្នោត មានតែឈប់នៅស្រុកខ្មែរទើបគាត់និង
ក្រុមគ្រួសាររបស់គាត់មានសេចក្តីសុខ។ សូមមេត្តាកុំជំរុញគាត់អី(ហើយកុំដៀលថាពួកគាត់ កំសាកខ្លាចស្លាប់មិនហ៊ានរើបំរះ) ព្រោះពួកគាត់
គាត់គ្មានដីសំរាប់ដូរដូចជាពួកអ្នកទេ! ធ្វើបែបនេះ
មិនខុសអ្វីពី" រុញស៊ីក្លូឲ្យចូលឡានទេ! " ។

Anonymous said...

These people were gone,what in the name of Hell you are still talk about them? They all get along in Hell now perhaps they are making love in Hell with Ho chi minh/Richard Nixon.Sihanuok was bi-sexual he loves dirt hole....Lol...lop...lop...Ah lop!


Anonymous said...

Ever since i was born 2000 yrs ago, i called Yieknam country;Its people called Yuons,Yieknam=Srok Yuon.Yieknam stole Srok Cham in central Yieknam today.It stole Srok kampuchea krom in the south.

Allah ark bar!...

Anonymous said...

Can you trust your life (such as in a revolution) in some one or some organization that can't do one little thing right?

Kalonh Chuck said...

Boycotter les élections de 2013 mes gens de khmerlotusrevolution???

Pourrais-je vous imposer de repenser cette stratégie SVP?

Anonymous said...

To 11:41 PM

Poster 8:06 PM gave you the answer.

Anonymous said...

Cher Kalonh Chuck
Non, mon cher, car nous ne choisissons pas une solution facile, celle de se cramponner aux élections truquées, non démocratiques, inacceptables, injustes et non conformes à l'esprit de l'Accord de Paix de Paris du 21 Octobre 1991 et dont vous , vous êtes certains de perdre,mais nous optons pour la solution logique, faisable et réalisable comptant primordialement sur la force du peuple khmer.

Kalonh Chuck said...

<<...solution logique, faisable et réalisable comptant primordialement sur la force du peuple khmer.>>

Argument incontournable, peut-être!

Mais a-t-on etudié ou bien compris la mentalité, l'état d'esprit et le moral du peuple Khmer, le survivant de ces soi-disant Killing Fields à l'encontre de 4 millions et quelque de Viets qui avaient été déjà dans le pays?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Padevat my ASS!