Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Golden memories ... សុវណ្ណអនុស្សារ

bong ros pros oun - sinn sisamouth

in yeang - m'lis lea chbarmon


Jendhamuni said...

Dear School of Vice,

Where have you been hiding? Eating this poor fish in your closet or something? Looks like you love your DJ job more than those history lessons now :)

What a beautiful song, but I feel so bad for the fish. Poor fish has to die for human :)

Anonymous said...

Adore this song to much and so desir of these fruits a lot!!Here is a hell because da have not all this PRECIOUS!!But,I'm patien...See you ASAP^^!◘◘◘◘◘

Anonymous said...

^^Okay!!Ot all this good fruits made me bless a snazzy smile and tonic same I'm living in hell but wolking a best and no more!!Krean the keug rebor khmerss ning blood khmer thveu ory kyom mean komlang douch ngeub pi ngeab aging◘◘◘◘◘

School of Vice said...

Dear Jendha,

So sorry to hear you could not download that song you wanted. Keep searching, and hopefully, there's another version of the song somewhere that's not been user disabled.

I'm not sure why some people upload things online yet decide to user-disable them?

Well, I don't want to give readers another long lecture today...

Take care,

Jendhamuni said...

Dear School of Vice,

I just tried again, now I'm able to download the song I really love. The embed code is disabled, but link is still downloadable.
Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYz8VY6xyzU

The title of this movie is "Preah Sothun neang Keo Monora"

Keo Monora is from heaven, she came down to earth with all her seven sisters to swim and couldn't fly back to heaven because her wings were stolen. So she felt in love with the prince, but the prince's parents don't like her... My big sister and I love this movie so much. All female characters (everyone) is so beautiful, with very long hair too. I don't believe they are Khmer. They have the Thai version too, but too long and not good. I don't like the Thai version. This version I wrote here is only about 2 hours long and I'm so in love with this movie.

I love Keo Monora (pronounce Keo Monorea) and her face so much and her hair too and her dress :)

Now I'm happy because I got the song I want. There are so many Khmer songs in this movie and I love all of them.

PS: I love the jampa flowers you posted here so much. So fresh and beautiful and I love the lyrics by In Yeng a lot. Very sentimental and meaningful.