Wednesday, October 16, 2013

H.H. Chuon Nath with King Norodom Sihanouk and Uoch Ek

His Holiness the Great Dr. Jotannano Chuon Nath with the late King Norodom Sihanouk and Uoch Ek
Courtesy កម្មវិធីទស្សនជីវិតបែបព្រះពុទ្ធសាសនា


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Anonymous said...

This idiot King Sihanock is the one who killed Lork Ta Chun Nat by food poisening. Lork Ta told this idiot King to stay away from unclean activities e.g from sleeping women in general and to stay away from VC communists. If he does, the whole nation will be in ruined. But this idiot king did not listen to Lork Ta and afraid that Lork Ta might influence people about not to join with communists, he ordered to kill him, in order to shut him up. This idiot king loved to anyone who seems smarter than him.

His mother said, don't play politic, just let others do the job and all you need to do is just reign. But he was so arrogant. He wanted to have power for himself only and whoever became popular, he ordered to kill them, that is why Cambodia is a curse country. The blood of those innocent won't let him or his accomplish to live in peace, until all of his bloodline are all gone.

Right now, Sihecmony is still sitting on the throne and is still steping onto our ancesters' head and so, the whole country will not be at peace until he too be gone. It is also know as 'sins of the father' or the 'father ate too much salt and the children got the thirst' e.g how sihanock slept with so many innocent women and now his son Sihacmony got none. This is true, as to what goes around comes around, or what you do is what you get.

Anyway, Lork Ta Chun Nat said, I can see street with no one to walk on and houses with no one to live in. King Shihanock did not believe him whatsoever, just like he did not listen to his mother and so fair enough. He did not just make a fool of himself but also to the whole nation, he put our khmer nation in shame. Because of him, we are who we are today, have country can't live in, live in but has to be outsiders' slaves.

I hope he and his clan are burning hard out in hell right now. Anyway, we don't need this idiot king shit in srok khmer no more, because enough is enough. VC, Chinese, French etc got rid of their monarchy along time ago. Because having monarchy is like having a fish bone stuck in the neck. One evil person acting like God, while all they did were helping to destroy the nation. What a shame for khmer nation, really.

Son of Farmer said...

We all would be historically thankful for Lork Ta Chun Nat's nationalism and patriotism.

He was determinedly and strongly opposed French's proposal of changing Khmer writing into Latin as Youn's.

As he had proudly or unafraidly said,
"Without our unique writing style,
We are no longer historically identifying as Khmer!"

Xihanouk did not personally care as long as he was holding an absolute power, and he was always a Good Dog obeying his master, French!