Monday, October 21, 2013


HONORABLE EXIT STRATEGY FOR HUN: The very visible showing of military power in the Democracy Square this Monday (21 Oct. 2013) morning, two days before the planned 3-day non-violent protest, is another sign of weakness of a desperate regime that is very afraid of its own shadows, its violent past and the empowered citizens.

It is an anachronistic regime deploying Cold War tactics and locked in its binary mentality, lumbering in the age of social media, always 100 steps behind the citizenry and the rest of the modern world.

The window of opportunity in a grandstanding fashion is closing rapidly for Hun Sen to exit honorably on his terms. It would be a MASTERFUL STROKE.

1. The honorable exit strategy is premised on rare wisdom and rare courage and clarity of thinking, "enlightenment" if you will.

Thus, the difficulty of transforming from the ignominious Club of tinpot Dictators into the elite "Club" of Statesmen.

2. The exit strategy is to the benefit of Hun Sen (and his family, future generation), first and foremost.

3. The exit strategy is premised on the twin ideas of "surprise" of ANYONE to soar to honor, even if based on personal interests, and of patriotism (here, if deeply buried since his youth).

4. The exit strategy is premised on the idea of redemption, that no one is beyond turning around.

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