Monday, October 28, 2013

Too much politics in my head, time for relaxing music ;)


Anonymous said...

To much cock in your mouth...

Jendhamuni said...


Anonymous said...

10:24 PM,

Shouldn't that be asked to your mother instead?

How do you think you mother could produce you...?

Shame on you, beast! Your grandmother, mother, aunts, wife, sisters and daughters should know what kind of animal you are!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jendha,

Love your relaxing music very much!

It is very relaxing indeed!

By the way, I love your video with the lotus flowers flying down onto the surface of the water and the scenery, of course.

Buddha Bless You for having such a patience and enduring the unappreciation of those ungrateful beings!

Keep up the good work for the silent supporters are large in number compared to a few hopeless creatures!

Pissed Off

Jendhamuni said...

Dear Pissed Off,

So kind of you. Our world need more people like you very much. The way negative people treat me on KI is nothing, comparing to what I have been through ever since my teenage life. Nothing could hurt my feeling, unfortunately ;)! Yes, I love relaxing music very much, very peaceful. I'm a big fan of flute though!

PS: Since we talked about lort chaa, I am so hungry; not craving for anything else, but lort chaa. I'm soooo serious.