Friday, November 29, 2013


វាគ្មិន​កិត្តិយស​ចូល​រួម​ក្នុង​កម្មវិធី​នេះ​មាន តំណាង​បណ្ដាញ​កសាង​សន្តិភាព​សហគមន៍ លោក សេង សុខហេង តំណាង និង​ជា​អ្នក​សម្រប​សម្រួល​សហគមន៍​ព្រៃ​ឡង់ ខេត្ត​កំពង់ធំ លោក ស៊ឹម ស៊ាន តំណាង​សហគមន៍​ព្រៃ​ឡង់​ខេត្ត​ក្រចេះ លោក ផៃ ប៊ុនលាង អគ្គនាយក​រដ្ឋបាល និង​ជា​អ្នក​នាំ​ពាក្យ​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ លោក យ៉ែម បុញ្ញឫទ្ធិ (ភ្ជាប់​តាម​ទូរស័ព្ទ) និង​អ្នក​សម្រប​សម្រួល​គម្រោង​វេទិកា​សាធារណៈ និង​បណ្ដុះ​បណ្ដាល​នៃ​មជ្ឈមណ្ឌល​សិទ្ធិ​មនុស្ស​កម្ពុជា លោក ឈឹម សាវុធ (ភ្ជាប់​តាម​ទូរស័ព្ទ)។ អ្នក​សម្របសម្រួល៖ លោក ម៉ម មុនីរតន៍ 2013-11-28


Anonymous said...

អាមេរចបានជានៅពេលដែលយើងចែករំលែករឿងពីគេហទំព័រ KI វាតែងតែឃើញមានគម្របសៀវភៅ "សង្គ្រាមនិងអំពើប្រល័យពូជសាសន៍" ទៅវិញ?

Baay Kdaing

Anonymous said...



In order to liberate Cambodia from the evil Vietnam, Khmer people should use perseverance as a mean to accomplish their ultimate goal.

After the election, there have been severe clash of opinions on how to mount a successful demonstration.

We knew that the evil Vietnam has controlled Cambodia through the traitor Hun Sen over 30 years. Therefore, a straight forward one time or a few times demonstrations trying to overthrow Hun Sen will not succeed.

Think about this: if we made a demonstration to topple Hun Sen, what would happen when the evil Vietnam and Hun Sen made a similar demonstration to overthrow us ?

The solution to stop these Vietnamese is to build a nationwide popular strength. That’s why I have been emphasizing on perseverance. With this evil Vietnam, a simple solution will never work.

In fact, the CNRP had won the election. So, the CNRP must get the power legally. Trying to seize the power from Hun Sen through a forceful demonstration will backfire because we abandoned our right – the CNRP is the winner.

I personally thought that the CNRP’s leaders have chosen the right way by trying to gain support from the international community to put pressure on Hun Sen and its evil master Vietnam to CONCEDE THEIR ELECTORAL DEFEAT OR ACCEPT A NEW ELECTION.

Making Khmer people familiar with the demonstration is another way to build up strength too. It would be good if the CNRP could mount new demonstrations on 3 or 4 provinces every Sunday. After we finished all the demonstrations with every province, it would be easy for the CNRP to call on people to make a nationwide demonstration. Again, perseverance is the key, and our goal is to make the CPP accepts its defeat or accepts a new election. We use the law and righteousness as our allies to succeed.

I have listened to Sambok Khmum Radio about some of the people’s opinions. Their ideas will work if Hun Sen and Vietnam were pieces of rocks – don’t fight back.

If Mam Sonando is truly a brave man, what stop him from mounting his own demonstration ?

Bun Thoeun