Friday, November 29, 2013

Cambodian NGOs Reveal Poll Fraud Report

NGO representatives outline a report on election irregularities
at a press conference in Phnom Penh, Nov. 27, 2013. RFA
2013-11-27 RFA

Three nongovernmental organizations in Cambodia on Wednesday jointly released reports detailing irregularities from disputed recent polls, saying they demonstrated a “need for real reform” of the national electoral body before the country could hold free and fair elections.

Among the irregularities from Cambodia’s July 28 election were allegations of missing or duplicated voter names, an electoral campaign biased in favor of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) and voting by foreign nationals, the NGOs said at a press conference in Phnom Penh.
The NGOs—Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (Comfrel), Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (NICFEC) and Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM)—said the list of claims was based on investigations they conducted at community forums around the country.

Comfrel official Sin Tithseila said that the National Election Committee (NEC)—Cambodia’s government-appointed election body—“needs real reform in order to have a free and fair election,” based on the “more than 10,000” cases of irregularities his organization documented.

“When Comfrel audited the [voting] lists, we found problems,” Sin Tithseila said at the press conference.

“Voters … couldn’t find their names—or found name duplicates—and a single voter could [turn in ballots] in many different places.”

The opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) has made repeated calls for an independent probe into claims of voter fraud in Cambodia’s election, which Hun Sen’s government has refused to heed following an official announcement declaring the CPP the victor.

The CNRP has since boycotted parliament over the disputed polls and said it would demand new elections during mass protests beginning Dec. 15 to put pressure on the government to examine the allegations of irregularities.

CCIM director Pa Ngoun Teang said his organization’s report shows that NEC officials were “biased in favor of the CPP,” that voters were seen casting ballots without providing identification, and that illegal “Vietnamese immigrants were allowed to vote.”

CCIM official Nop Vy added that identification cards were “issued non-transparently,” resulting in some voters being “barred from ballot offices while others cast ballots on their behalf.”

He said the report on election irregularities would be sent to NEC officials, along with recommendations on how to reform the electoral process.

CNRP lawmaker Mao Monyvann, who participated in Tuesday’s conference, said that Hun Sen’s government “doesn’t have the political will to carry out election reform.”

He added that even with laws in place, irregularities—such as voting by illegal Vietnamese immigrants—still took place on a large scale, suggesting that implementation is lacking.

Political deadlock

Talks between the CNRP and the CPP have stalled after a meeting earlier this month yielded little progress.

The CNRP has insisted the talks must have on the agenda discussions about an investigation into poll fraud, resignation of election officials, and implementation of recommendations from U.N. experts and NGOs on electoral and other reforms.

The opposition has claimed that election irregularities, including the removal of one million voters from the electoral rolls, robbed it of election victory.

The NEC awarded the CPP 68 parliamentary seats to the CNRP’s 55 in the election, but the CNRP claims it won at least 63 seats and has called for a U.N.-backed investigation and led a series of mass demonstrations against the results.

On Tuesday, CNRP deputy president Kem Sokha vowed that, following a mass demonstration on Dec. 15, his party will hold regular demonstrations every Sunday until its demands are met.

Reported by Zakariya Tin for RFA’s Khmer Service. Translated by Samean Yun. Written in English by Joshua Lipes.


Anonymous said...

Everyone including CPP members know that Cambodia 2013 election is massively fraudulent by cpp's NEC under direction of CPP's head; what we need is to prove it. And the wanted and conducted proof has obviously come out.
What do yo do next CPP's ?
defiantly go against the current or
be knowledgeable it is about time ...

one khmer

Anonymous said...

Thugs ruler (Hun sen) putting thieves to run NEC(Tep Nytha &Em soursdey) just like letting the foxs to guard your hens and you expect the foxs not eating your hens! Don't expect the thieves to obey the rule of laws and keep their honor-thieves has no honor no ethical obligation to obey any rule of laws,if they were,they won't be thieves!

Thugs;Hun sen was borned to steals,to kills and to destroys,don't expect Hun sen to changes his attitude about reform NEC nor find the truth about vote irregularity,thugs already knews why and what reason,they plan ahead many elections already.They stole votes before,they stole vote now,they definitely steals in the future 2018!...


Anonymous said...

here's one solution: stop demanding that he cpp accept the joint independent investigation. instead, just go with it with or without the cpp's involvement. that is how the cpp is doing now, with or without the cnrp participation. stop using this demand as a lam excuse. just do what authority an competent individuals think and see is beneficial and good for the whole country of cambodia. the good changes and good result will satisfied itself and people will see the benefit and good coming out of it.

i way i see it, no leadership position in gov't is permanent in a true sense of western democracy. well, maybe a few exceptions like the judges of the supreme court are appointed for life, etc. so, leaders in cambodia should be educated to understand this new concept. that's why all over the democracy gov't in the world, we see new faces of leaders and changes in leaders' post all the time. so, in the long run, what opposition group is doing is good for future gov't of cambodia because they want to see real changes in cambodia. so, hopefully everyone can understand this and cooperate for the benefit of better future of our country cambodia.

Anonymous said...



Jendhamuni said...

Dear 12:52 AM,

Thank you! Already posted.


Anonymous said...

ប្រសិនបេីថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិ មិនបានចូលទៅចរចា
សំុបែងចែកអំណាច មានសំុតំណែងប្រធានសភា, តំណែងអភិបាល
ក្រុងភ្នំពេញ និងអភិបាលខេត្តមួយចំនួនទេ រួចប្រកាន់ខ្ជាប់នូវការតវា៉
មួយមុខគត់ នោះព្រឹត្តិការណ៍ថ្ងៃនេះគឺជារឿងផ្សេង !!
លី ឌៀប

Anonymous said...


ហ៊ុន សែន

Anonymous said...

This is another way to run the gov't e,g now that we know CNRP already won the election, we have to run our gov't with our way of life by using social democracy way of life like Sam Rainsy have the right to place all those elected MPs to start work right away and the one some area might also thought to be the winner can also have a seat as well. So far, we can see that 99.9% wanting change and so we can nominate every area to have seat as well. No need CPP to rule to ruin anymore. Because Hun/CPP is part of the VC and Chinese and their aim is to steal, rob and kill us all.

Therefore, we have to change our e,g our blood system if we want change, which mean, Sam Rainsy have to begin his ministerial now. We have to call up all people of Cambodia to demonstrate to demand Hun/CPP/VC and Chinese to piss of from our system for good. So far, we have helped them alot and while we are being kind to them, they are being nastry to us. In stead of appreciating us from helping them to win the war, they turn around, manipulate and said, we owed them. Sihanouk once said 'I have helped them in everyway I could, but still, they continue to criticise me, they are expansionists and they are like crocodiles' and then Hun added 'nobody wants to lose their land or sea but because we are under their countrolled'.

So, why did the international allow those two nations (viet and Chinese) tp fool them around? e,g by allowing them to saying 'no not interefere in our gov't internal affair', while they (VIet and Chinese) do. Right now, they controlling everything from top to toes. It time to let the whole world know this true fact and it is time to say enough is enough. It is time to tell these khmers killers to piss of once and for all and it is also time to eliminate them out of the world map for good or else, we all are finished because they are expansionists and they will not stop, unless we have to stop them first.

Right now, they are spreading to EU, Africa, Middle East and some part of the Southeast Asia e,g Thailand in the process of the same copycat of the KR (Pol Pot), between red and yellow shirts. Their evil tactics and tricks have been used for thoursand of years e.g killing two birds with one stone' that is, making victims to kill victims and them, would blame on victims and then, making the left over victims to pay their debt in the name of purchasing their war related weapons like tanks, guns, bullets, other artileries etc.

Again, these two nations (VN and CH) will not stop unless we stop them first. Their naitons have lived based on a lied and they think they can get away from it. They are the main perpetrators for killing almost all Laos, all Champ and KHmers (mostly educated ones), why? so that they could have it all for themselves. How nice! During world war 2 the lied to the US troops to sease fire because of New Year Eve but not! they used their whores to help in the killing of up to 58 000 US troops and some 90 000 French troops from world war 1 to 2.

it is time not to trust them ever again. These two nations are full of shit and it is time for every nation to wake up and see a bigger picture once and for all, the end.

Anonymous said...

Thank you my love Theary Seng! @5:05am will Marry you one day!


Anonymous said...

5:05 AM. Well done on your post. I love it! Its good to see that many educated one are still alive. And yes, the Youn must be responsible for the genocide of the Khmer people, using Pol Pot as a chess piece. Without Sihanouk or the Chinese helping the Youn, they would have been wiped out. Instead of thanking and repaying and promised to give Khmer Krom back to Cambodia, the Youn broke the promised and invaded Khmer and took Koh Tral and more land from Khmer.

The Youn are evil

Anonymous said...


Evidences support the claim against irregularities that is a crime against intention of NEC organisation, and also it also abuse the rights of Cambodians who participated in

This has led to a trail of other abuses and violence against Cambodians who wish to maintain their rights as human being.

Please file these evidences to UN court of justice as RGC does not comply with national constitution.
Please send a copy to the king as HM is also abided by constitution (supreme rule of laws) in article 1. Rejecting the rights of citizens is a matter of HM the king to deal with under the clause 8 and clause 9 of constitution.

When RGC abuses rule of laws ,agreed by both RGC and country signatories then UN intervention should be urged to fulfil that obligation.

Voice of Cambodians now has been heard, NGOs now assist in steering RGC to its obligation and Khmers around the world continue to support till democracy achieved for Cambodian welfare.

Just wait to see if HM is on Cambodian side or others.
However when suffering of Cambodian is NOT heard, HM 's conscience will haunt him all the rest of his life and also history of Chey Chetha II will be written.

Kind regards,

Neang SA

Anonymous said...

លោកនាង សា 10:57AM,
និងលោកកឹមសុខា ប្រកាសទទួលស្គាល់ហ៊ុនសែនជានាយករដ្ធមន្ត្រីនៃ
រដ្ធាភិបាលអាណត្តិទី៥ដែរឬទេ ? រាជក្រឹត្យមានដល់ទៅពីរឯណោះ !!
លី ឌៀប

Anonymous said...



In order to liberate Cambodia from the evil Vietnam, Khmer people should use perseverance as a mean to accomplish their ultimate goal.

After the election, there have been severe clash of opinions on how to mount a successful demonstration.

We knew that the evil Vietnam has controlled Cambodia through the traitor Hun Sen over 30 years. Therefore, a straight forward one time or a few times demonstrations trying to overthrow Hun Sen will not succeed.

Think about this: if we made a demonstration to topple Hun Sen, what would happen when the evil Vietnam and Hun Sen made a similar demonstration to overthrow us ?

The solution to stop these Vietnamese is to build a nationwide popular strength. That’s why I have been emphasizing on perseverance. With this evil Vietnam, a simple solution will never work.

In fact, the CNRP had won the election. So, the CNRP must get the power legally. Trying to seize the power from Hun Sen through a forceful demonstration will backfire because we abandoned our right – the CNRP is the winner.

I personally thought that the CNRP’s leaders have chosen the right way by trying to gain support from the international community to put pressure on Hun Sen and its evil master Vietnam to CONCEDE THEIR ELECTORAL DEFEAT OR ACCEPT A NEW ELECTION.

Making Khmer people familiar with the demonstration is another way to build up strength too. It would be good if the CNRP could mount new demonstrations on 3 or 4 provinces every Sunday. After we finished all the demonstrations with every province, it would be easy for the CNRP to call on people to make a nationwide demonstration. Again, perseverance is the key, and our goal is to make the CPP accepts its defeat or accepts a new election. We use the law and righteousness as our allies to succeed.

I have listened to Sambok Khmum Radio about some of the people’s opinions. Their ideas will work if Hun Sen and Vietnam were pieces of rocks – don’t fight back.

If Mam Sonando is truly a brave man, what stop him from mounting his own demonstration ?

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Never trust Yuons and Chens,only good yuon nor Chen is a dead one!...


Anonymous said...

មានអ្នកខ្លះ គ្មានសមត្តភាព ឥតចេះធ្វើអ្វីទាំង
អស់ ក្រៅពីចេះសរសេរតែពាក្យច្រំដែល ៗរាល់តែ
ថ្ងៃ រកពាក្យថ្មីសរសេរមិនឃើញ ។ មានតែពាក្យ
ច្រណែននិន្ទា ពាក្យញុះញង់ ពាក្យវាយប្រហាអ្នក
ជាតិនិយម ផ្តល់ឪកាសឲពួកកុម្មុយនិស្តវាយប្រហា
ទៅលើអ្នកជាតិនិយម អ្នកប្រជាធិបតិយ្យ ។ អសមត្តភាពរហូតដល់សូម្បីតែពួកឆ្កែបំរើយួន
ទាបថោក អវិជ្ជា ក៍មិនព្រមលក់បុណ្យស័ក ឬ ដំណែងអ្វីមួយដែលមានអំណាចដ៏តូចមួយផង ។ ម្ល៉ោះហើយ សុខចិត្តសីុឈ្នួលពួកវាដើម្បីព្រូស
ជំនួសពួកវារាល់ថ្ងៃ ព្រូសតែពាក្យដដែល ៗ ទៅ
តាមសមត្តភាពមានកំរិតដែលខ្លួនមាន ។ គ្មាន
អ្វីប្លែក គ្មានខ្លឹមសារទាល់តែសោះ ធ្វើឲអ្នកអាន
ភាគច្រើនបានឃើញពីសមត្តភាពពិត គួរឲអស់
សំណើចណាស់ ។ ល្ងង់ធ្វើចេះ ទិបំផុតបាន
ដោយឯកឯង ។ ពាក្យចាស់ពោលថាៈ "បើចេះ
ឲគេកោត បើឆោតឲគេអាណិត" កុំធ្វើឲគេស្អប់
ខ្ពើមបែបហ្នឹង ។