Saturday, November 23, 2013

ពិតជាអស្ចារមែន ជាង៣០ឆ្នាំក្រោមការដឹកនាំរបស់ ហ៊ុន សែន ពេលនេះនាវាចំបាំងរបស់អាមេរិចអាចមកដល់ផ្សារ អូឫស្សី បានហើយ !


Jendhamuni said...

Nothing, but super hot news from អ្នកស្រែ today! You should post more news like this every day, so I have more time to go poke and puch pret CPP on KI.

Anti-CPP Pret #2

Anonymous said...

Actually this aircraft carrier was much much bigger
than those street.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely hysterical! I've never laughed so much.

Anonymous said...

Wait is that a photoshopped imaged or what? Why would the American Destroyer be wading in the Cambodian flood water. This is so messed up. That destroyer will be stuck for sure.

Anonymous said...

You are so lovely and smart. I like to get to know you if you don't mind, Oun.
Som She Jendha