Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cambodia: Sihanouk death game against Yuon in French

Submitted by reader

Whereas our dearest current leader Hun Sen kneels down to take orders from his master and stands up to repress and cruelly kill his own people.

While the others, being from the regular people, who have some of skills continue to play Hun Sen’s games and endorse, maybe undeliberately, the ‘non national interests’. Our famous filmmaker Rithy Panh is able to realize excellent documentary films about the atrocities committed during the Khmer Rouge regime. One of his documentary films has the following title: A missing picture. There is indeed a missing picture that is necessary to provide a full view and understanding about the tragic history of Cambodia.

But for this, will there be people who are brave enough to go beyond what Rith Panh has been doing to provide this missing picture allowing Cambodian people to understand how the Khmer Rouge took power in April 1975? How come an army of Khmer Rouge, representing roughly 3 000 men, not prepared at all could victoriously fight against the Khmer Republic army, who were strongly supported by the American GI ? And why hundreds or even thousands of skulls are currently on display at the Museum of Torture and why the trial of Khmer Rouge tribunal to put on trial the Khmer Rouge leaders was established without any true outcome?

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