Wednesday, November 06, 2013

CPP clowns talk about Scot Marciel's meeting with CPP and CNRP


Anonymous said...

Dear compatriots,

We knew the result already even before the meeting.

With this evil Vietnam and its puppet Hun Sen, the talk must be their way or no way. No surprise.

Here is my suggestion:

Before the election:

I said you made Hun Sen to overhaul the NEC by mounting a nationwide demonstration a few days before and on the election day so that the people could not cast their vote and the crook CPP could not proclaim itself as the winner. Thus, under domestic and international pressure, it had no choice but to reform the NEC. And with the new NEC, the CNRP would have been officially the winner today.

After the election:

We knew that the CNRP had won the election by a landslide victory, but the Yuon slave party CPP stole the people's votes by simply MADE UP the election's result and proclaim itself as the winner.

The people in the country have urged fervently the CNRP not to negotiate with that crook CPP but the CNRP did not listen and kept trying to talk with that thief CPP.

I said one more time, TIME is not on the CNRP's side. By being able to drag the process long like this, the CPP has won much of its goal already.

The CNRP should not directly ask the international community to support its just cause, but the CNRP does something such as mounting a consistent powerful nationwide demonstration to MAKE the international community supports its just cause.

The CNRP needs to do, not just ask, the right thing to attract international support.

I, myself, don't want to see Khmer people die but to liberate Cambodia from this evil Vietnam without losing anybody is just a fantasy, and keep dreaming because it will never work. The CNRP's leaders must adjust their vision regarding their strategy to combat with this neo colonialist Vietnam.

However, Vietnam is so scare (to lose Cambodia) when it sees Khmer people are ready to sacrifice their life to save Cambodia. There is no way that Vietnam will be able to withstand the pressure from the international community after its puppet Hun Sen kills the demonstrators.

Now, this is the question:

Should we let some people die now to save Cambodia or should we play chicken and let Vietnam kill our people at will like during the Khmer Rouge later after Vietnam fully controlled Cambodia?

Cambodia's destiny or existence is 50% on the CNRP's hand. If you died during this crusade to save Cambodia, you will be heroes in Khmer people's heart and you laid a solid foundation for other Khmers to finish your job, which is to liberate our country from Vietnam.

So, please stop acting like chicken, you are killing Cambodia too if you continue to act this way.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Chour jos ah pogkdar ctn sotte puok lit kdar hun sen taing os.ah nis pen niyeay nas pel ver niyeay steur te min dark dang hoeum.kom niyeay tha nak niyo bay kate bandit sotte puok yuon,yoeung minach niyeay chea muoy eng ban te pruos puok eng sotte yuon.

Anonymous said...


I'll cover up everything and keep it confidential.

Anonymous said...

Ah saey ctn nis ver pen niyeay ampley kar pit,puok chke yuon sotte anh chrng,thid guy talk in ctn his the one when he is talking he never need breathing,all khmer new never talk the trust,they like to translate a different way from black to white make the people confusing because all the broadcast station are control by cpp,so please all khmer people if you want the real news have to listen the foreign news like rfa,voa or others because khmer broadcast station they;re working for yuon.

Anonymous said...

How they both can talk,I don't believe both can agree each other because one side love khmer work for khmer and other side love yuon and work for yuon.that a big question ?............

Anonymous said...

you guys calling everybody in cambodia clown, in fact you guys are the real clowns, if you ask khmer people in the whole cambodia!

Anonymous said...

We, Khmer voters knew the winner and we knew who the looser/CPP slave. CNRP must be stronger and persuade the path to the victory for saving Khmer nation. If continued dragging this way, we, Khmer will be overwhelmingly Youn all over ! Please listen to your eyewitness and how saddest of Khmer people miserable daily living...!

Anonymous said...

C est un peu de ridicule de jouer un jeu de contour avec le population khmer, car avec un voyou comme hun sen, il faut durci la politque et très claire devant le peuple khmer.
C est le vrai courage , et une vrai détermination sans frontière pour libéré le pays pour que le peuple khmer a voulu suivi votre révolution.

Anonymous said...

Dear Khmer,

Scot Marciel simply represents the U.S. stance on Cambodia issue which has not changed for quite sometimes. To CNRP members, this move seems illogical. However, this is how decision is made by a nation. Let me suggest that U.S does not make such decision in a vacuum. Before such decision is made, the State Department has been briefed by U.S. political experts assigned to U.S. embassy in Cambodia.

These political counselors investigated, analyzed political matters in Cambodia based on facts and evidences, and deliberated their finding accordingly. Political propaganda from both parties have little or no impacts at all with their decisions.

Don’t be mad at Scot Marciel. The U.S. has been doing what the U.S. has been doing for centuries, that is, to protect the U.S. interests. There is nothing wrong with this approach.

As far as CNRP is concerned, all the political maneuvering by the CNRP’s leadership simply tells us that our leaders are lacking of a rudimental understanding of international relations. It was an embarrassment for our leaders to even think about asking foreign donors and investors to halt their activities due to what is seen by international perspectives as Cambodia’s internal matters. The probability of foreign donors are willing to comply with our leaders’ request was almost null. That was a one our leaders’ political blunders.

CNRP members should be critical of such leadership otherwise when they will lead us to another disaster.

Let’s hope that they learn from this.

Anonymous said...

I'm 100% agreed with Bun Thoeun. It's useless to negotiate with CRIMINAL CPP. Why? Because they love MONEY&POWER, none about Cambodia or Cambodians.

So now it's up to us either do or die. Cambodia fate or destiny is depend on us and now we still have time to do it. Unless we want Cambodia to become another Kampuchea Krom. Goodluck "Prove me wrong peoples"

Anonymous said...

Let the freedom ring! and Justice for all. As the crooked regime's CPP will never only be made straight/Clear for citizens or/and the national interest at all but also has been, servicing,allowing to its mastermind's -mindset- of Han Noi was able to gain such all of their aspects and a huge benefit to collect it on Khmer.
To do so we'll be able to join hands with the Cambodian National Rescue Party(CNRP)--- that's one day the the mountains shall be made low, the dirty places will be cleaned for all citizens Khmer!.

As everyone should learn more as the freedom that It cannot be done over night or even can be turned on/off easily yet. Then, the demand of the freedom must to fight for it until we can make an achievement of it.
So, that the mass protester march should always be held and kept doing at all any time that we have to in order to against into the strong-holder of one man band conducting or ruling the country over some 30 years and so on that power was because he has gotten or backed up by the his Boss" YOUN."

Apparently, we're still have a good fate, a definite fate on the CNRP. It's kinda the last resorts
that all Khmer peoples were dreaming on it, but if they could not make to happen or all the sudden they fail to deliver on their pledge and promises to entire nation as before/after the national election of the so-called " a modus vivendi", thus, it would be become such a night mare for all us.
Here is the last but not least wish you all forget all the groups of the crooked media has been talking as a real pro-youn. In every a split second, they are always - intertwined,intimediated- story tell in Khmer society in their global network, etc.; etc.

Reas Khmer

Anonymous said...

Who is that Cambodian representative? He sits like a low life monkey that pretends to be bigger than he is.

The United States does not like you monkeys, CPP. There is no debate.


Anonymous said...

The CPP are such cowards and low life, they will settled for any handout.

We have lost about 80% of the forest and other natural resources, right? But hey man, we still have another 20 % to sell off to China, VN, Japan, Korea...what the hell, get rid of it all.

Die a thousand deaths you CPP scums.

Anonymous said...

This guy is chien vun 2