Sunday, November 24, 2013

Divide Phnom Penh into pieces for administration

Courtesy Chan Seyha


Anonymous said...

I APPEAL TO ALL CAMBODIAN must stand up now to overthrow Dictator HUN SEN from the power now, otherwise Cambodia will be too late to liberate from Vietnamese communist

Anonymous said...

Your appeal to all Cambodians to stand up to overthrow this government by doing what? By force, by violence, or by demonstration. My suggestion is to find a better way to overcome such deal. In this century, the only way to fight with corruption and injustice of a country is to have the opposition party to collect signatures at least 80per cent of the population to sue the government for impunity, injustice, land grab, corruption, .... to the international court of justice and voice out to UN head quarter and to appeal over and over again until the international nations that have interest in our decision Ben heard. Yes they might say that the opposition party should work right along with other party until next election in the next five years which is not too long. Some say we can't wait, it 't too late. But the other nation judgements might say it is good to wait because Cambodia is there for more than 1000 years already why 5 more years think too long. It is good to file grevience until our voice is heard.