Friday, November 01, 2013

Final closing arguments in Khmer Rouge Tribunal's Case 002/01

Prosecution, defence and civil party counsels respond to Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan's closing statements

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Anonymous said...

No none of these men are at fault, because the real perpetrators are VC and the super power nations like Chinese and the US (B52) and King Shianock who did not stick with his own word known as 'neutral' when not. All Cambodians are victims, so please stop playing game with innocent lives. Right now, Cambodia is still being controlled by both VC and Chinese, just look at their members of the CPP, they all are ex-KR. I just wonder why this international community still play along with such immoral action.

The truth is, khmers will never find peace until all of them crooks are out of our system, but it looks like they won't let go because they are at the top and have all kinds of weapons ready to continue to crusify us all. The only way to stop them is, when international community come clean and be responsible for their own action. Otherwise, their curse will continue, e,g 'do not take advantage of the downfal or else, I will make you pay big time, because, when you are cruel, you are doing it to yourself', Proverbs.