Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Golden Memories ... សុវណ្ណអនុស្សារ

snae sor kolap srey - r. sereysothea

jet preung srawlanh - mao sareth
[Still on Mao Sareth...and those dark shades - they look so familiar...]


Kalonh Chuck said...

Yet another one of Ms. Mao's I [have begun to] love dearly. Plain and simple lyrics, yet romantic and easy to understand: LOVE nothing but true LOVE in a slow beat. Being a guitar player [although just an amateur] myself, I can get used to this kind of voice and music! I will love you to eternity, if you could keep up with all these kinds of oldies & goodies, Mr. School of Vice! And you know what, I am not even trying to butter you up as it once happened...A la prochaine!!!


School of Vice said...

You should send your guitar music for us to post here.

Even School of Vice can [sorry, could...] play "House of the Rising Sun" [but only that one!], unfortunately.

Not impressed? Hmmmm...

Jendhamuni said...


Kal and School of Vice, get a long way too well. Fine! Be that way!

I forgot my alien number today ;)