Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Anonymous said...

Dear Khmer,

Scot Marciel simply represents the U.S. stance on Cambodia issue which has not changed for quite sometimes. To CNRP members, this move seems illogical. However, this is how decision is made by a nation. Let me suggest that U.S does not make such decision in a vacuum. Before such decision is made, the State Department has been briefed by U.S. political experts assigned to U.S. embassy in Cambodia.

These political counselors investigated, analyzed political matters in Cambodia based on facts and evidences, and deliberated their finding accordingly. Political propaganda from both parties have little or no impacts at all with their decisions.

Don’t be mad at Scot Marciel. The U.S. has been doing what the U.S. has been doing for centuries, that is, to protect the U.S. interests. There is nothing wrong with this approach.

As far as CNRP is concerned, all the political maneuvering by the CNRP’s leadership simply tells us that our leaders are lacking of a rudimental understanding of international relations. It was an embarrassment for our leaders to even think about asking foreign donors and investors to halt their activities due to what is seen by international perspectives as Cambodia’s internal matters. The probability of foreign donors are willing to comply with our leaders’ request was almost null. That was a one our leaders’ political blunders.

CNRP members should be critical of such leadership otherwise when they will lead us to another disaster.

Let’s hope that they learn from this.
MTPO  2:38 AM

RE: CPP clowns talk about Scot Marciel's meeting with CPP and CNRP


Anonymous said...

i agree. the cnrp political group lack an understanding of the international relations and policy. and if the cnrp don't learn from this constructive criticism, then they set to fail cambodia on the international relations. the way i see it, the cnrp may care about the social issues and poor people of cambodia, etc, but when it comes to the international relations, i think the cnrp people lack their education and understanding of the international relations. and if the cnrp thinks the international relations is not important to cambodia as a whole, they are wrong. cambodia needs leaders who understands everything from domestic issue to international ones as well. leaders have to educate themselves to understand everything, not just politics, but everything in general as well!

Anonymous said...

Agree with this crap display by the CPP? Are you kidding me? That fat f*ck CPP basically roll around his chair to show how powerful he is. The dumb f*ck is nothing but a beggar and a thief that is will to steal and sell everything this country have. Agree with that?

Anonymous said...

I disagree CNRP have lack of understanding of international relations. Infact they have more knowledge of it then the CPP hence they are influence it. Of cause CNRP did made the following disclaimer which this article forgot to highlight " that any country who chooses to do business with the iligitimate CPP government are at their own risks" as CNRP will not recognise or honor those contracture agreements or continuity with those country. So from other country perspective it 50/50 risks that they are undertaking. It like placing a bet you may win i.e double it or looses i.e everything.

So every country who respect one another will offer negogation as path to advocate problems solving not to killed each other like those recommended opinion from the CPP to use violent. Cambodian government has been good at that since 1975 to kill innocent people and get away with it until today. So there is NO needs to sacrify life for any causes just look at Paris 1991 after so many death they still come to the table to which is 2013 any different to the past situations. CNRP have their demands that represent the Cambodian people voices for changes and the CPP represent no change and the voices of CPP officials, associates and family. That is the core different CNRP represent the Khmer people (voters) & CPP represent their families and assests and Vietnam businesses that they have bind together over the last 28 years.