Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kem Sokha will be in USA

Kem, Sokha's trip in the U.S.: Thursday, November 28 - Sunday December 8, 2013


Anonymous said...

FOR $$$$$ ???


Anonymous said...

He is visiting his family for Thanksgiving & fund raising .

Anonymous said...

watch out, khmer overseas! kem sokha and his sam rainsy group will beg for your money. if you are wise and not interested in their dirty politics, don't give them money when they visit your hometown overseas. it is up to you all, but i just warn you all, if you want to see cambodia unifies and prospers and develops, don't do it! this party is racist, discriminatory and biased and evil!

Anonymous said...

hun sen's home is in cambodia. sam rainsy's home is in france. so, i think khmer people in cambodia should say sam rainsy go home to france, not hun sen! wait until next election, cnrp lost the election already. stop day-dreaming!

7:14 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you lost the election already, why continue to cry about it nonstop?

there will always be the next election? so, stop being so desperate already! wait to win on the next election by do it better this time! nobody in cambodia want to hear you cry about it nonstop, enough already!

7:39 AM

i think sam rainsy hold french citizenship, whereas hun sen hold only khmer citizenship. so, hun sen has the right to stay home in cambodia and sam rainsy, since he cannot get along with hun sen in cambodia, must go back to his adopted france, if you ask khmer people.

8:16 AM