Monday, November 25, 2013

Official’s car in fatal accident

[ A hit-and-run by Cheam yeap - lip-law maker ]

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Vong Sokheng, The Phnom Penh Post
Sun, 24 November 2013

A 20-year-old woman was killed and her husband badly injured in a hit-and-run with the car of prominent ruling party lawmaker Cheam Yeap in Kandal province’s Kien Svay district on Friday, police said yesterday.

According to Kien Svay district police chief Pa Sa Ith, victim Phin Sophea died after arriving at Phnom Penh’s Calmette Hospital, while her husband, Pheoun Tha, 31, also known as Meoun Sokha, is still recovering there.

Yeap maintained yesterday that he was asleep at the time of the accident – as a passenger – and had only left the scene out of fear of mob reprisals. Sa Ith was unsure whether criminal charges would be filed against Yeap’s driver.

“It is still quiet so far, because the victim has not yet come to file a complaint, but local police have filed a complaint to Kandal provincial police, therefore the complaint is out of my jurisdiction,” he said.

Kandal provincial police chief Eav Chamroeun said his office was still investigating, but the motorbike carrying Sophea and Tha seemed to be at fault, and Sophea – who was in control at the time – was an inexperienced rider.

“I would like to confirm that the husband admitted that he allowed his wife to drive, and was overtaking a remorque [motorbike-pulled trailer] and a car from behind,” he said.

The collision, he added, occurred while the motorbike was still in the oncoming lane of traffic.

Yeap yesterday objected to the characterisation of the accident as a hit-and-run, saying that his lawyer had gone there shortly after the accident to speak to police.

“My lawyer took responsibility immediately after the accident occurred,” he said. “I was not hit-and-running, but I was running because of my personal safety. For example, in the past, my cousin was in a crash and he was beaten to death by a mob.”

Yeap, who declined to give the name of his driver, said his lawyer, the victims and police would meet today to work out a final compromise.

“We were not in the wrong, as the police and the victim told us, and we subsequently supported the victim and the problem is to be resolved,” Yeap said. “Moreover, the victim and their relative admitted that they were at fault, and they were grateful for my support.”

Kar Savuth, a lawyer at the National Assembly who is representing Yeap, confirmed that he had already consulted with the family and given money for hospital bills.

Cambodian Defenders Project executive director Sok Sam Oeun, who is not involved in the case, said Yeap bore no legal responsibility for his driver’s actions, and that the driver was not liable as long as he had been in compliance with traffic laws.

“Hit-and-run can be a crime, and [if] somebody [is] killed, it is a crime,” he said. “But the one element is that the accused must abuse the traffic law. It means that they violate a traffic rule, and they cause, because of that, the accident.”

Victim Pheoun Tha declined to comment yesterday, but his mother, Suong Kru, 54, said they would not be filing a complaint.

“I don’t know who they are, but they supported me well for hospital fees, and they came and visited me at the hospital,” she said. “We were wrong ourselves, and I am not going to complain against them.”



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Anonymous said...

Give me a gun I'll take care Ah Chheam Yeap whom killed innocent Khmer people.Are there any Chun Yasith in here,please joint me!... My blood boil to see murderer's face infront of me!!!

Yobal Khmer

Anonymous said...

Ah Hun Sen must go now by million Khmer , we all united we all can overthrow Hun Sen by force to save our country, to save our children in the next generation to come, otherwise we will face the same fate as Champa, Lao and Kampuchea-Krom.

All Khmer must love one another , we must help one another, and we must be united to force Hun Sen out of power by all means.
Wake up all Khmer both home and abroad let do it all together to save our country for our all Khmer children in the next generation to come.

Wakeup all Khmer before ah Hun Sen kill us more then this.
Both Khmer home at abroad be united we all can do it.

Anonymous said...

I am prepare to chop his head and will burn him alive I mean that all cpp must be kill but first burn thire home and look undergrounf time is caming and I was waitting no one can stop me from now I am lose my land just because of this men

Anonymous said...

whether you are asleep behind the while or at the passenger seat this this murdur, and the crime should should be 20 years plus prison sentencen for Cheam Yeap.
However because he is CPP MP he will walk free with no prision sentence and will have a small $1000 fine... see if i'm right
As CPP like to twist the truth from wrong into right. As you can seem Yeap already finding excuses... inpunity is best deliver by CPP.

The same thing for NEC when people caught the stealing vote they said they did everything perfect despite the election count confirm CNRP is winning. NEC and CPP twist the truth from wrong to right instead of CPP loosing in which they did they said they are wining in which they dont.

How about the promise from Hun Sen to stopped illegal loggig.
Again his wife Piggy Bun Ranny did the chopping and the Husband Hun Sen and families reap the $1M reward monthly. So because it an illegal act CPP Hun Sen does nothing and his wife the executor once again roam free will many have died trying to protect Cambodia forest or human rights but again Hun Sen, CPP MPs many if not all are Criminals still live freely.

We common Cambodia must united to bring justice and truth back into our society and communities if not anyone of us can be the future victim without real justice just like the KR...Hun Sen have killed but not get prosecuted...what are we waiting for...!

Anonymous said...

Time to throught the gasolin to the police and burn all police first that the way can sllow them

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Anonymous said...

To 2:52pm good idea thank you

Anonymous said...

Yes gasoline in the bottle and burn all ar hun sen home first burn every where

Anonymous said...

Last week CHEAM YEAP's car hit motobike, next time CHEAM YEAP'd car will hit Bulldozer or trucks believe me and I appeal all HUN SEN supporters must stop doing bad to Cambodian people otherwise you all will have the same luck like TREE NAREEN, UNG PEUNG, HOL LONG DEE and CHEAP YEAP must remember that OK ?

Anonymous said...

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I think the solution to the political impasse is to mass demonstration on the street throughout the city and in front of Hun Sen's house to demand him to resign or else he nothing will change. We must adamant to get him to resign he knows that people don't want him anymore but people must will to sacrifice. CPP are buying time and will not change; if the change for full democratic society it will not serve Vietnamese purpose of expansionism into Cambodia and Laos. When I meant mass demonstration it is mass not the twenty thousand people and yes they will shoot people; Vietnamese policy through Hun Sen gov't don't care Khmer people will die. The CNRP and the people must be ready to make this move... in order to succeed.

Anonymous said...

កណ្ដុំឆែប ជាម យៀប អត់គោរពច្បាប់ ដែលខ្លួនឯងប្រកាសក្ដែងៗ។ យ៉ាប់មែន យៀប។

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I think Cheam Yeap,he is a law maker . May be now,he try to change the law for him self ? Poor my Poor Khmer people.Where is the justice for Khmer people. We need to change this government.

Anonymous said...

No matter you sleep or you not if got kill by car hit, you have to check and take care them , not run and hide.
If run and hide mean you commit a criminal and must face jail time or by revenge kill it back. Especially,
You are a master law in Cambodia, every single word of you said is law, even you want Sam rainsy to die of plane crash.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

He knows he has to escape from the area of accident to survive. right!
So he knows all along about people angry and anarchy and chaotic when the accident taken place. As one of the top lawmakers, he did nothing to reduce or eliminate the problem but to run away from the problem.
It is time for him to speak up about this or dig hole in the sand.