Monday, November 25, 2013

Sar Kheng Invites CNRP to Talk, Says Preconditions Won’t Be Met

By Simon Henderson and Hul Reaksmey
The Phnom Penh Post, November 25, 2013 

In his closing address at a two-day National Election Committee (NEC) conference in Preah Sihanouk province on Sunday, Interior Minister Sar Kheng told the opposition CNRP to end its boycott of the National Assembly, but emphasized that neither an independent investigation into July’s disputed election nor a reshuffling of the NEC would be forthcoming.

The CNRP’s 55 elected lawmakers are boycotting the National Assembly as they continue to insist on an independent investigation and reform of the NEC as preconditions to taking their seats, leaving the CPP’s 68 lawmakers to sit alone in government.
The CNRP’s election complaints had already been dealt with “within a very reasonable timeframe” of 60 days in accordance with the electoral law, and the NEC’s investigation into voting irregularities had revealed nothing more sinister than technical glitches, Mr. Kheng told the assembled gathering of lawmakers, NEC officials and NGO representatives.

“From international experience there has never been a perfect election [and] every country encounters some technical shortcomings, [but] technical shortcomings and serious election irregularities are not the same thing,” Mr. Kheng said.

Mr. Kheng also said that the opposition party’s decision to boycott parliament left the government with no choice but to govern alone for the sake of stability.

“It is regrettable that elected candidates of [the] CNRP boycotted the first sitting of the National Assembly…[which] has elected parliamentarians from two political parties as expressed by the will of the people,” he said.

Mr. Kheng also invited the CNRP to engage in further negotiations.
“The CNRP has set conditions to request members of the NEC to resign from their positions to pave the way for electoral reform in the future,” he said, adding that such a request violates the election law as only the National Assembly can expel NEC members.

NEC Secretary-General Tep Nytha said that the goal of the conference was to review the strengths and weaknesses of the NEC’s election and post-election performance. However, he said that the CNRP’s demand for resignations would not be met.

“We have never closed the door to recommendations, but [the CNRP] can’t order an institution formed by the law to do whatever they want,” he said.

CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann said the opposition was not asking that the National Assembly get rid of NEC members, but simply that members take responsibility for their election failures by resigning of their own volition.

“Anywhere in the world, if people in these positions of authority make serious mistakes they will resign,” he said, adding that the CNRP had been invited to the conference but had stayed away.

“This is a failed institution. They have proved they can’t do their job and the composition [of the NEC] must be reformed at all costs,” he said.


Anonymous said...

CNRP doesn't ask for closing the institution NEC , but CNRP demands for those committed to distort the election result to pave a way for a fresh committee for its institution. It's action has impeded free and fair election and it has failed to serve ordinary Cambodians.

If the RGC truly wish to reform, it should NOlonger protect the crime committed by this body. Also this should be open to scrutiny of other independent organisations, to clear its reputation.

It was recommended for reform by the UN, not for the UN but for the spirit of justice for Cambodians.

To move forward, RGC should be more open minded to a true reform, and it should abolish corruption which has led to suffering of Cambdians but enriching their corrupted peers.

People who corrupt are those only short sighted , for the sake of national interest.

Just hope change will happen.

Neang SA

Anonymous said...

This guy looks drunk & ugly,no. wonder he jointed Cpp thugs!...All ugly people associate with Yuon or slave to Yiekcong,Heng dumRin is one of the UGLY guy and Sar kheng also looks UGLY as Hell,no wonder HEAVEN didn't wants them.Ah Chheam Yeap is too UGLY,Hell afraid of his ugly face!...


Anonymous said...

បេីថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិជឿថា ខ្លួនពិតជាឈ្នះឆ្នោត៦៣
កៅអីពិតប្រាកដមែន មិនគួរផ្តោតទៅរកការចរចាសំុបែងចែកអំណាច
និងការសំុកែប្រែគ.ជ.ប.នោះទេ... ច្បាប់៥០+១ពិតជាផ្តល់នូវ
លទ្ធភាពនេះឲខ្លួនរួចទៅហេីយ ។ ពួកគេគួរផ្តោតទៅលេីការតវា៉យក
ឈ្នះឆ្នោតជាមុនសិន ! ការងាកទៅចរចាសំុបែងចែកអំណាច ហេីយ
និងការងាកទៅចង់កែប្រែគ.ជ.ប. បញ្ជាក់ថា ៖ គណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិ
មិនប្រាកដថាខ្លួនឈ្នះឆ្នោតទេ !! នរណាក៏គេមេីលឃេីញដូច្នេះដែរ !!
ចំពោះការជួបចរចាគ្នាវិញ បេីតាមសខេង ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំគណបក្ស
ប្រជាជនគេនៅរក្សាអាកប្បកិរិយាដដែលគឺ ពួកគេទុកឲថ្នាក់ដឹក
នាំគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិហារមាត់សំុទៅគេមុន !!
លី ឌៀប

Anonymous said...

Ah Hun Sen must go now by million Khmer , we all united we all can overthrow Hun Sen by force to save our country, to save our children in the next generation to come, otherwise we will facethe same fate as Champa, Lao and Kampuchea-Krom.

All Khmer must love one another , we must help one another, and we must be united to force Hun Sen out of power by all means.
Wake up all Khmer both home and abroad let do it all together to save our country for our all Khmer children in the next generation to come.
Wakeup all Khmer before ah Hun Sen kill us more then this.
Both Khmer home at abroad be united we all can do it.

Anonymous said...

i strongly support those party who use force to kick yuon hunsen to ha noi .most of cambodians doesn't accept a former brutal khmer's killer hunsen to be their leader at all.

Anonymous said...

លោក 1:37PM,
ជាតិទេ ពីព្រោះមិនទាន់ទាំងស្អីផង សំុចរចាបែងចែកអំណាចជាមួយគេ
បាត់ទៅហេីយ ដល់បរាជ័យក៏ងាកបកទៅធ្វេីបាតុកម្មវិញ ? យុទ្ធវិធីថ្មីគឺ
ចេញទៅប្រមូលបាតុករថែមទៀតនៅតាមខេត្ត ។ វិធីនេះគេហៅថា ៖
ឆ្កែព្រូស មនុស្សដេីរ !!
លី ឌៀប

Anonymous said...

CPP for 28 years are all talk but no action. So why would CNRP bougther to talk if they are not interested to fixing and probing into the election irregularities and in particular when they cought the telf NEC & CPP stealing in the acts.

Anonymous said...

NO NEED to negotiate with Vietnamese puppet or Vietnamese slave, what we can do, just all Cambodian must stand up together and overthrow HUN SEN from the power, and also must use mass chemical destruction sending to HUN SEN compound or HUN SEN supporters.

Anonymous said...

No, no more negotiation with HUN/NEC/CPP because they all are VC in control. Hun Sen and his mafia gov't must go and it has to be now. No more talk to the crooks, end of a story. There is no law in Cambodia, because their law is to protect them crooks only, e.g perpetrators gotten away, while innocents been punished e.g land grabbing, illegal leasing Angkho Wat, Mth Bokor, number of other islands to VC (Sok Kong), land concession to VC and Chinese to build Hydro-dams for 99 years without people's consent, while owners of the land are being convicted. This gov't is not being independent, it is being controlled by foreigners like the Viets and Chinese. Hun Sen called 'Hai Phuc' once said ' the truth is, I am a Viet's puppet and nobody wants to lose their land or sea but because we are under their controlled'.

Therefore, Cambodia is under sieged and is in need of being rescued and only way to do that is to stand up to fight for what is rightfully ours, e.g our country, our land, and sea. Because Cambodia belongs to all Cambodians, not a bunch of mafia group like the VC nor the Chinese. So, there is no need to negotiate with such a criminal kind of people. We are the owners of the land and sea and we don't need to talk to this gangster of the CPP.

The truth is, if we look into the past we will see the future, e,g in the past they used the word negotiation with Funcipic but look at Funcipic now, gone, dead!. They finally framed him and defamed him in everyway they could, just like Kingta said 'I have helped them in everyway i could, but they still criticised me, they are expansionists and they are like crocodiles'.

They promised to give Khmer Krom territory back to Srok Khmer if he help them to decolonise the Westerners, but not!. On top of that they have helped to kill all most all of our people from being existed. Their evil tactics and tricks are plentiful. e.g During world war 2, they lied to US troops to cease fire but not!, instead they used whores to help in the killing of US troops known as the 'Tet' Attack, that is, the new years eve attack and the total been killed up to 58 000 troops. Nevertheless, they never won the war anyway, because they were cheated to win.

Now, is another tactic being used by this VC group with the CPP group. But, we are now so familiar with all of their evil tactics and no! we don't need to listen or negtiate with them anymore, because enough is enough, really. It is time for international community to bring all chemical or biological weapons to wipe them all out of the world map for good or else, thats it! because they are expansionists and they won't stop unless you stop them first. If not, every other nation will go through the same fate as ours e.g Laos, Chompa, Khmer Krom, Koh Tral and now, the whole Srok khmer.Thailand will be next and is already happening between the red and yellow shirts (killing two birds with one stone).

Anonymous said...

La technique de négociation est arme de cpp pour casser, et de retarder cnrp de prendre le pouvoir.
Cpp n a plus d autre moyen pour continuer de survivre, donc la tactique pour décourager les populations qu ils soutiennent cnrp, c est la négociation.

Anonymous said...

C’est plus tôt CNRP qui est incapable et qui a laissé traîner par CPP.

ce n'est pas la manifestation à la manière d'un carnaval tous les Week-end pour revendiquer ?

La manifestation 3 jours puis une pause de 2 semaines !

c’est la faute de CPP ou CNRP ?

C'est nous qui faisons perdre le temps et user nos partisans.

C’est la tactique de l’adversaire CPP
ce sont les faux pas de CNRP ?

C’est nous même qui devons mener notre temps. Ce n’est pas le parti adverse qui nous impose.

Ce n’est pas accusé l’adversaire pour gommer sa propre défaite !

This is earlier CNRP is unable and left hanging by CPP.

this is not the event in the manner of a carnival all weekend to claim?

The event 3 days then a 2 week break!

  it is the fault of CPP or CNRP ?

It is we who lose time and use our fans.

This is the tactic of the opponent CPP
  CNRP we are missteps?

It is ourselves who must lead our time. This is not the opposing party which compels us.

This is not accused opponent to erase his own defeat!


Anonymous said...

តើអាមេភរ សម រង្សី ,កឹម សុខា
ដល់​ណាទៀត ?

*បើអាទាំងពីរ ធ្វើ​ឲ្យអង្ករក្លាយទៅជាបា​​​យ

Anonymous said... need to negotiation at all..! No more...No more....No more.....No more...... Negotiation, Please the CNRP' headquarters(Mr. Sam Rainsy & Mr. Khem Sokha) you are understanding enough time to move forward , commitment to the country and to the Cambodians, to protect democracy. Now is very hot issue at Preak Leap pagoda's crematory, We are know the past(King Sihanuek) the present(Mr. Hun Blind Sight & King Sihamoney) and the future CNRP have to take over, to change and form the news democratic for the people,of the people, by the people. So protest on and on if we can do everyday it would be better..! the Cambodians people around the world support The CNRP , We are keeping fund to CNRP.

Anonymous said...

Nort Korea has stability- the kind cpp wants and has been is such for 30 years . But Khmer people are not NOrth Korean.

Anonymous said...

10:01pm, you need a brain trasplant
so can see the difference between black and white.

Anonymous said...

to Ly Diep, the cpp's mouthpiece,

When the cop catch the thief,
the thief is put on trial and proven guilty by du-process of law before sending him or her to prison.

CNRP do the same thing, you live in the US , should know that.

Anonymous said...

Ly Diep = Ly Deuk = Zero = Moth Lev = Suon Serey Ratha = Ah Choy Marai Nah Kor Khoss = Mean Ter Anh

Anonymous said...

តើ​ការ​ប្រើ​សម្ដី​​ ភរកុហក របស់​
សម រង្សី ,កឹម សុខា
ជា​គំរូ​ល្អ​ដល់​កូន​ខ្មែរ​ ដែរឬ​ទេ?

តើអាមេភរ សម រង្សី ,កឹម សុខា
ដល់​ណាទៀត ?

*បើអាទាំងពីរ ធ្វើ​ឲ្យអង្ករក្លាយទៅជាបា​​​យ

Anonymous said...

ជាការត្រឹមត្រូវណាស់លោក 11:41PM ! តែរឿងដែលពិបាកនោះ
គឺរឿងចាប់ចោរ ។ ការចាប់ចោររបៀបទៅសំុបែងចែកអំណាចជា
មួយចោរ តេីពំុមែនជាការស្ម័គ្រខ្លួនទៅសំុចូលធ្វេីជាចោរដែរទេឬ ?
បាទ ! ខំ្ញុនៅសហរដ្ធអាមេរិក ខំ្ញុដឹងអំពីរឿងបែបនេះច្បាស់ណាស់ !
លី ឌៀប

Anonymous said...

លោក 11:33PM,
េតីហេតុអ្វីបានជាលោកចាំបាច់ប្រេីពាក្យអសីលធម៏ ? តេីហេតុអ្វីបាន
ជាលោកមិនបញ្ចេញយោបល់ «ត្រូវ ឬល្អ» របស់លោកនោះមក ?
តេីពួកអ្នកគាំទ្រគណបក្សសង្គ្រោះជាតិមានដូចធុនលោកប៉ុន្មាននាក់ ?
សំនួររបស់ខំ្ញុ ៖ តេីហេតុដូចម្តេចបានជាលោកដឹងថា មេលោកធ្វេីត្រូវ ?
បេីធ្វេី «ត្រូវ» េហតុម្តេចក៏ច្រងាប់ច្រងិលបែបនេះ ? សូមកំុប្រមាថ
យោបល់គេ ក្រែងបត់កខ្លួនឯងទៅ ?
លី ឌៀប

Anonymous said...

Who lost the election??? Real CNRP is loser...loser...loser. Ah lop Bun Chkout. Mike.

Anonymous said...

មានជនថោកទាបពីរបីក្បាលដែលជាឆ្កែបំរើរបស់ពួកអាយ៉ងយួន ឥតចេះស្តាប់ភាសាខ្មែរ ចេះតែនិ
យាយពាក្យដដែល ៗ ជួយឃោសនាឲពួកអា គណៈបក្សប្រជាជនយួន ។ រកពាក្យថ្មីទៀតនិ
យាយ និង សរសេរមិនបាន ព្រោះការចេះដឹង
មានកំរិតដូចចៅហ្វាយពួកវាអញ្ចឹង ។ រៀនត្រឹម
ថ្នាក់ទី ៤ បឋមភូមិមកធ្វើអ្នកដឹកនាំប្រទេស
ដូច្នេះ ពួកបាវព្រាវវាក៍អន់ដូចគ្នាដែរ ។ គេថា មានស្តេចយ៉ាងម៉េច មានមន្រ្តីបែបហ្នឹង មានចៅ
ហ្វាយយ៉ាងម៉េច មានកូនចៅបែបហ្នឹង មានឪ
ពុកម្តាយបែបម៉េច មានកូនបែបហ្នឹង មានគ្រូ
យ៉ាងម៉េច មានសិស្សបែបហ្នឹង ។

បងប្អូនជនរួមជាតិទាំងអស់សុំកុំចាញ់បោក ចាញ់
ការឃោសនារបស់ពួកបាវបំរើរបស់ពួកអាមេដឹកនាំខ្ញុំកុម្មុយនិស្តយួនកន្ទប មេឃាតករមេក្បត់ជាតិ
អសមត្តភាព កំសាក​ សាហាវព្រៃផ្សៃ តទៅ
ទៀត ។ ពួកវាគ្រាន់តែជាខ្ញុំបំរើគេ ជួយឃោស
ឯងដើម្បីដូរបាយឆីប្រចាំថ្ងៃប៉ុណ្នោះ ។ យើងត្រូវ
តែបន្តការសាមគី្គគ្នា រួបរួមគ្នា កាន់ដៃគ្នា ឈរលើ
ជំហរដ៏រឹងបឹុងដើម្បីធ្វើកាផា្លស់ប្តូរឲបានសម្រេចជាស្ថាពរ ទើបជាតិយើងបានរស់ បានសុខដោយ
ពិតប្រាកដ ។​

Anonymous said...

@12:11am ប្រេីភាសាដូចពួកវាដែរ តេីនរណាជាចៅហ្វាយ?

Anonymous said...

I support more stronger demonstrations to demand Hun Sen to resign. Specific action need to be done… even it means Hun Sen policemen will shoot protesters. Some may have to die for freedom and motherland free from Vietnamese control. Cambodians have to take strong stand in their demand. I don't see any other way the CPP dogs will do anything for the betterment of our motherland; besides putting Cambodia at disadvantage little by little further down the road to the nation of Vietnamese control and gypsies. The time to do it is now. We don't need to wait and waste of our time. Keep it short; just get the mother fucker out!!!

Anonymous said...

And then??? Go to hell Mr. Prime Minister-Elect SamRamm Sy without country...lop...lop...Loser. Lol. Mike.