Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thirteen Arrested for Illegal Online Gambling

 By Saing Soenthrith, The Cambodia Daily, November 19, 2013

Nine South Koreans and four Cambodian nationals allegedly participating in an illegal gambling operation in Siem Reap City were sent to the provincial court for questioning Monday, police officials said.

The suspects were arrested Saturday night along with 21 Cambodian women when police raided an illegal casino that was set up on the third floor of Angkor Valley Hotel in Svay Dangkum commune, according to Lieutenant Colonel Phoeng Chendarith, provincial minor crimes police chief.

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Anonymous said...

Have they not learn anything in Cambodia. Money is like catnip to these police officers. It's basic Hanoi education 101.Just ask the fob mike lee. Toss money around a minefield and those pigs will still cross it, while ignoring the oblivious warning sign posted.