Friday, November 22, 2013

Three Thai soldiers arrested for Illegally entering Cambodia

The Cambodia Herald, 22-Nov-13

KOH KONG (The Cambodia Herald) – Border patrol police have arrested at least three Thai soldiers for illegally entering Cambodian territory, according to a source.

The source said that the soldiers were arrested Friday morning after they entered Cambodian land 40 meters in the commune of Baklong, Mondol Seima district without getting the proper permission from Cambodian police.

The Thai soldiers were questioned, however no results have yet been uncovered, the source said.

Hong Seang, Cambodia -Thai relations official working at the Cham Yeam border entrance in Koh Kong told Cambodia Express News (CEN), an affiliate of The Cambodia Herald, that he received the news, but didn’t know what to take of it.

Kirivong border entrance police chief Kong Ich could not be reached for any comments regarding the arrest of the Thai soldiers.


Anonymous said...

40 meters ?
just send them back,that is it.

not thai lover

Anonymous said...

How about millions of Ah Chor Yuon entering Cambodia ?

Krom Ah Kbot Cheat Hun Sen must go to hell soon !!

Anonymous said...

Youn soldier can't open the mouth
HA! ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and how many youns are arrested for illegally entering Cambodia?