Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Villagers say petition is a ‘trick’

គំនរ​ឈើ​ដែល​ត្រូវ​បាន​ក្រុម​ហ៊ុន ​ទ្រី ភាព ​កាប់​នៅក្នុង​ដី​សម្បទាន​
ដើម្បី​យក​ទៅកែច្នៃ។ រូបថត សហ​ការី
May Titthara, The Phnom Penh Post
26 November 2013

Villagers in Kandal province alleged yesterday that officials had “tricked” them into thumb-printing a petition supporting tycoon Try Pheap’s claim that he is not involved in illegal logging and endorsing his defamation suit against two villagers.

In a scathing report released last Wednesday, the Cambodian Human Rights Task Force accused Pheap of widespread logging and land grabbing.

Two days later, two villagers from Kandal province’s Kandal Stung district who were quoted in the report were summonsed to court over defamation complaints Pheap had filed.

Since then, villagers said yesterday, commune and village chiefs in the same district have been pressuring them to ink petitions in support of the tycoon.

Sok Ny, 43, said he was one of many in Tbeng commune to thumb-print a petition at his village chief’s home this week.

He thought he had been inking a document in support of a lending initiative set up by an NGO, he said.

“After I thumb-printed it, they said I had supported Try Pheap, who was being accused of illegal logging and being Vietnamese,” Ny said. “If I had known it, I would not have done this – but it’s too late now.”

Mev By, 77, said his village chief had asked him to thumb-print a document mentioning Pheap, but refused to let him see exactly what it said.

“I did not thumb-print anything, because they did not allow me to look,” he said. “What I say depends on what I know.”

Un Sothea, chief of Tbeng commune, said all five villages in the commune had been asked to ink the petition in support of Pheap, but he was unsure how many people had done so. “We have asked people to thumb-print and confirm that [the accused villagers] have defamed tycoon Try Pheap. I do not dare say more than this,” he said.

Sen San, one of the villagers being sued, said that on Monday and yesterday officials had persuaded visitors to ink the petition, promising payments of 10,000 riel (about $2.50) per person.

“Some people who know nothing about [Pheap’s activities] gave their thumbprints, but some didn’t,” he said. “Some of those who did told me that if they knew it would hurt me they wouldn’t have done it.”

San and fellow villager Ouk Sambo – who both live near one of Pheap’s homes – are scheduled to appear in the provincial court on Friday for questioning.

Chan Soveth, a senior investigator for rights group Adhoc, said it was disappointing the pair was being sued, as people should have the right to speak their minds. “[CHRTF] is just showing that the company is exploiting their property, but the [villagers] are now being sued. Try Pheap should also think about human rights.”

CHRTF’s report claims that 1,445 families have been evicted from their homes during Pheap’s acquisition of about 68,088 hectares since 2010. It is also alleged that Pheap’s companies log in economic land concessions – its own and those granted to other companies – in every province in the country.

Under Cambodian law, an individual can own only 10,000 hectares of economic land concessions.

Pheap could not be reached for comment yesterday.


Anonymous said...

កែទម្រង់ សុីជម្រៅ ដោយបង្កើត" សមាជប្រជាជន " ?
Try Pheap is testing Hun Sen 's promise
of deep reform . When the people congress is formed , who dare to speak
about official corruption ? Thank Try Pheap for kickicking right on
the strong man head . Now Khmers should know how far the CPP reform
will go .

Anonymous said...

Hun/CPP is VC and has been known as using evil 'tactics and tricks' for as long as we know it. They are very good at lying deceiving and manipulation for thousand of years. People should be smarter by now. They would say one thing but does another thing e.g this thumb print is for protecting our forest etc but not! it is the opposit of that really, like, for allowing them to cut more trees down instead.

Please tell our people not to listen to anyone untless they have evidence to prove it e.g where is he/she coming from e,g what organisation or works as environmentalist/ ranger like Chut Vuthy (wearing a badge), than you can sign or give them your thumb print, other than that, they all are liars. CPP are working for VC and is not for our national interest but theirs.

As a matter of fact, everyone in this world already knows who they are and what they capable of. Both VN and China are the main perpetrators of our nation. They are there to stay to rob from all of our natural resources to our human body parts. Our gov't system is being controlled by them all. They are their rob from our poor innocents, they owed us everything and they turn around and say we owed them.

They have helped each other to kill all of us from our existence and than, they would blame on victims who killed victims and the left over became their slaves for the rest of their lives, from children to greatgrand children to come, which is also known as 'killing two birds with one stone'. Right now, they are repeating the same process into Thailand, EU and African and Middle east continents e,g sellling their war related weapons to them to kill one another, so they could have it all in the end.

Sooner or later, every nation will be their slaves and for the Chinese and the Viets, they don't care about what is right or wrong, all they care, as long as they keep up with their feeding of 1.3 billion chinese + and their 90million Viets is all it matters most. So, it is time for every nation to get together and try to wipe them two nations out of the world map first before they come for all of us, really. It is time to learn that these nations have lived based on a lie.

eg. they Cheated their way to win world war 2 killing thousands to millions of innocent lives, like they lied to cease fire during war 2 but not! they also lied to kingta to return South Vietnam if they are to win the war but not!, and instead of appreciating us for helping them to win the war, they turn around and continuing to steal, rob and kill us on a daily basis. 'They are expansionists and they are like crocodiles' Kingta. 'nobody wants to lose their land or sea but because we are under their controlled' Hun Sen.

So, it is time to duke the hell out of their existence for good or else, that is it! we are finished.