Thursday, December 05, 2013

Hun Sen: No post-election crisis, 4 Dec. 2013

PHNOM PENH - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Tuesday that the political problems in his country following July's general election that the opposition says was rigged are not serious.

"A solution to our problem here is only a matter of time. It's an old problem, not a new one," Hun Sen told Kyodo News, referring to similar problems experienced after each election since 1998.

Commenting on the parliamentary session boycott by the 55 elected parliamentarians from the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party, he said, "When the time is ripe they will come."
Meanwhile, the CNRP has announced it will organise antigovernment rallies on Dec 10 and 15 in the country's northern tourist hub of Siem Reap and in the capital Phnom Penh.

To date, the CNRP has organised several mass rallies in Phnom Penh, denouncing the election results and demanding a probe into election irregularities.

Hun Sen said the current political problems can be easily solved once the opposition's demands are reasonable, stressing that requests such as an equal number of parliamentary commission heads was out of the question.

CNRP lawmaker Nhem Ponharith said Tuesday that his party would organise mass rallies even before Dec 10 and continue to stage protests every Sunday in Phnom Penh.

CNRP leader Sam Rainsy and his deputy Kem Sokha have been calling on democratic countries not to recognise Hun Sen's government, with the prime minister calling their appeals for outside intervention ineffective, stressing that their actions have no effect whatsoever on his government.

The premier said he believes the cause for their continued boycott is due to the CNRP's internal problems including power sharing.

The CNRP is an electoral alliance between the Sam Rainsy Party and the Human Rights Party, and it remains unclear which faction will provide the first vice chair of the National Assembly.

Hun Sen said his ruling Cambodian People's Party is still open to holding dialogue with the opposition to find a solution.

In the election on July 28, the CPP won 68 seats in the 123-seat National Assembly, while the CNRP won 55 seats.


Anonymous said...

Go to hell Hun Sen uncle Ho is waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen said, "When the time is ripe they will come."

But his shit brain never thinks for a moment that "When the time is ripe he will go."

Anonymous said...

ឣា ហ៊ុន សែន គឺ ឣា មេក្បត់ កំសាក និង មុខក្រាស់។

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen said CPP won 68 and CNRP got 55 on July 29 a day after an election. On Sept. 8 NEC final result is the same as Hun Sen. It is totally an election fraud and cheating by Hun Sen. If NEC counted the votes it will be a different resolve.

Anonymous said...

អាផែងវណ្ណួយ! Real man doesn't use weapon against an unarmed person. Only a coward DOES!

Anonymous said...

why some people want to make crisis in cambodia? why?

Anonymous said...

63 CNRP & 60 CPP, if NEC did not stopped the countine as per CPP instruction and at the decision of Vietnam. The seat won by CNRP could have in the high of 70 seats.
Since 1998 CPP has been rigging and cheating in every elections. The only different that these rigging, cheating, vote buying and stealing is now visible in social media and CPP control all media in Cambodia. Social media is the only sources of balance news. So if we look back and if NEC is not CPP's tool the election results will be completely different.

Anonymous said...

As long AS HUN SEN will stay on the power, Cambodian will be controlled by Vietnamese, if all Cambodian wish to have their rights, freedom, justice, democracy, all Cambodian must stand up and overthrow HUN SEN from the power now otherwise Cambodian will suffer for the rest of Cambodia life