Friday, December 06, 2013

Opposition Official in US in Hopes of Breaking Deadlock

AP Photo/Heng Sinith
By Sok Khemara, VOA Khmer 06.12.2013

WASHINGTON DC - Opposition vice president Kem Sokha, who is facing court charges in Cambodia, is currently in the United States, hoping to find support for his party and a way to break Cambodia’s political stalemate.

The Cambodia National Rescue Party, which officially won 55 of 123 seats in the National Assembly in July, says fraudulent elections cost them a win at the polls. It has refused to join the formation of a new government.

Kem Sokha is in the US to speak to supporters, as well as officials and congressmen, in hopes of finding support for opposition calls for a credible investigation into alleged election allegations.
He told VOA Khmer by phone from Massachusetts he is meeting supporters to tell them the Rescue Party is “using non-violence to solve problems.”

“US officials have paid much attention to all of these issues, and the Cambodian people whom I met in the US are strongly supportive,” he said.
He has met with US political leaders, including members of Congress, “because we want the US to help ensure and protect democracy in Cambodia, especially to protect the will of the Cambodian people who are standing up to make changes in Cambodia.”

US relations with Cambodia are good, he said. “When there’s a good relationship, the US can tell the Cambodian government to work properly,” he said. “The government should follow what the US wants: democracy and justice.”

The Rescue Party, which is calling for mass demonstrations next week, is seeking changes “peacefully,” Kem Sokha said. The ruling Cambodian People’s Party is “jammed,” he said. “So I think the we must continued our political struggles by peaceful means, and these mass demonstrations must be made bigger and bigger. The CPP itself, if they are stubborn and walking in the opposition direction from what people want, they will seriously fail, because the people have demanded that changes be made.”

The Rescue Party has taken a strategy of non-violence, and “does not want to do things too fast,” he said. “We don’t want the blood of Khmer people shed, because Cambodian blood has not dried, and we know the ruling party is very cruel. That’s what we are doing, our strategy, our gradual ways, step by step—so that we will have victory without bloodshed.”

Moneaksekar Khmer, a leading opposition newspaper, is facing charges that it defamed the military, by quoting Kem Sokha’s criticism of the presence of the armed forces on Election Day and in post-election strife.

Kem Sokha himself is also facing a defamation charge, from survivors of the Khmer Rouge torture center of Tuol Sleng, who allege he made comments that information about the prison had been falsified by Vietnamese troops when they ousted the regime.

Kem Sokha, who has denied those charges, told VOA Khmer he was “not surprised.”

“We already know that is one of their tricks,” he said. “Whenever my position is stronger, and the people are supporting the stronger, they fabricate problems that threaten me, especially using the court system many times.”

Kem Sokha urged Cambodians to “stand strong, and don’t fall for their tricks.”

“If they dare to use the court system, or threaten a leader, that is a demand for justice from you all, brothers and sisters,” he said. “None of you should surrender, but you should all continue the struggle.”


Anonymous said...

The truth is, Sihanouk, Chea Sim, Hang Surin, Hun Sen and all other khmer leaders are being used by VC for hundreds of years and is continuing until these present days e.g 'killing two birds with one stone', and then, they would blame on victims who killed victims, and for the left over victims, are made to be their slaves in their own homeland e,g right now, they are controlling everything in cambodia from top to bottom level gov't e.g Hun Sen once said, 'the truth is, I am a VC's puppet and nobody wants to lose their land or sea but because we are under their controlled'.

Therefore, these khmer leaders are also VC's Victims but sometimes, they can not anything about it because 'they are big and we are small and they right and we are wrong' or the bigger fish is swallowing the smaller fish, because of our dumb headed leaders believed that they have no choice. In fact, we do have a choice, we don't have to follow them or take order from them knowing they are the khmer killers of all times, why? because of having such power and previlige e,g to be called as 'somdech or Prea Moha Sena Tab Paday ancho Hun/hang/chea ( who walk on red carpet) etc, for what? they all are being fooled by foreigners like VC and China for their own national interest only, amd for Cambodia, they are making sure, we all becoming slaves without us or our blind headed gov't knowing it. So dumb to the core.Right now, they are making Cambodian system is being corrupted to the core to be against the gang of three or maybe this gang of three are the VC in disguise, to take control, to continue to rule to rob and kill us all.

Kingta once said 'China and VN are our good friends and we are like brothers' but those two nations, we are't no brothers nor friends but we will do everything we can to swallow your country and nation but playing cool e,g let him walk on the red carpet but behind his back, just stab him to death.

Today, we khmer nation are in their cage, ready to be chop up and be eaten by both Viets and Chinese e.g everything in Cambodia for sale e.g land, sea and body parts.

Anonymous said...


There have been severe clash of opinions on how to claim the victory from the thief CPP who stole Khmer people’s votes.

Some people have sharply criticized the CNRPs leaders for being too soft for mounting too peaceful demonstration.

First, we knew that the evil Vietnam has controlled Cambodia over 30 years. Therefore, making a wild demonstration trying to seize the power by a forceful demonstration would be a self destruction. We need to execute a few meaningful steps to reach our ultimate goal.

In effect, we won the election by a landslide victory. We have to proceed cautiously to avoid the evil Vietnam’s traps. We need to build up support from Khmer people and the international support by mounting a consistent demonstration – making the international community aware that the winner of the election was really the CNRP.

So far, the important elements of the international community have not recognized the CPP’s illegal government yet.

In this particular moment, time is on the CNRP’s side. The CPP cannot go on without the international aid, and if the international community boycotted Khmer products, there will be social unrest from the unemployed workers.

So long as the CNRP refuses to join the National Assembly, Khmer people should support the CNRP’s strategy to claim the election’s victory.

So, please be patient !!

We need to sacrifice more than one dog to claim the election’s victory.
( Some people said that they sold their dog in order to get the money to join the demonstration ).

Bun Thoeun

PS; Some people brought up the idea of the creation of a Transitional Democratic Council CRAB, which would benefit only the evil Vietnam. Please abandon the dumb idea: 10 Khmers, 10 political parties such as this crab Transitional Democratic Council. We must unite around a credible party, the CNRP,
in order to survive this evil Vietnam’s ambition.

Anonymous said...

why can't we all get along? why? don't they love cambodia? then work together for the common good of cambodia!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen will never let Cambodian living in peace and prosperous. Hun Sen gave Cambodian land to Viet, deforestations, mining illegally, etc. are destroying Cambodian livihoods. Hun Sen will never protecting Cambodia from the Viet expansion. Now is the time for all Cambodian to rise up protecting and saving your motherland. Unity and strong with CNRP is the choice.

Hun Sen must go.

Anonymous said...

For crying babies,,,concede and let go,,,doesn't mean you are weak by doing so,,,just shore up for the next round... if the next round will present itself??? It's driving me democrazy wanting to evermore singing praises to Cambodia overlords.

Slave To Be

Anonymous said...

6:39 AM,


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Savoeun Koy said...

Dear Cambodian brothers and sisters, in order for us Cambodians find good way to resolve our problem peacefully, we must sit down and express our honest and transparent communication or meeting that face our nation now. If we still deny our responsibility and act carelessly, our nation will fail. We must bring up to the table and confess our mistake and our conduct that we have made for our nation. Because of denial, our nation is in the wrong track. Every one courageously expresses that we love our country to dead. But we deny to die for. Please don't confess by our lips,; we confess by heart. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

8:44 AM

Thank You.

I watched that Video.

In my opinion, the best way to mitigate the problem is leaving him alone.

Presently, the vast majority of Khmer people know how to differentiate between wrong and right. Let the people judge him.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Vietnam is swallowing Cambodian half way already, so Vietnam asks HUN SEN to continue threaten, killing, abusing and kidnapping all Cambodian opposition members with many ways, sue them, abusing them, kidnapping them, and threatening them. All Cambodian must stand up stronger to unit demanding HUN SEN or oust HUN SEN from the power now if all Cambodian wish to live with peace, justice, democracy, and freedom and also we need to kick HUN SEN from the power to liberate our country from Vietnamese communist

Anonymous said...

If HUN SEN will on the power, Cambodia will be controlled by Vietnamese soon, and Cambodia will have no right, freedom, justice, democracy and good for living in the future

Anonymous said...

Rainsy dogs keep's barking, Hun Sen regime keep walking foward. Mike.

Anonymous said...

Some dogs bark for Hun Sen's money
in this media too. That is a cheap dog.

Anonymous said...

ah chkae eat ach yuon 2 kbarl:
ah chkae xam rainxy
ah chkea krem xokha

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister-elect Samramm Sy for what country??? Just a loser...shameless himself and CNRP's dogs...Mike.