Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cambodia's Ruling Party Told Kem Sokha Incapable of Splitting Opposition Vote

24 Jul 07
by Chey Sachak
Moneakseka Khmer

Translated from Khmer and posted online

It surely is very funny to hear Nguon Nhel, first vice chairman of the National Assembly from the Cambodian People's Party [CPP], say that the CPP is not worried about Kem Sokha's party. Nguon Nhel further shamelessly stated, "In reality, the CPP may even get some benefit out of Kem Sokha's party, for apparently it is capable of splitting the vote of the opposition party."

However, Nguon Nhel gave Kem Sokha a warning knock on the head in his final remark: "But Kem Sokha is no genius." This means that the CPP's dark scheme to split the support of the opposition party is being laid bare through Nguon Nhel's boneless wagging tongue.

However, groups of analysts saw that Kem Sokha's current move toward politics not only cannot help split the vote of the opposition party but it more clearly exposes the CPP's ugly features. And this is not different from the efforts to split elder Son Sann's Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party that was taken over by Ieng Moly and to split the FUNCINPEC [National United Front for an Independent, Neutral, Peaceful, and Cooperative Cambodia] Party in 1998 in the wake of the 5 and 6 July coup.

Nevertheless, as far as the opposition party led by Sam Rainsy is concerned, it has completely grasped the significance of all these perfidious tricks, for Sam Rainsy said, "We do not care about the birth of Kem Sokha's party as it cannot realistically compete with the opposition party."

Therefore, in remarking to the reporters about Kem Sokha's party's possibility to split the vote of the opposition party, Nguon Nhel, a senior CPP official, was seen as trying to wash his dirty linen in public because the CPP led by Chea Sim, Hun Sen, and Heng Samrin had been publicly criticized for colluding with the National Election Committee in stealing the ballots and persecuting the Sam Rainsy Party [SRP] and other political parties to help the CPP win the elections.

At the same time, the CPP also was very concerned when it saw the growing number of votes received by the opposition party. Consequently, it appeared that the formation of Kem Sokha's party last Sunday had the fingerprints of the ruling party all over it because there was an alarming presence of security forces from the Hun Sen government at the initiation ceremony.

At the same time, Nguon Nhel happened to mention the fact that the CPP might benefit from this newborn party of Kem Sokha, saying that it could help to split the vote of the opposition party. This made Cambodians all over the country understand even more clearly the CPP's poisonous scheme to use Kem Sokha as a cat's paw. The problem for the CPP is that it is using a despised person whom the Cambodian voters threw out of the political arena in 1998. This person has no value whatsoever in the hearts of the Cambodian citizens.

This problem has been explained like this: the use of Kem Sokha as bait to win over the supporters of the SRP is merely to prevent the opposition party from being the greatest force that would compete against the CPP in 2008. However, the dream of the CPP and Kem Sokha in hoping that they would be able to split the vote of the opposition party is heading toward a shameful setback because when the people realize that Kem Sokha is an instrument serving the ambition of the current rulers they would not give their ballots to him who is an opportunistic, bogus politician.

Therefore, the CPP's wish to use Kem Sokha's party to mock the people in an attempt to overthrow the SRP will be impossible. This is because the Cambodian people now know very well what true democracy is and what anarchic democracy is. They do not want to have anything to do with a jinxed, untouchable politician who would harm anything he handles like Kem Sokha.

Just as Sam Rainsy has already said, "The SRP is comparable to a tree that is 12 years old. This 12-year-old tree has grown to become a big tree already seasonally bearing fruits. For instance, it has 24 People's Representatives and 2,660 commune and precinct council members. This is our fruits or our true grass-roots forces throughout the country. In other words, because this tree has many fruits and a big shade, many people have flocked to take shelter under it."

Sam Rainsy underscored, "The SRP tree is 12 years old. If anyone wants to grow a tree this year and the election is already going to take place next year, then let us ask this: Will a 1-year-old tree bear any fruits? Will it has any shade for the people to take shelter under?"

Because of this reasoning, Sam Rainsy said he did not care about Kem Sokha's party that was formed last Sunday, for the SRP has already seen that Kem Sokha's party has no possibility to compete against it.

Most circles have assessed that if the CPP really wants to borrow Kem Sokha's hands to split the vote of the opposition party as Nguon Nhel claimed, the CPP will not gain anything from this venture. It will only suffer losses and will even get bankrupt because of Kem Sokha, since this person is known as a destructive politician whose hands of fire will consume anything they touch. Consequently, he can never be of any help to the CPP.

It is said that the CPP under the leadership of Chea Sim, Hun Sen, and Heng Samrin is very nervous to see the support for the SRP growing steadily, especially through the 1 April 2007 commune/precinct council elections. For this reason, it sends Kem Sokha, a short-sighted individual, into the political arena in a bid to split the vote of the SRP. But the CPP should never dream it will succeed!


Anonymous said...

I think in the Future there will no more CPP Party.comment by Prohok Khmer.

Pond View said...

am so behind with Khmer politics. can't understand why there has to be so many political parties.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen and CPP are smarter than Sam Rainsy...
Hun Sen and CPP are smarter than Kim Sokha...
Sam Rainsy is smarter than Kim Sokha and HRP...
Sam Rainsy and Kim Sokha maybe are equally smarter than Hun Sen...
Kim Sokha opposes Sam Rainsy, or vice versus. They are just fucking losers...

Anonymous said...

It would take another 12 years for Mr. Kem Sokha Human Right Party takes root in Cambodia and by then he would be old and wrinkle sitting in a wheel chair and watching the world passing him by! ahhahah!

Like they said that it is never too late to start anything...but do you have all the time in the world to get it done and in this case Mr. Kem Sokha certainly won't have all the time in the world to get thing done!

Hip! Hip! Hip! Horray!
Hip! Hip! Hip! Horray!
Hip! Hip! Hip! Horray!
For the Sam Rainsy Party!

Oh by the way what happen to AH Ieng Moly! Please don't tell me that Mr. Kem Sokha is another Ieng Moly!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nguyen Nhel comment is to provoke verbal fight bewteen HRP and SRP. as a result, it works like magic. SR and KS exchange verbal argument like big fools. as long as SRP and HRP fight, CPP rules!! Comment by Fu Yak

Anonymous said...

Sam Rainsy beware:
You can cook and when it is ready then we are gonna eat some of your food.

You tree is producing fruits. We are gonna pick some from your farm until our tree is making fruits. You wouldn't mind if we do that.

Anonymous said...

To 3:02AM!

You must be crazy to go around picking other people fruit without permission! If the tree keeps producing fruits that everybody wants and soon the tree will be surrounded by sharp barbed wire, vicious dogs will patrol the area, and the poor farmers will look after it!

The only fruit you going to get is the fruit that you will buy at the market unless you want to be a criminal! ahahhahhah!

Anonymous said...

the fruits is not intented for the currupted people. no free fruits for you bro, to the one about taking something for free. maybe u get shot.. ahhaha

anyway, let pray for sam rainsy , and show support in anyway possible. justice will previal.. the currupted will find out one day that it wasn't worst the act !!
because what goes around, will come around again, just like the four seasons of the year. :)

Anonymous said...

What I want is to combine the SRP and HRP into one as they are called democracy.

From now on, you guys stop barking each other and form a solution. If you keep barking like today, you are absolutely dogs and don't tell us you're patriots.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Khmer keep fighting each other. Why don't they work together to fight corruption, border issue, and poverty.

Khmer Proverb : "you are fighting like dogs"

Siem Proverb "You are fighting like Khmer"

Anonymous said...

Hello all

What is going on here? Why you all fight? Please get to know Rainsy and Sokha more. You may find something interesting like me. It happened to me about 2 months ago when Sokha was in USA. I was lucky invited by a friend to join a dinner with Sokha. I am the outsider and less interest in politics. However, I wanted to see Sokha in person. So I went. During the dinner Sokha got a phone call. Guess who? Rainsy called Sokha. They talked like brothers.

Now I don't understand. They both exchanged words. And also you all here at KI comment exchanged words too. Please you all ,both sides, get to know your boss a little bit more and you may find out something. I think they both play some kind of game here.

Let the world know if you find out something.


Anonymous said...

Dear all Khmers People.
I am one guy in Cambodia also Khmer people.I have talk with these commentation. I am here the same as Cambodian's people inside the country are fearing about safty when we are talking about these thing.
Everyone known that they are can't win CPP party in 2008, Coz the CPP they are using very very bad trick. Like take K CH B cancel all the name that they known not vote for them. They are keep only who are vote for them. What more important is YOUN they are can VOte for Cambodia future. all these show that CPP it is Sbal Youn Khloun Khmer. they're can kill khmers to satify A YOUN, Why he do like this coz he wanna keep all the power under his ruling. Is like Cambodia monk in Phnom Den north he can do for satify YOUN.
They are and (K CH B) is hiding realation ship. The one wanna K CH
B left, Left Right, Right up to them.
We are met KAM under Khmer RED.
We are still PUK (Corruption) under CPP party.
We are not yet met CHEA.
So I hope that SamRainsy Party and Human Right Party. They are can make our Country past (PUK) to (CHEA).
at the last I wish this two partys are win in 2008. Not CPP.
If CPP win I guess maybe many many youn join SROK KHMER TEAT HERY.

Anonymous said...

You are the loser

Anonymous said...

Well said
Let's unite and oppose CPP under the largest
and strongest opposition party SRP.
After winning, we can share positions and

Khmer Girl

Anonymous said...

We are weak because we do not unite as ONE nation.
Even in these postings, we tend to tear each other apart.
Our single weapon most needed to win the war against Yuon and Siem is UNITY !
Let's for once UNITE,Khmer Sisters and Brothers !!!

A Khmer Patriot

Stronger together, and weaker apart !

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

Please stop accepting the bad, or unlucky faiths
We must fight to change our faith.
When we let Yuon take our lands, or even
kill us, we WILL NOT GO TO HAVEN !!!

I beleive in Budhism too. But I kill my enemy
first , if he/she plans to kill me.