Saturday, July 04, 2009

Speech by Mr. Thach Setha of Khmer Krom Community

Respected Bhantes,
Colleagues, Members, Compatriots,

Speech of the Honorable Thach Setha, KKC Executive Director, Phnom Penh Councilman-elect (SRP), SRP's former Senator of Kampuchea given during the 60th Annual Buddhist Memorial Service to honor the souls of heroic Buddhist Monks, Heroes, and fallen Compatriots for their patriotism in sacrificing for Kampuchea, Buddhistm, heritage, civilization, culture, custom, tradition, national language, and way of life, especially Kampuchea Krom.

Left: Heroic Buddhist Patriarch Most Ven. Ganda Dhammo Kim Toc Chon; center: Khmer hero Oknha Son Kuy; right:Heroic Buddhist Patriarch Most Ven. Dhamma Viriyo Kim Sang, and many more heroes, heroines, patriots, both known and unknown not listed here.

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