Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The opposition announces its boycott of the NatAss

Opposition Leader Sam Rainsy

15 Nov 2011
Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Soch
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Opposition leader Sam Rainsy announced that the 26 SRP MPs will boycott the NatAss (National Assembly) meeting until the government guarantees that it will end forced evictions of people from their lands and houses, and that it will reform the members of the National Election Committee (NEC).

Sam Rainsy claimed that if there is no quorum of 120 MPs at its meetings, the NatAss cannot approve the 2012 national budget draft law.

The SRP’s statement which was issued on 14 November indicated that Mr. Sam Rainsy stated that the opposition does not want to see the Cambodian government borrowing large amount of funds from overseas because of its potential economic danger, and that these funds serve as a good opportunity for the ruling CPP party to preserve and expand its powerbase instead.

Sam Rainsy accused the CPP of using the foreign loans for their own corrupt gains and for buying votes.

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Anonymous said...

This move will hopefully get international countries and committees to see that the CPP members are transparent and put an end to using the national budget to own massive hectares of land!

Anonymous said...

this is the right thing that opposition party should do !!!

Anonymous said...

Decho Hun Sen, Mr Sam Rainsy asked you to sue him at a French court about your murders of the Khmer people. Why don't you dare to do it as you have done at the Cambodian court?

Being a strong man as well as a Prime Minister of one country, you should not be coward to face the real justice at a French court or International court. Unless, you are the real murderer in Cambodia that is the reason why you fear Mr Sam Rainsy at a real and fair justice court.

Decho Hun Sen, you rubbed the Cambodian people's well being, health care, dignity and sell Cambodia out to Vietnam in a cheap price as long as you can stay in power. Isn't that true, Samdach Decho Hun Sen?

How many Cambodian people's lives have you killed in your lifetime so far? Can you be honest to tell the truth?

As one Prime Minister of one country, you job is to bully your own people for just talking about Paris Peace agreement 1991 and about Vietnam's encroachments into Cambodia's territory. Why?

Samdach Decho Hun Sen, Why are you so scared of the truth? Why are you so scared of Mr Sam Rainsy when he asked you to sue him at a French court? You are a strong man as you claimed on the TV screen?

Samdach Decho Hun Sen, you shouldn't be scared of Mr Sam Rainsy because Mr Sam Rainsy has no weapon of mass destruction as you do. You are the murderer; you must be strong to face Mr Sam Rainsy at a French court as Mr Sam Rainsy has invited you to do so.

Samdach Decho billion dollars Hun Sen, Please face Mr Sam Rainsy as Mr Sam Rainsy has invited you through the world media. You used to win on Mr Sam Rainsy many times in a Cambodian court of justice. There is no reason why you should be worred about...if you have never killed anyone in Cambodia. Isn’t it true, Decho Sen?

The Cambodian people hope to see Samdach Decho Hun Sen has the gut as a leader or a man to sue Mr Sam Rainsy at a French court as Mr Sam Rainsy has invited Samdach Decho many times through Radio and world media.

Be a man Decho Sen! One in your life be a man Decho Sen! Be a man to face Mr Sam Rainsy at France court and international court.

We are personal bodyguards of Samdach Decho would like to see Decho Hun Sen be a man with Mr Sam Rainsy at a French Court. Otherwise, Samdach Decho is not worthy to protect because why do we have to die for protecting a traitor, a murderer, a blood sucker. Isn’t it true, Samdach Decho Hun Sen? Do you agree with that?

Please watch Mr. Sam Rainsy invited Samdach decho Hun Sen and his wife to sue him at France Court on you tube video clip:


I am encourage SRP to be more active and involvements on recruiting new members. I am disappointed SRP members for not responding to my email.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling that hun sen will use this move to slap a lawsuit or jail time for some of the key players of sam rainsy part.
hopefully sam rainsy party will still have enough representatives to run for the coming national election.

Risky moves for sam ransy party to confront hun sen directly like will only produce even more obstacles for sam rainsy party.

In any case, best of wishes to all the oppositions and khmer in cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Sam Rainsy looks like an albino rat?

Anonymous said...

7:16 AM Agreed Risky moves. I hope that International communities can see the situation.

Anonymous said...

the international communities don't really care much about cambodia. The oppositions put their lives on the line in cambodia on a daily basis and often have to confront even more pressure and threats from the ruling party. Most us know that the vietnamese will do what ever it takes to support and keep the ruling party in control of cambodia. Most us know that the viet will not be hesitant to kill anyone opposing the ruling party.

This assumption is not a blame game. Viet is controlling cambodia and I'm certain the so called international communities are aware of that but are not doing anything.

Anonymous said...

The national assembly meeting will going on no matter what SRP boycott or not. Fugitive Sam Rainsy, please don't try to lie that "if there is no quorum of 120 MPs at its meetings, the National Assembly cannot approve the 2012 national budget draft law". Parliament is required only quorum 62 MPs to have the meeting.

Anonymous said...

What Sam Rainsy proposes is a coup against the constitution and parliamentary democracy.

It is a political act completely
irresponsible, unnecessary and inefficient.

It is a sabotage of his own political party.

Anonymous said...

Go to sleep.