Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Vietnamese History Book Condemned for Falsifying History of 'Kampuchea Krom'

SRP MP Urges Hor Namhong To Protest in Reaction To Book Falsifying History of kampuchea Krom

10 Aug 07
By Kongkea
Moneakseka Khmer

Translated from Khmer and posted online

The Vietnamese have always used all types of tactics in their attempt to swallow Cambodian territory at all costs and to facilitate their continued encroachment on Cambodia's integrity and sovereignty at all times.

On Thursday, 9 August, a Sam Rainsy Party [SRP] People's Representative sent a message to Hor Namhong, deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs, urging him to react on behalf of the Cambodian Government against communist Vietnam's history book that falsified historical fact by publishing that Kampuchea Krom [Lower Cambodia, ancient Khmer territory in present-day southern Vietnam] was cut off and given to Vietnam, in the 17th century and that the Khmers of Kampuchea Krom were refugees who fled from Cambodia along the Mekong River to escape the genocide carried out by the Khmer kings of the 15th century.

This SRP MP said that what was written in the Vietnamese history book published by the Vietnam Communist Party [VCP] was a fabrication of history with an evil intent and total irresponsibility. For this reason, he urged Hor Namhong, foreign minister of the current Cambodian Government, to issue a protest in response to the publication of the VCP history book that has falsified the truth of the Khmer history.

In particular, Thach Setha, chairman of the Khmer Kampuchea Krom Communities Organization, also reacted in these words, "The VCP wrote this book to misrepresent history since Cambodia was born 2,000 years BC. The word Khmer took it root from the words Funan and Chenla, which produced the term Kampuchea or Cambodia. The Khmers took their origin from Queen Livyi, who ruled Funan, and the Varman dynasty."

Thach Setha affirmed that during his reign King Jayavarman II unified the Khmer empire, which included the Kampuchea Krom.

He went on to say that what the Vietnamese history book wrote was completely false as it differed from the Khmer history and in all Khmer historical documents there was no mention of any Khmer king having given away any piece of Khmer territory to Vietnam.

Thach Setha stressed that the first Vietnamese settlers came to the Khmer territory in 1623 during the reign of King Cheychettha II. Therefore, the Vietnamese were illegal immigrants living on Khmer soil. After the demise of King Cheychettha II, all subsequent Khmer kings continued to demand that Vietnam hand back the Khmer territory. But the Vietnamese consistently refused. At first, the Vietnamese kings claimed that they were too busy fighting the Chinese and they begged the Khmer kings for a favor not to ask the return of the territory at that moment. In 1653, King Ang Chan ascended the throne and insisted that the Vietnamese return the Khmer territory. The Vietnamese king at that time still refused to return the Khmer territory, claiming that he and his people were also partly Khmers, because the previous Khmer king had a Vietnamese wife.

The French imposed their colonial rule on the Indochinese region and before they pulled out the French portioned off the Khmer territory of Kampuchea Krom and put it under Vietnamese control in June 1949 according to the French law No. 49733. At present, nearly 14 million Kampuchea Krom Khmers live in their native land in 21 provinces and cities.

The demand for the return of the Khmer territory of Kampuchea Krom has been made since the ancient Khmer kings to these days when organizations and associations of the Kampuchea Krom Khmers both at home and abroad have been nonviolently demanding respect for their rights, religious freedom, and freedom of expression as well as the return of the Khmer territory of Kampuchea Krom. This demand has been carried out on the international stage as well.

As for the Kampuchea Krom Khmer citizens and Buddhist monks who live in their native land, they have suffered persecutions, arrests, and imprisonment at the hands of the Hanoi Vietnamese authorities. On the contrary, the Vietnamese nationals live densely inside Cambodia enjoy all kinds of freedom and are free to set up associations for the protection of Vietnamese residents in various Cambodian provinces and cities. Moreover, these illegal Vietnamese settlers carry Cambodian citizen identification cards and Cambodian voter cards. They also have the right to own lands in Cambodia.

As for the Vietnamese children born in Cambodia in the decades since 1979, they have studied and learned Khmer letters, history, culture, and tradition. Some Vietnamese children have graduated from Cambodian universities. We Khmers must beware. The Vietnamese children and grandchildren born after 1979 are becoming Cambodian leaders or Cambodian MPs. These Vietnamese are using Cambodian names and have their birth places in Cambodia.

The Cambodian National Assembly must make a law prohibiting people of other races whose ancestors were not Khmer from becoming Cambodians. Nowadays, the majority of the children of Vietnamese and other nationalities are using documents showing that they are Cambodian citizens. Only the king has the privilege to give Cambodian citizenships to aliens and even so, before giving them these Cambodian citizenships many preconditions still must be fulfilled first.


Anonymous said...

For Ah Hun govn't!!! You are all good dogs for Vietcong. You'll be in a hot water in soon future, I pray.

Brova SRP PM who has raised the info. to Mr.Hor, one of Yuon's puppet.

Anonymous said...

When something like happen and how Khmer can compromise with the Vietcong! The Vietcong are one look down mother fucker!

Death to all Vietcong!

Anonymous said...

Hor Nam is a youn,
Kiet Chhon is also a youn 'son in law.
Hok Lundy is also a youn
Cham Prasith ( he is the son of a yiekcong army) is also a youn.
How can we return our country back to our people.
All Cambodian princes like Rannarith and Chakroapong are all worst than animal. they care nothing but women and monies.

Anonymous said...

How can a country like this be a good neighbor in this world?

moi28 said...

To free Cambodia Khmers have to use some of Yuon's strategy such as "Do not allow Khmers of Yuon descend" to hold high positions; the same as Yuon do to Khmer Krom, and the same as Thai do to Khmer and Yuon. In Cambodia to be an effective rule, the house should draft and pass the law.

2nd, all parties like SRP and Kem Sokha and Rannaridh have to unite against this Yuon Party (CPP).

Khmer people must be fed and helped with food/medecine/shelters, ... and education. WithOUT these supplies the Khmer people will be willing to live under the mafia. No body can help everything all at once when they are poor. A process of going step by step but apply only what it needs to be done, and my suggestions (supplies) that the Khmer people need the most shall be used beforehand, before they can go to the next step.

No one can free her or himself when she or he is poor.

Clampton said...

Hor Nam Hong is put to test. Will he stand against the dishonest advertisement of the Vietnamese such as faselfing the history?
Shame on the Vietnamese.
I tend to agree with you Moi28.

Anonymous said...

Wow this is so desparate how the Vietnamese try.
I bet the Vietnamese would say the Cham are also the refugee.
I cannot wait the muslim (Cham) will take back the land they lost around 300 years. China lost to Mongol for a few centuries then China free at last. Everything could be possible, the Cham Muslims will get CHAMPA back.
I bet the Vietnamese think that the Khmer Empire did not exist.
As long as this world is still have the Vietnamese then the evils keep going hunting. This only create more hate upon them.
Man the Vietnamese are very bad and bad. I am happy I am not one of the evil Vietnamese.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

In the south east asia area, the root of evil is vietcong, and vietcong decended from vietnam ! Mercy the vietcong shald not never get.

Anonymous said...

Khmer leaders and parliamentarians are not brave to stand up with their foot and mind to tell the Youn enough is enough. Cambodia now runs by Hanoi behind the scene and sometimes placed their agents at the high levels to be Khmer representatives. Those Hanoi agents speak Khmer and write Khmer very well. Vietnam people know Cambodian history or geography than Khmer themselves. They study Khmer geography and they know the names of Khmer provinces. If you asked Khmers about Kampuchea Krom provinces that French illigally tranfered to Youn in June 1946, how many provinces and islands and what are the names of those provinces. I bet they don't know. Do you know how many Vietnamese live in Cambodia presently? 4 millions illegal vietnamese live in Cambodia. They have more rights than Khmer people. If you touch them, you will be arrested by Hun Sen and prosecuted. But, If the Viet do something to Khmer, they will be freed.

Anonymous said...

I like to see the Vietcong embassy go up in flame!

The whole Roman Empire was force down to the knee by flame! The Vietcong empire will face the same fate! It is time to fight fire with fire!

Those Vietcong double agents extremists in AH HUN SEN Vietcong slave government will be exposed and will be shot!

Anonymous said...

If we remain silent the hell come so close to our mother land ,unforgettable lesson FROM Te' ong,Champa And Kampuchea krom, when and when
that is very good time ,because the international keep their eyes on us, UNTAC gave us the opportunity 1993 to send all yuon back where it belong ,but we didn't take it,whose fault whose fault ,the luck and fate not always come . Do not believe when you poor you can do any thing,common folks every one of us has the same size of the brain, you can do what ever you want if you try a little harder and smarter.
khmer pheas kloun

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck. You're khmers are the worst racists.

moi28 said...

The Vietnamese are not ashame to do anything agisnt the victims. They killed the Montagnards, Khmer Krom, and other ethic minorities
then they claimed themselves as they are the victims of the racism.
The Vietnamese are crude, savage and uncivilized people such as falsefying the history and committing crimes against Cambodian people and the ethnic minorities.

Anyone should be ashamed to be bron Viet aka Yuon.

moi28 said...

Anyone should be ashamed to be born Viet aka Yuon.

T. Spencer said...

This 7:29 PM is Viet Cong, and yet this person wrote proved to be a barbarian indeed; and the barbarian does not understand what is the real RACISM.

This barbarian Viet believe that they the persecutors or killers are the victims of the racism because the people they killed and hurt wanted to defend themselves.

Shame and shame on the Viet Cong supremacist.

Anonymous said...

Hhaaahhaaa………7:29 PM, you Vietcong have nothing to say beside the word "racist", the truth stacks against you Vietcong. If we are racists it means you are racists ten folds you focken Vietcong. You tell me which race is not racist, until all nations abolish their borders then you can rightly use your focken word "racists". Go to hell Vietcong……see you on the new battle field in Asia.