Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vietnam urges end to Thailand, Cambodia temple row

HANOI, July 22 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam has called on Cambodia and Thailand to resolve their dispute relating to the Preah Vihear Temple through peaceful negotiations, local newspaper Vietnam News on Tuesday quoted a local spokesman as reporting.

Vietnam wants the two sides to restrain themselves to avoid making the situation complicated and to try to resolve remaining issues through peaceful negotiations in the spirit of friendship and solidarity of the ASEAN, for the interest of both countries and for stability and development of the ASEAN, said Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Le Dung.

Both countries historically laid claim to the 11th-century temple, which now sits on Cambodian soil following the action of the International Court of Justice which awarded the ancient temple to Cambodia in 1962. However, the exact demarcation of the border around the ruins remains in contention.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has 10 member states, including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Anonymous said...

We Thai should do win-win to solve problem. It's shame of us to start sending troops the Khmer mount. We should realize that we should not kill our people there. Today is the history of future. Will we be more proud that we bring peace to Khmer-Thai border with ourselves. Thai and khmer are brothers which has problem after colonization of french. We should not extend hate feeling in both countries. I don't think gov. should lead our people to hate and war.

Anonymous said...

I'm CRYING OUT LOUD to see my country is too weak to response to such unacceptable and unlawful encroachment. I can't understand why This Government led by the strong man in Cambodia cannot do a damn thing about it, instead call on negotiating when thiefs are absolutely in their house. Could you define the "term:negotiation"?

- They intentionally encroach your soil and you negotiate coz you afraid people will see the deficiency and weakness of your governing system right?
- I've seen your paid-demonstrators beat and disperse many other groups of demonstrators for the good causses for the country! And police too they too loyal for your cruelty and power, why don''t you send them all to confront with Ah soo uncivilized CHOR Siam at PVs? You see that's why people say you just strong, brutal and powerful with your own innocent peopel, yet traitor-like to foreigner-iron hands with brave people of your own, but too weak and brainless to the eyes of foreigner like A CHOR Siam.

- You have tight and utmost control over your innocent, brave people, yet never prepare for foreign encroachment: you attack the world body and you attack or if possible you assinated your opponents!!!!! You attack everyone that are in your way: you weak in civilized leadership, you poor moron and stuborn need Ah Pouk useless advisors to please you!!!!!!

It's time to wake up out of these miseries YOU SHORT-SIGHTED STUBBORN UNCIVILIZED WOLF OF THE PACK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

3:29 pm
war is not a way out for both side ... if you are smart enough, you'll figure it out. the only way is to negotiate first. I agree with 3:28 ,we should have a win-win solution. an egual part of benefit that doesn't violate any law and servereinty. Means that we are based the issue by international law and evidences. However, the thai is also historically linked about the matter. Therefore, Thai must want something(in this case we know it is the land surronding). But it is belong to Cambodia. There fore something in equal to the disputed must be exchanged to satisfy the thai and Khmer people. To me I suggest, the land surrounding should always belong to khmer territory as one state in the French era. we then re open the border gates and create a spacial economic zone on boths side. the benefit will therefore belong to both side of people in that area.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you got everything backward, stupid. It is you monkeys who climb the mountain and encroaching on Issan Province. The Khmer, Loa, and Thai has lived there for centuries. How can they encroach on your land? Tell us how did you figured that the Thai encroach on you land?

Anonymous said...

Khmer issan were the slave of Khmer people in Cambodia and now they become the slave of Thai and Chinese

Anonymous said...

Please, brother Viet, can you talk some sense into your puppet. They climb our mountain to invade our land. They claimed that the tip of the mountain belong to them, but they don't have anything to prove it. Isn't that DUMB?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Khmer shit! Fuck the UN (UNESCO), ICJ, and your pathetic government.

This is a bilateral high-level talks, and therefore, multilateral parties should not get involved. You signed the agreement, and you understood what entails and stipulates in the agreement.

Anonymous said...

your damed fuckin king signed the 1907 treaty, do you fuckin know what it entail ?

Anonymous said...

May be the UN should get involve here and survey where exactly the demarcation should be between Cambodia & Thailand & Cambodia & Vietnam, Cambodia & Lao. Those country found violation the other should be SEVERELY FINE and allow the people & country that has been violated to sue that STATE in international (UN court) for compensation.

bed time story teller said...

One upon the time story: there was a fierceful robber who lived next door to the victim and he used to rob and hurt his next neighbor. Now he then told another robber, who also happened to be living next to the victim, to spare the victim's belonging.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,babe! u thai, thief-full-blood nation, would never want to face in court, u outlaw civilized never want law and the world to judge the case of ur looting, cuz there're two time already that u show ur face full of shit while shameless claiming temple in ICJ,1962 and recently listing as world heritage.

why u thai still have in mind that Khmer stealed ur soil? why don't all u idiot in thai take some time to fill ur brain of shit by find the real source of history which written by other countries or historians beside some morons historian whoe wrote so-called thai history which is applicabe only all of u idiots in thai?

one more way to know exactly what all people in the world said, just go to hell and ask ur ancestors, they will tell u that, we thai were homeless tribes who fled from somewhere in Yunan to find better place in Indochina by begging, stealing, fighting and reversing history to be thailand now.

go to hell damn thais!

Anonymous said...

FIRST OF ALL, vietnam have not saying in this matter. Cambodia can defend, and speak for themself!

SECONDLY, where there is vietnam involve, there is no trust.

My though on this vietnam put in mouth in this subject is fishy. Vietnam what a piece of cambodia, why thai want the other pieces.

Don't forget who your enemy are khmer people. Its the foreigners and the neighbor like thai and viet.

Anonymous said...

When war start? i'm bored.

Anonymous said...


Thank you very much bro for making your point! If the CPP is smart, they should get you to be memeber.

But better yet, you should volunteer to help out those who really love khmer and the country.

Anonymous said...

Dear Admin,

Thank you all for your dedicated hard work for putting all this info
dedicating to khmer and home land.

I would like one request if you all don't mind. My request to is put a video clip of a ducumentary that I've seen on youtube on this site. The title is "The Betrayal of Cambodia".

It a very good infor regarding history, truth, and education behind the destruction and suffering of our khmer people.

To member who read this info on this site. If you like this info. Please all make this request if you all think its good for knowledge and education of truth.

Thanks all,

Love you all

Anonymous said...

Cambodia should keep pushing for the prompt intervention of the UN.

We should not allow the Siam government to do whatever they like.

They are illegally invading our territory. This is no game, they must withdraw unconditionally.

This crisis must not last, because it will server the Siam's interest.

Anonymous said...

We Thai, should take over the Khmer people and put them under our colony for ten of thousand of years rather than let them become vietnamese. We Thai should prepare all the fighting forces to invade the Khmer just as quick as the vietnam had invaded them, and took all the gooddy from them now rather than later. The Khmer are now rich enough to invade once more time. We Thai must do before the vietnam do it again.

Bhumibunn Krisak

Anonymous said...

Think twice before lightning strike in your mouth to trillion pieces.So Now you want to declare war with Vietnam too.Remember the Kingdom of Cambodia alway be rich many way.We are Khmer know when to emerge to the right Century and the right time.Thank you for your unkindness.May God bless and protect the kingdom of Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

REmember that Cambodia is your closest friend you ever gonna get in this world . just look at the culture and the way of life.

Anonymous said...

No, Cambodia is not the closest friend to anyone. They are evil from hell. They think everything belongs to them and had used the French colonial to rob lands and temples from everyone. With a friend like that, who need enemy?

Anonymous said...

5:49 stop your shitty comment, fool. What the border conflict between Thai and Lao in 1998, fool! You wanted to steal more of the Lao land of about 5 kilometers long. However, the Laotians beat the shit out of the Thais invader causing the Thai to lose their troops up to at least one thousand lives. Cambodian defenders will take over Thailand and ship first ah Khmer Issan like you off to hell in Nan Chao. Hahhah.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? The dispute is not a war, but local shooting. Total casualties for both side over the year is about 1,000 or less than 3/day.

FYI, Thai, Lao, and Viet are close cousin, and they will never wiped each other out, like the Khmer Rouge did to Khmer in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Who's evil plan is it???