Monday, December 22, 2008

Opposition joins forces

SRP Deputy Secretary General Mu Sochua speaks at the HRP-SRP press conference last week. (Photo by: HENG CHIVOAN)

Monday, 22 December 2008
Written by Meas Sokchea
The Phnom Penh Post

The Kingdom's two main opposition parties have again announced serious plans to merge and contest the next election in 2012 under one banner

THE long-awaited union of Cambodia's opposition Human Rights Party and Sam Rainsy Party, announced formally in a joint press conference on Thursday, confirms a political relationship that had already begun to coalesce over the two parties' legal efforts to challenge the results of July's national polls.

"On behalf of the HRP, and as president, I would like to declare publicly that we have accepted the request of local Cambodian citizens and nationals living overseas to combine as one political alliance between the HRP and the SRP for future elections," Kem Sokha said in a statement Thursday.

He said the alliance has been struck at an opportune moment for rallying the growing number of people who reject the Cambodian People's Party mandate as a threat to democracy and who seek political representatives devoted to the public good rather than to individual gain. However, he cautioned that the merger would be neither immediate nor comprehensive.

"We are individual parties, and we have individual identities and seats in Parliament. But we have a deeper alliance that can be established now or in the future," he said.

The alliance will not eliminate each party's representation in Parliament, he said, referring to a clause in the Assembly's rules that obliges parties that merge mid-mandate to sacrifice seats. Rather, it would strengthen their present position by uniting them in spirit until the two parties can formally contest elections under one name.

"The opposition parties' positions have been effectively eliminated in Parliament, while the ruling party has the pretext of a mandate. This is contrary to democracy," Kem Sokha said.

Details unclear, SRP cautious

SRP lawmaker Mu Sochua did not mention specifics about the alliance but told reporters following the joint press conference that she accepted the proposal and would present it to party President Sam Rainsy and the SRP's members.

"Our stance is that we wish to unite with other democrats who are impartial. An alliance with the HRP would give us a combined 29 seats [in Parliament]," she said.

Despite having similar platforms and a shared history of cooperation with the workers and union movements, the two parties - possibly because of the personalities involved - have always had a tumultuous relationship. Soon after Kem Sokha founded his party in 2007, Sam Rainsy told the Post: "I am not interested and I am not concerned" about the new contender.

As Kem Sokha's HRP proved itself to be a viable candidate in the run-up to the July polls, many observers expected a last-minute merger so as not to split the opposition vote. Such a merger failed to materialise.

For some, such as Puthea Hang, executive director of the Neutral and Impartial Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia, the new alliance may be too little, too late.

"They cannot win against the CPP because they would be starting all over as a new party," he said.

Govt stays silent

Despite the announcement of a future merger, government spokesman Khieu Kanharith refused to be drawn on the proposed union, telling the Post the opposition parties were free to do what they wanted.

"It is their right. They can combine however they see fit," he said.

Some civil society groups have responded with scepticism, saying that any coalition was doomed to fail in future elections because the parties lack the ability to lead.

Heang Rithy, president of the Cambodian National Research Organisation, said the opposition will never depose the ruling CPP because it has failed to understand the law.

"Leaders of the SRP and HRP have never demanded that the National Election Committee maintain free and fair elections. Instead, they simply complain when they don't win," he said.


Anonymous said...

SRP dont join with HRP, if you do you will be suffered as Funcinpec.
You will be grabbed by the members of Khem Sokha.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pen Sovann in HRP's prominent member who is considerably untrustable.

Alliance is good, but the bold structure and regulations must be thoroughly concentrated.

Otherwise, the achievement of SRP aligning with HRP is still not enough to takeover CPP.

SRP must be the key party to consolidate all Funcipec's sympathizers, NRP's sympathizers, CPP's separatists, Cambodian elites, Cambodian students, and Cambodian middle classes.

All political parties can come to lead the country because of they are good and charismatic with middle classes people. Has SRP achieved this?

If SRP cannot achieve this rally, it is believably hard to take over the CROWN Hun Sen.

From A Simple Khmer Student

Anonymous said...

Let's all fuck the CPP!

Yeah! The CPP will be fucked!

Anonymous said...

And when all parties invite our brother DALAI LAMA to visit ANGKOR WAT?

Anonymous said...

Dear all Khmer at all level,

SRP + HRP + Work out Khmer's Interests= STRONG.


Anyone Object to this?

Anonymous said...

I propose that Sam Rainsy, Khem Sokha, and other opposition figures reject their Western masters and join forces with the CPP to work for national reconciliation and prosperity and regional stability and cooperation with our Asian allies. We Khmers cannot allow our country to become a brothel for white pedophiles, sex tourists, journalists, and human rights activists.

Long live Cambodia!

- Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph. D.

Anonymous said...

Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph. D., I don't think the opposition should be allowed to run the country. If they do, most young Khmer girls will become whores and young Khmer men will become lady boys for the fat white men. The opposition is already screwed in the head by the white people. If they are allowed to run the country, Cambodia will be screwed in every way by those Nazi imperialists.

Anonymous said...

The Bitch (Mu Sochua) looks too unfitted and retarded to run Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

I just don't trust these opposition parties. I think they are communists in disguise. They always go around bragging on how they would fight for the poor against corruption... sounds very similar to Pol Pot's party in its early years. I just want to say, BEWARE of them.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to some opposition personalities on the radio and noticed that they were all speaking Khmer with a European accent....what the fuck???!!!! Are they Khmer or European? Or are they just trying to show how long they have been out the country and so are better than us ordinary Khmers? I had been away for eight years to earn my Ph.D. in Vietnam but I don't speak Khmer with a Vietnamese accent!!!

- Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

I agreed 100% with the last 3 comments!

Anonymous said...

I think there's a double standard here. If I went on the radio and spoke Khmer with a Yuon accent, everyone would accuse of being Yuon or a Yuon agent. But when a Western educated Khmer like Seang Theary speak Khmer with a Western accent, they're somehow more respectable and more credible. No one would question their patriotism and allegiance.

- Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

SRP>Mu chheung khor>HRP=Mu between Sam & Kem below the belt.

Anonymous said...

I just have to agree with Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D. I know some Khmer people who work under white people making about $500 a month. They act like they are better than everyone else. Their feet walking above the ground. I just don't want these Western whores running my country!!!

Anonymous said...

12:50AM - Thanks for your support. I once held a position in a Western NGO. The German director paid me $1200 a month and made me his personal translator and adviser because he was impressed with my English proficiency.

After two months at the organization I became disillusioned with how the Westerners at the organization looked down at our people. They think they are superior to us in every way and expect us to kow-tow to them all the time, because they're always smarter, more informed and morally superior to us.

The 62-year-old director always criticize our people for being corrupt, lazy and scheming, but he did not mind sleeping with all the attractive young Khmer females who work at the organization.

After two months at the organization I had enough of the Westerners' condescending attitudes toward our people and decided to quit. I took a job with the government and get paid about $40 a month. I supplement my income by teaching English and driving the tuk tuk in my spare time. Although I now earn only a fraction of my salary at the NGO, I feel a lot happier because I don't have to answer to the white racist pigs any more.

- Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

Where is Sam Rainsy ?
Is it suppose to make a ceremony?...

Khmer Canadian

Anonymous said...

I took a job with the government and get paid about $40 a month. Beside that HowMuchDidYouMakeFromCORRUPTION?

Anonymous said...

Carry on you phony Ph.D-from-Hanoi guys and cronies,

Don't hold back, I'll be back in just a bit to see how you've managed to make a fool out of yourselves getting tricked to spill out your guts here on KI-Media, okay?

[Ne vous arretez pas les cons et vos copains doctorats de Hanoi, je vous verrais dans un instant pour vous dire comment et a quel degre vous etes foutu, n'est-ce pas?]

តទៅទៀត កុំអាលឈប់អីណា៎អស់លោកបណ្ឌឹត
មកពីហាណូយ! បន្តិចទៀតខ្ញុំមកវិញដើម្បីប្រដៅអស់លោកថាតើ
អស់លោកឆ្កួតនឹងកន្ដួយមីកន្តបយួនប៉ុណ្ណា អូកេ?

Anonymous said...

Hey $40 guy, that is maybe you are not in the right office or not in the right position.

Anonymous said...

1:31AM. Read my response again. I said I make about $40 a month from my government position, but I also teach English and drive the tuk tuk on the side to feed my family. In all, I earn about $350, which is still not much, I enjoy a peace of mind from not kow-towing to the Westerners' arrogance and condescending behavior toward our people.

Anonymous said...

And he (1:49 AM) went off for the Viet pussy in Hanoi for 8 years and getting the fake Ph.D at the same time? Now that's a good deal!!! My hat off to ya...

Anonymous said...

Are you HIV positive now, 1:49 AM?

Anonymous said...

អក (or should I call you "Dr. Lao Mong Hay"?) -

Have you been to srok Yuon? If not, I invite you to travel VN to witness for yourself what their country has become before you go on your Yuon this, Yuon that rants. Even though I make only a few hundred dollars a month, mostly from driving the tuk tuk (and no, I'm not too proud to drive the tuk tuk for extra income even though I hold a Ph.D.), I take my family to Vietnam for vacation whenever we have some extra cashed saved up.

A 5-day tour from Phnom Penh to Vietnam costs only around $200 a person. You'll be surprised by how well the Vietnamese people treat you. One thing about the VN, as opposed to Siams and the Westerners, is that they see Khmer people as their equals and will treat you with respect and dignity.

I invite you to travel more and find out what people are really like, rather than hold on to your misguided white-people-are-good, Yuons-are-bad beliefs.

Have a wonderful day.

- Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

I see that only one person with different nickname has tried to post many comments disregarded Samrainsy, Mu Sochu, and SRP as whole.

Only one this disguising nickname can play different role and spent much of his time in this forum.

I can understand his deep mentality and effort to disregard opposition party, to favor CPP, and particularly to praise Hanoi.

I can understand well the consistent effort of Hanoi to dominate Cambodia. This new breeding clandestine is really put in their effort.

But please express more opinion and share your real bottom heart in here, as a Cambodian democratic student, I am open to your new approach of commenting and envisioning.

A PhD student from the West

Anonymous said...

I support your idea 100%(poster 1:52).
Yesa, he got a PHD from Hanoi on how to help the viets to occupy our Cambodia much faster. Did Hanoi teach you about Domino theory of your uncle Ho ? Did they teach you about vietnamezation on Cambodia, Thailand and Laos in less than 5o years counting from 1979 ?

If you do not know about that, please burn up all your fake PHD from Hanoi, stupid.

Anonymous said...

2:14 AM - For someone with a Ph.D. from the West, your writing leaves a lot to be desired.

This means either:

1. One of us is a fake and the other is the real deal.

2. Western education sucks, just like the Americans sucked on the battlefield when they were trounced by the Vietcongs and NVA.

So, which one is it? I'll let the readers of KI-Media decide for themselves. Just keep the answer in your head, though.

Anonymous said...

Because of this deep hatred towards others, Cambodia has failed, many time, on itself. Cambodia needs to stop discriminating others, learn from others and improve on itself. Some Cambodians are so busy with their eyes behind their heads that they do not know what is ahead of them.

I just cannot find an evidence that CPP is under Hanoi.

A thought by A PhD student from CAMBODIA

Anonymous said...

To the PhD student from the west,you don't even live in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with my Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D. 1:58 AM. All these white working slaves never seen in the real life living and working in our country (Cambodia).
They are too civilized to the western mentalities, and when they come to work in our country (Cambodia) they act like westerner, they speak khmer with end sound of (s...and sh...) like Mu Sochua, Seng Thary, sam rainsy, Sihamoni etc...
These acts make us Khmer inside said in front and their back (Jin reuk nas preah euy, khpeum).

A khmer held with BA & BS from USSR and East Germany.

Anonymous said...


You should learn more the Domino Theory of Uncle Ho. And how can you see with your Vietnamese eyes? All Cambodians who are against VN don't mean that those discriminate VN, but VN themselves built this hatred among Cambodians to achieve their Domino goal.

I can see the light that Hun Sen and his clans can escape from Hanoi if they are going to:

1. Dissolve CPP structure
2. Dissolve his personal bodyguard unit and Tang Krosang troops
3. Disclose real numbers of Vietnamese illegal immigrants in Cambodia
4. Take seriously the bilateral relationship with China and multilateral allying with all other Western nations.
5. Take serious consideration all signatures and economic concessions with Hanoi.
6. ...etc

But the priority is No. 1 & 2

Anonymous said...

My dearest 1:58AM, 2:49Am,

The Cambodian government just send my son to Hanoi training school for Chieftain to run the local government. And my brother send to Hanoi for Police Interior, when he come back he will be promote as Colonel of the province.
I am so happy to see my country and my people in this growing progress.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all don't plan to separate Western Khmer students and Eastern Khmer students like once Pol Pot teams (the Parisans) did with our countrymen.

You guy claimed that you have PhD or BA/BS, but your speech is divisive and baseless to back up our bright future.

More than this, I hope you are not diverting our attention from Hun Sen's corruption, patronage family and clans, and Hanoi's modern expansionism over Cambodia.

A PhD student from the West

Anonymous said...


It is you have been bragging about baseless things. Stop acting like an asshole, you hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

2:58AM - No Khmer patriot wants to live under the influence of Yuon, Chen, or Westerners. I just find it odd that some people so hateful of Vietnam while proudly and openly wishing to subordinates of the West. Like 2:36 AM pointed out, some Khmers from overseas speak Khmer "phai-laam, phai-laam" with a Western accent to set themselves apart from us local Khmers, even though they're quite capable of speaking Khmer clearly like everyone else. I personally find this very troubling about the pro-Western faction.

- Khmer Patriot

Anonymous said...

HRP should dissolve it polical structure now. Due to lack of Humen resources and funds to keep a patry alive. Dissolve now, before falling deepper into polical hell like Funcinpec and Rabarihhd Party.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Ah Pleu-Oversea. They can't even get themselves out of roach infested government housing. Cambodia can do a lot better under PM Hun Sen leadership.

Anonymous said...

I do believe some perspective that the patronage system can build well its supporters...

For instance, like some comments in here are really supportive to Hun Sen's central and patronage leadership.

Anonymous said...

you're right 3:32 AM,
Only Sadech Decho Hun Sen can runs Cambodia better than any Party in the country. Look at Cambodia today, how much better than Sihanouk, Lon Nol and Pol Pot? More schools, more jobs, more peoples, more cars, more Machinaries, and more free society.
What else you people oversea want?
Your job? then, try the best of your abilities.

Anonymous said...

You are right Mr. 3:42 AM,
Unger Hun Sen's managerment, alot corruption, Human Right Violation, land sold to foreign country, alot of Killing never solve problem, forest trees broght to VN. Big trees are taken to Vietnam, and bring the toothsticks, right?.

You are a frog in well, Mr. 3:42 AM.

Anonymous said...

3:59 AM - It a very condescending to call someone "frog living in a well" if you're from overseas.

Although, there are still a lot of problems for our people to solve together, you can't deny the progress that has been made since the destruction of Cambodia by the American B52s and Pol Pot. Despite some flaws, Samdech Hun Sen has done an excellent job under the circumstances.

We Khmer people do not need Westerners and their Khmer puppets to tell us how corrupt or oppressive we are. The truth is that we've started from zero and have reached this point through our own hard work, with a little help from our friends like Japan, China, and Vietnam.

- Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D.,
You too talk like a frog in the well. When you jump up the well you will see yourself who try to prove the well is bigger than the world.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you too. He acts like Ph.D. Well-Frog.

Anonymous said...

Not just a PHD well-frog but a cow watching a train passing by and haven't got a clue of what's moving.....

Anonymous said...

WE Khmer don't need to beg money all year round from Western countries, we can make money oursleves. We can fund our budget 100%. We can chop down all the forest, evict all the poor from their land, sell the country, ,leas it to the yuons, fuck young girls and throw acid on their faces abd get away, shoot and kill the weak and get away, run drug and only our copter crash can kill us, let the yuons to walk in freely, half of the population survive with less than a dollar /day, more uni graudates but without job, the ruling oppressors hate the west but can't wait to send their kids to study in nthe west and try to obtain PR at the same time, on and on. They hate o/s khmer but they would try to marry off their daughters/sons to any o/s khmer to get PR , be SRP or not.

so what else do we want ?

Anonymous said...

That you just see it now 5:11Am!

In ah Kwack mind, he want all his children and grant children and us all, become begars!

Because in his short braine PhD from hanoi he thing that he get rich and powerfull now, is by beging! and why not the whole country be the bagars so all can be rich like him!

Ah Kwack is Chkourt! May lightning strike him soon!

AND for ah Kwack son above! Want to see how good the Vietgoverment run it country, Just see how money young Vietnamese girld ARE whoring in our country and how money Viet come to work and fish in our country!

See how ah Ho Chiming F U C K his own people up!

Anonymous said...

Guy, i think Mu Sochua is capable to be the next president of cambodia! don't you guy think so??

i'll vote for her..

Anonymous said...

4:30 AM, 4:31 AM, 5:10 AM
I cannot see any better principle at present than to make as little innovation as possible; keep things going as well as we can in the present train, Haulling by Samdech Decho Hun Sen varman which is the best train ever build in cambodia running in 21st century.

Oh 5:10 AM what's make the train moving huh? (you frog arch ko).


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that oppositions name a new party. SRP does not sound a democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Loads of BS from USSR

What makes the teain moving, BS ?

The train is hardly moving anywhere. 30 years after Pol Pot, the train should be moving faster.
Not even one single toilet for tourists at Angkor Wat. All the money goes to Soc Cuong's pocket. Too much BS in your face.

No BA or BS

Anonymous said...

Hey BS from USSR, I think all you have learned from USSR is how to be a blood sucking corrupt official. Cambodia is known as a country that has the slooooowest train in the entire world. I guess you probably used your BS knowledge to recommend Hun Sen to use Rats as the horse power for the train.

Anonymous said...

Mua Sohua is georgeous, much better and prettier than Hun Xen's piggy face

Anonymous said...

Interesting, everyone's keen on showing their degrees here.
A few words to PhD from Hanoi dude: It took a great courage to stop working with an NGO of a high salary to work with the RGC. Yet, you are simply generalizing all NGOs and Westerners of their contempt on Cambodia because of your boss - as a PhD holder, you do realize that it's not healthy view... just like you don't like others to prejudge Vietnam (which I agree).


Anonymous said...

I trust and admire the patriotism of Khmer Patriot with Hanoi Ph.D., if that's what he has done. And I also admire the others who love their Khmer country and nation, without being ultra.

The White or the Sharp-Nose are not always superior to us. They colonized, they robbed, they destroyed us; then now they asked us to do this and that...

For the people in this forum, I realize that some, or even most, are very extreme (or as Khmer words put it, "agree or oppose with face turned down" - [phkab muk]).

Those who adhere to the ruling CPP always support CPP without acknowledging its limitations. Those who belong to SRP always oppose without knowing right or wrong. Only self-centered or "anh niyum". I'm really sad and hopeless to see such things. That's why we can never move forward.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that there is serious corruption in Cambodia. But that is the price to pay for democracy... especially for young democracy like Cambodia. It is impossible to eliminate corruption altogether by just simply changing the leadership, doing so will only REJUVENATE the problem. In order to keep peace and stability and move the country forward, certain things have to be sacrificed. Opposition parties, please do not expect the level of freedom and justice to match that in the place you fled to, it is two different worlds that have to be taken care of differently.

Anonymous said...

Equality = Every one is poor equally = Communism

khmer innocent said...

Wow! so many highly educated in this forum.

Please simplify your comments a bit so to help me to understand your point easily as some of you keeps changing your point of view from one comment to another.

I hope you would all be kind enough with my request as a person who is none-educated local Khmer and who has always been in the country through a number of regimes.

Anonymous said...


If you have been through a number of regimes as said, then you must have seen that that lives of the Cambodian people are much better better than in the past.

Anonymous said...


U have not expectation to move Cambodia forward any more right? You just reflect Hun Sen's leadership to the KR is enough..

Oh come on...I just follow your flow of brainless word...

Anonymous said...


I don't have a clue what you are on about. In case you can't read properly, I will say it again. Cambodia is a much better place to live in than it was during the KR regime.

Anonymous said...


Yes, it is easy to understand your supporting to Hun Sen's administration because it is better than the KR regime.

Bravo the Hun Sen's achievement is better than the under zero regime of KR!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Cambodia can do a lot better than making stupid donut in the US.