Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sam Rainsy sued Hun Xen both in the US and in Spain

Report by Sok Serey, Radio Free Asia
Video by Uon Chhin


Anonymous said...

It is laughable that criminal convicted Sam Rainsy is shameless lie Khmer people on and on again. His lawyer has SUBMITTED his complaint to the U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL of the U.S DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE which alleged that PM Hun Sen and other Cambodian officers have FALSE AND FRAUDULENT STATEMENTS, AND MISREPRESENTATIONS AND THREATS made to FBI's officers during the course of an official criminal investigation (Sic). If it is the case, why U.S. government has not take legal action against PM Hun Sen and Cambodian government?

Actually, in criminal case, each person can write the complain against other people or government as much as he/she wants, but it is up to the Director of Public Prosecutor (DPP) to decide whether that complaint has merit (significant evidence) or not before, DPP lodges a formal complaint to the Court.

As for this nonsense case, Sam Rainsy's lawyer just sent his complaint to The U.S. Attorney General but we don't know what will U.S Prosecutor decide about it? However, he and SRP has announced that he sued PM Hun Sen to the U.S Court and challenge PM Hun Sen to answer the charge (sic). Morever, this case is not a new case, PM Hun Sen or Cambodian government just shows the letter that Sam Rainsy's apologise about this case during 2005 to the U.S Attorney General or the Department of Justice, Sam Rainsy's complaint this time will be dead as his political career in Cambodia.

Khmer in Sydney CBD

Anonymous said...

Sam Rainsy has tried to sue Hun Sen in USA and in Spain is Sam Rainsy's Kamikaze bid for his return to Cambodia. Sam Rainsy is the most coward politician in Khmer's history, realise on run likes a rat but his word is often like a tiger.

Anonymous said...

Good job atleast let the dictaitor Hun Sen knows the west unlike that lawlessness banana kingdoom of xcambodia that full of mokeys .
Shame shame shame the world start to know the killer Hun Sen is not the real leader but the killer for his power.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Mr Sam ransy filing criminal charge to Hun sen to International Criminal Court for all his crimes during grenades attack 1997, coup d'etat 1997 and all his approval for land concessions to all his friends which have end up with Cambodian victims to ten of thousands of people.

Areak Prey

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sam Rainsy,
Please stick with your original good PRINCIPLE. If you sue mean it. Stop flip flopping any more if you want to earn back your credit!!! Otherwise let some other person continue your role for the sake of our country. It's normal if you step down for a good REASON and show the world that you LOVE your country not your own power.Let Khmer people and a yorng yourn know that you are a GOOD ROLE MODEL. Again star to walk on the right WAY. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Sam Rainsey is fine. Only you and Hun xenh need to worry.

Anonymous said...

Sue that youn slave Hunsen!
No one is above rightiousness, or the law. Or immortal!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is a strong man..he won't get scares so easily by this useless rethoric fom Sam Rainsy ..I guess Sam Rainsy political life is over for him..Sam Rainsy has got no gut no glory..

Anonymous said...

hun xen is not scare anybody due to his stupid brain which he always relies on yuon boss on his head demand him to do. understand, silly guy.

Khmer in Phnom Penh

Anonymous said...

Sue all you want, US and Spain don't care about you. Who are you to them, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Continue M. Sam Rainsy,
Hun Sen is afraid of international justice now,
He fakes not to be afraid.

Anonymous said...

International can do no shit to HS. If they are any good, why no one sue Pol Pot when he was murdering millions of Cambodian.

Anonymous said...

from the look, maybe sam rainsy don't hun sen to tie knots with america nor eu! he and his back political wanted to keep cambodia in the so-called axis of evil as they called it! another one of his political trick play on each other! his stupid campaign is to discourage hun sen and cpp from makeing diplomatic ties with the western country so to make cambodia unfavorable by western standard, etc! i think khmer people know his dirty trick play on cambodia. i think as long as cambodia keeps ignore this political trivia, cambodia will do just fine without sam rainsy, etc! may god bless cambodia always.

Anonymous said...

for your information, sam rainy, cambodia will always be cambodia! get used to it! cambodia is a country, a unique one at that, so, live with it, ok!

Anonymous said...

Can we say Hun Sen will Hun Sen, I guess NOT. Sam Rainsy's future depends on these Courts. Although alomst every political analyst believe that there is no dramatic impact on Hun Sen if the verdict spells out in Sam Rainsy favor.
But beware that Hun Sen surely doesn't want to have his name of any court record list either, despite he thinks there is no real impact on him in Cambodia. However, Hun Sen will be careful to take the trip to New York or European countries.
If the verdict came out in favor of Hun Sen. SR political life is never end, Sam Rainsy only himself can put an end to his political life.
The Court will be forced to make a political calculation on this matter. various legal scholar opinions point toward noone will be surely a clear winner in the legal battle. The decision of the court is based on circumstantial and has little to do with the evidences.

Anonymous said...

At least Hun Sen fame like the shit hitting the fan don't you think?
Like me if I heard the dictator hun sen still in Cambodia and Cambodia turned to be the seventh heaven on planet earth I told the world I am not interested to go there,I am still haunting by concentrated camps in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

sam rainsy is showing his true color; he's service foreign's interest only, not cambodia! shame on him!

KONE kHEMR TE MUY!!! said...









Anonymous said...

Sam Rainsy must take Hun Sen to court;  Failure to prosecute Hun Sen will result in more innocent Khmer peoples being murder.

Sam Rainsy must not give Hun Sen another option to pick to escape justice.

Which one is better?

1. Hun Sen Death Squad (The Cambodian Organize Crime) go to federal prison for life in the United States for terrorism on March 30, 1997 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

2. Sam Rainsy get his jail terms drop.

Option 1 will benefit all innocent Khmer peoples and Khmer national.

Option 2 will benefit Sam Rainsy and the Cambodia People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime (Hun Sen Death Squad, assassins, murderers, killers, human rights abusers and land grabbers...).

The last time, Sam Rainsy picked was option 2.

I remember Sam Rainsy said "I'm not doing this for Sam Rainsy, I'm doing this for Khmer national."

Sam Rainsy, please do a favor for the Khmer national, take Hun Sen to court.

I am hopping that Sam Rainsy pick the right option this time so that the same thing will not happen again ever.

Sam Rainsy must not allow Hun Sen to continue to kill more innocent Khmer peoples.

Sam Rainsy is in a position to take Hun Sen to court because Hun Sen was trying to assassinate him on March 30, 1997 Grenade Attack (Terrorism).  This is a rare opportunity.  Only victims have the power.  I wise, I have this power to bring Hun Sen to federal court in the United States.

This is a million times better than spend hundreds of million of dollars to hire a private military contractor (Black Water, now XE etc...) to bring justice to criminals (Hun Sen Death Squad and the Khmer Rouge Regimes) who is responsible for killing almost two million innocent Khmer peoples and counting.

Who ever charge, prosecute, convict and sentence Hun Sen is a Khmer hero.  You will be saving a lot of innocent Khmer peoples life.  Because Hun Sen is responsible for murders his political opponents, leaders of the free trade union, journalists and innocent Khmer peoples.

Hun Sen is the most powerful person in Cambodia.

Sam Rainsy have the power to send the most powerful person in Cambodia (Hun Sen) to federal prison for life in the United States.

Victim of
Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime
Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen was a member of the Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime.

Hun Sen is a leader of the Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime.

Hun Sen was behind the terrorism on March 30, 1997 grenade attack in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
A U.S. citizen Ron Abney was injure during the grenade attack.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States Senate Foreign Committee Investigation

Hun Sen attempted to assassinate Sam Rainsy (leader of opposition party) and Chea Vichea (leader of the Free Trade Union) during grenade attack on March 30, 1997 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Hun Sen is responsible for murdered Chea Vichea (leader of the Free Trade Union).

The Democratic Kampuchea Pol Pot Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for killing 1.7 million innocent Khmer peoples.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is also responsible for killing 1.7 million innocent Khmer peoples and counting.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for extrajudicial execution over 100 members of FUNCINPEC Party.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for murders over 80 members of Sam Rainsy Party.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for murders 3 leaders of Free Trade Union.

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for murders 10 journalists

The Cambodian People's Party Hun Sen Khmer Rouge Regime is responsible for murders at least 16 innocent Khmer peoples during a grenade attack on March 30, 1997 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Kone Khmer sneaha jeti said...

we will summon Viet-kong (the giant Monkey ) to internal court for killing innocent Khmer people.

Those who able to find all evidences please collect them for court purposes.

those who support this act please make it happens.

we will prosecute Hanoi for invade cambodia illegally, killings, is consider a terrorist for allow their people to enter cambodia illegally. and provoking cambodia internal affair. these are all TERRORIST ACTS.