Saturday, October 02, 2010

FREEDOM by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Super Bowl 2002

This is my right, a right given by God
To live a free life, to live in freedom

We talkin’ about freedomjavascript:void(0)
Talkin’ bout freedom
I will fight, for the right
To live in freedom

Anyone, who wants to take it away
Will have to answer, cause this is my right

We talkin’ about freedom
Talkin’ bout freedom
I will fight, for the right
To live in freedom, ah yeah, comon now...

(lead solo)

You talkin’ about freedom
Were talkin’ bout freedom
I will fight, for the right
To live in freedom

Everybody talkin’ bout freedom
Talkin’ bout freedom
I will fight, for the right
To live in free----------dom


Anonymous said...

I love Paul McCartney! What a great song!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

what is the relevancy of this article to your story?????

Anonymous said...

i mean, SONG.

Anonymous said...

Paul is singing an interesting song, but the simple, catchy lyrics can mean whatever you want them to mean....and I think most people will probably take the wrong meaning!

So many Americans foolishly believe the propaganda that they have "freedom" - when in fact they do not, and they are losing whatever freedoms they might have left as the days go by.

Losing the "freedom" that comes with a job, income security, medical care, a house to own, and not be put on an assassination list by your President!

And some of the brainwashed mob among them actually think their government is spreading "freedom" to other countries - but their wars are always only about profits for Wall Street and the war profiteers. They never give a damn about people in other countries, or their own.

One day, enough USA citizens might awake from their media-induced indoctrination and have to fight for their own "freedom" from the real enemy within - their own evil and obscenely rich ruling class of war criminals and exploiters.

One day....