Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sacrava's Memorial Cartoon: Koh Pich Tragedy

Cartoon by Sacrava (on the web at


Anonymous said...

Keep God out of Cambodia, But we welcome death and destruction from the enemy of God, HaSatan?

Jesus said of HaSatan, "He is a liar. His only goal in life is to steal, kill and destroy the truth of God." In doing so man will destroy himself through his strong deception.

Anonymous said...

Your lives don't mean anything in hs govt.

Anonymous said...

If you want sueing Hun Sen, Just do it! don't talk to much with less action.

Unless you are trying to bargain with Hun Sen bid to the higher price!

Stop using tactic delay and play around, delay and play around...Too shameful on you opposition leaders! If you want to do it, just do it! don't talk! because Samdach Decho Hun Sen feels so sick of all tricks of opposition leaders, they just want higher price!

You do it or you don't! stop playing around! mother fuckers opposition leaders!

Anonymous said...

Opposition leaders are usually talk to much with less action, if you want to sue Hun Sen why don't they just do it? Why do they keep talking to much with less action?

Just do it! Do it! Just do it!

Hope they don't blackmail Hun Sen for more just money as usual!

Anonymous said...

The opposition leaders need money so they always blackmail say "they will sue Hun Sen" but when are they going to sue Hun Sen? May be they just want more dollars!

Anonymous said...

If members of opposition want brand new lexus car just simply come and ask Samdach Decho Hun Sen!

Anonymous said...

This pig open its mouth hell and satanic's corrupts spirits came out of it trying to solicitation to bribes the opposition party to joints with its corruptions'spirits of evil greeds.

No one in the right mind will joint ah Kwaq Hun sen as long as he is a puppet to Yiekcong,serves Yiekcong interests.Cpp were K.R and they all killers from jungle.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said, "The angels in heaven rejoices when one sinner is saved."

The opposite is, Satan and his demons rejoices when millions of sinners perished into everlasting destruction.

The truth is, God never fights with man -- it is man that fights with God or against God. The loser is man, always.

Anonymous said...

Amen! I agree 100% with you,may god bless you....For god so loves the world he gaves his be gotten son so you maybe saved...

Yobal Khmer

Anonymous said...

Now, listen up your maggots! Why is it so difficult for you dumbfuck to forget the past; the past is the past. Yes, all of you need to learn how to forget the past, and try not to dig up the past and cause trouble for Cambodia and its people, and instead have all of you come together and unite with your savior. Yes, with your savior (my strong-man Samdach Hun Sen), he the one who saved your sorry asses from the holocaust. Without your savior, you wouldn't have the occasion to chitchat with anh.

I'm relatively elated and ecstatic to have seen all of you killed each other over little thing, because you dumbfuck are NOTHING but another dumb and ignorant savage. In other words, you people are equivalent to "Panong" (Phnong). Is this how you sign up more opposition and other rivals for your cause.

In addition, it is critically imperative to remember to re-apply for your public assistance (food stamps and SSI)before the end of the month, because I don't want your children crying and cursing you because you don't have food on the table . Also, most importantly, whatever you do, don't forget your child-support payments, because I despise deadbeats. Sorry kids, I feel your PAIN.

Before I disappear from your ugly faces, I want to remind you that as the general election looms,I want ALL OF YOU vote for your savior (Samdach Decho). Remember he's the ONLY ONE who can save Cambodia from the suffering.

I recall three decades ago, Phnom Penh, the Cambodia's capital, as I marched into the city, it was punctuated by the emptiness of buildings and houses and filled with broken roads and bridges, and now the city has morphed into a proud, beautiful and vibrant city. I'm certain that you can guess who transformed this ghost city into a beautifully developed city.

As a democratic country, we not only an ASEAN member, but the chair of ASEAN. Because of this remarkable achievement, we have received numerous praises around the world, even the leader of the free world (Barak Obama) and other leaders. Yes, you dumbfuck should be proud with all these achievements. Remember it is okay to be critical, but it is not okay to be cynical, particular with my government and country. Again, I welcome criticism, but not cynicism. hahahah Pi Anh.

Anonymous said...

shit anh Kok Pich Tragedy is one of your achievement I will recognize it you piece of shit.