Saturday, November 16, 2013

Complaint Lodged Against Security Chiefs Over Woman’s Shooting

Caption: Police officers are seen in a photograph, left, and video footage, middle and right, brandishing and firing pistols in Phnom Penh’s Meanchey district on Tuesday during clashes with stone-throwing protesters. A street-food vendor, Eng Sokhom, 49, was shot dead by the police gunfire and several other people were injured. Police have denied responsibility for the woman’s death. (Thomas Cristofoletti for Ruom/Licadho/Euronews)

By Mech Dara, The Cambodia Daily, November 15, 2013

A protester involved in Tuesday’s clash between SL Garment Factory workers and security forces filed a complaint yesterday against Phnom Penh’s municipal and military police chiefs, accusing them of responsibility for the death of a 49-year-old street-food vendor who was killed by police gunfire, according to witnesses.

Two teenagers, aged 14 and 17, were also charged Thursday by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court for their alleged involvement in the violence and detained in Prey Sar prison’s Correctional Center 2.

Municipal police chief Chuon Sovann

Of the 31 civilians and seven monks originally detained and questioned, the teenagers are the only two charged with a crime, while all others have been released.

Neang Sokhun, a 25-year-old second-year law student, who claimed he was beaten by the police during the clashes, said he filed court complaints “on behalf of the Khmer people” against municipal police chief Chuon Sovann and Lieu­tenant General Roth Sreang, commander of the municipal military police, for the “murder that was committed by public civil servants, in accordance with Article 204 from the Penal Code.”

Article 204 pertains to “murder committed by public officials…in the performance of his or her duties or in connection therewith.”

“I filed the complaint against them because I saw their actions, which cracked down on innocent people such as workers and nearby vendors. I was involved in the incident that was committed by [them] and I survived it,” Mr. Sokhun said.

“During the incident, I saw their brutal crackdown which killed and injured people, and arrested many people,” he said.

Prak Savouth, director of prosecution clerks at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, confirmed that the complaint had been received, and that Mr. Sokhun had accused Mr. Sovann and Lt. Gen. Sreang of “ordering their armed forces to shoot workers and innocent people” resulting in the death of Eng Sokhom, who was an innocent bystander selling food.

“We have received the complaint and we will implement the legal procedures,” Mr. Savouth said.

The clash erupted on Tuesday after SL Garment workers attempted to march to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s house to air their grievances, only to be blocked by police at Stung Meanchey bridge. In the ensuing violence, two police vehicles and motorcycles were torched and a crowd of mainly youths pelted rocks at the police, who returned fire with tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition.

Military police spokesman Brigadier General Kheng Tito said by telephone that he was aware of the complaint against his Lt. Gen. Sreang.

“I heard about that, but it is the right of the people to file a complaint against someone,” he said. “It depends on the court.”

He said that military police are tasked with keeping order “when there is violence and actions that are against the law, and we need to crack down on them.”

“The demonstrators had used violence on us such as burning the car and motorbikes, which were State property.”

Mr. Sovann, the municipal police chief, could not be reached for comment and National Police spokes­man Lieutenant General Kirth Chantharith declined to comment.

Also yesterday, 14-year-old Meas Non and 17-year-old Vanny Vanan were charged by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court with intentional acts of violence, damage to public property, in­sulting public officials and the obstruction of public officials for their alleged role in the clash.

Outside the court Thursday, Meas Non pleaded his innocence and said that he had been wrongfully implicated in the burning of one of the police vehicles.

“They charged me with burning a police car,” he said, “but I did not. I broke the car’s window, because it hit me, so I broke it.”

He said he had also been shown a video of himself trying to remove one of the burning mo­torcycles from the fire, but insisted that he had not been re­sponsible for setting it alight and only wanted to use the parts from the torched bike.

Vanny Vanan, the other charged teenager, said he had not taken part in the protest and had only stopped at the scene to see what was going on.

“I just walked…and stopped to see the incident because there were crowds,” he said. “When I got there, one car was already burned and…the police arrested me. They charged me with burning the car and throwing the rocks—but I did not know any thing.”

At the funeral of slain street-food vendor Eng Sokhom Thursday, her husband, 51-year-old Nget Vong, said he wanted justice done.

“We want the government to find justice for my wife, because she was innocent,” he said. “It is an injustice, because we had not done anything wrong,” he said, adding that he too was planning on filing a complaint against the security forces who were responsible for shooting his wife.

Lt. Gen. Chantharith, National Police spokesman, denied on Wednesday that police were responsible for Eng Sokhom’s death, and that police would conduct their own investigation.

Brig. Gen. Tito said yesterday that an investigation is needed “to see who shot [Eng Sokhom] and what kind of bullet” was used.

“We cannot say when we just see the body that police shot her—who saw the police shoot her? Which police?”

(Additional reporting by Lauren Crothers and Aun Pheap)


Anonymous said...

ah youn sovan

Anonymous said...

Got to love khmer, they are good at killing their own.♥♥♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Ah sovann is Yiekcong!look @ its face!

Anonymous said...

Si choun sovan n a eu les ordres de hun sen pour massacre comme cela, hun sen a déjà jeté pour ses crocodiles bouffés depuis long temps, car hun sen a un secret pour d éliminer quequ un contre lui sans laissé les traces.

Anonymous said...

There must be another protest demanding the resignation and imprisonment of the police and military chiefs and the demanding of the compensation for dead and injured victims. Khmer must unite and stand up against the evil CPP who are the agent of Vietnam, its plan is to control and afterward swallow Cambodia like it did jampa and Kampucheakrowm.

Anonymous said...

All that gun was CHINA that gave to CPP to kill khmer. CHINA and YOUN are so happy with this because CPP do by the order.

Anonymous said...

ចិន នឹង យួន គេសប្បាយចិត្តណាស់ដោយបានឃើញ ឆ្កែរបស់គេពូកែខាំយ៉ាងនេះ ហើយគេថាឆ្កែនេះចិញ្ចឹមមិនបំបង់បាយទេ ។

Anonymous said...

Inside CPP's cabinet are Yuon. Ah Sovann is a Yuon was borned in Srok Khmer! You can see his skin is not too light that is Yuon's skin.

Anonymous said...

Bring ah chhakek youn vietcong Choun Sovann to the court if it did not work in Cambodia, bring this issue to ICC along with ah Hun Sen, the documents about the Hun are already there.

Anonymous said...

Barking...Barking...Barking, useless.
Only muslim Jendhamuni can do suicide attack, not chicken buhhist Khmers. Hey muslim girl, do Cambodia a favor and go blow yourself up?

Anonymous said...

I repost and update my comment.



Any autocratic regime in the world is so afraid of the mass gathering because once that gathering were turning against them, they would not be able to contain it.

Every year in Cambodia, during the water festival - Bonn Om Touk – millions of people were gathering to see the racing boats. That made the puppet government and its master Vietnam very nervous. They might have thought that what would happen if those people used that occasion and turned it into a sea of demonstration against them?

In order to disrupt that annual gathering, they might have created that disastrous event in Koh Pich – showing, proving to people that huge crowd is very dangerous, thus people must stay away from huge crowd in the future.

The absence of the water festival in the following year might underscore the assumption that the Koh Pich Bridge’s incident was planned.

Khmer people must wait and see for this year ( 2012). If there was no water festival in Cambodia, there would be a stronger possibility that the deadly event in Koh Pich was premeditated. The international community, the CNRP, and Khmer people must find the mastermind behind this horrible crime.

It is highly likely that Vietnam was the mastermind behind that incident because logically and humanly it is difficult for Khmer people to kill their own people like that.

The ulterior motive ( the ultimate goal ) behind the catastrophic event in the koh Pich bridge was to put an end to the yearly millions people gathering. It does not matter to the expansionist Vietnam whether Khmer culture or custom disappear or not.

Bun Thoeun

Note: I wrote this comment and posted in KI a couple of months ago. Now, this year (2012), there is no water festival either, citing Sihanouk’s death was the cause of the cancellation.

Historically, how many times in the past that Cambodia failed to celebrate the water festival ?

Bun Thoeun

( Update for this 2013 )

Now, this year, 2013, there is no water festival again. The flood was the reason for the cancellation.

How about next year?

The chance to celebrate the water festival will be slim if the puppet government was still in power because Vietnam and Hun Sen worried that people might use that moment to mount a huge demonstration against them.

Wake up Khmer people !! Everything is almost gone under this puppet Hun Sen’s government.

Khmer people, especially the CNRP, must exert their best concert efforts to claim the election’s victory. We cannot let this CPP thief stole Khmer people's votes like that.

We must realize that decades - 30 to 50 years - from now, Khmer people’s sacrifice to save Cambodia will produce fruitless result because Vietnam’s influence were so overwhelming by that time.

If we wanted to save Cambodia, this would be the right time because the CNRP had won the election, which is a solid foundation for the CNRP to succeed.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

ah yuon somlab khmer cheamouy kampleung chen

Anonymous said...

ករ យកក្បាលពួកវា មានអាស ខេងនិងគ្រួសារវា
អាជួន​ សុវណ្ណនិងគ្រួសារ អាប៉ា ជាតិមានិងគ្រួ
សារវានឹងអាទីតូ គឺខ្មែរយើងម្នាក់ៗត្រូវតែកាត់
ព្រោះអាអស់នេះកែរលែងឡើងហើយ រួមមាន
ទាំងអាខ្វាក់ អាកញ្ជាស់ស៊ីមនិងអាសំរិនភ្នែកភ្លឺ
នេះថា ថ្ងៃដែលកម្មករធ្វើបាតុកម្មនៅស្ទឹងមាន
ជ័យ ហើយពេលនោះម៉ែឯង ប្រពន្ធឯង កូនឯង
បងប្អូនស្រីឯងនាំគ្នាទៅរកស៊ីនៅទីនោះ ហើយ
ចៅពួកអាក្បត់ជាតិឯង តើពួកឯងមានអារម្មណ៍

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

*អា ១0 ម៉ាជ្រក់!
*អាក្បាលម៉ាដុំថ្ម គ្រប់ៗៗៗៗគ្នា

១-អាជ្រក់តាំងខ្លួនជាអាHo Chheam Tminh....Ho សែន
២-អាជ្រក់តាំងខ្លួនជាមហាត្មៈគន្ធី.. ហ៊ុន រង្ស៊ី
៣-អាជ្រក់តាំងខ្លួនជាស្វាហុ៑ន សែន... ហ៊ុន សុខា
៤-មីជ្រក់តាំងខ្លួនជាAung San Suu Kyi..ហ៊ុន សុខហួ

*ចុះចេញ ពីដំណែង សូមជួយ LIKE&SHARE ដើម្បីឲ្យអាក្បាលយួនទាំង៤ បានឮផង!

Anonymous said...

9:12 PM

It is made and looks like Khmers kill Khmers, but in reality Yuon are the culprits.
Remember, Dictator & Traitor Hun Sen has 95 advisors, about 50% of them are Yuon or Khmer Yuon.
That's how Yuon did in Champs.

Anonymous said...

That's how Yuon did to Cham in Champa.

Anonymous said...

សមេ្តចជាព្រះអាទិត្យតែមួយ រះលើផែនដីនេះ...!

ជយោ! សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ ជាទេវតានៃកម្ពុជា!!!

Anonymous said...

អា Chuon Sovann អាឆ្កែកញ្ជះយួន!
អា Chuon Sovann អាឆ្កែកញ្ជះយួន!
អា Chuon Sovann អាឆ្កែកញ្ជះយួន!

ក្រុមអាមនុស្សទមិឡឥតសាសនា, ក្រុមអាមនុស្សចិត្តកាចសាហាវព្រៃផ្សៃឃោរឃៅយង់ឃ្នង, ក្រុមអាមនុស្សកាចចិត្តអាក្រក់,ក្រុមអាមនុស្សពាល,
ក្រុមអាមនុស្សសាហាវ, ក្រុមអាមនុស្សព្រៃផ្សៃ,
ក្រុមអាមនុស្សថ្លើមខ្មៅ, ក្រុមអាមនុស្សអន្យតិរ្ថិយ, ក្រុមអាមនុស្សអន្ដរធាន, ក្រុមអាមនុស្សតិរច្ឆាន...

Anonymous said...

សមត្ថកិច្ច នៃរដ្ធាភិបាលអាឆ្កែកញ្ជះយួន ហ៊ុន សែន ដែលមាន ទាហាន ប៉ូលីស ប៉េអឹម ពេល ដែលបញ្ជូនទៅរៀននៅស្រុកយួន យួនមិន ដែលបានហ្វឹកហ្វឺនផ្នែកជួយសង្គ្រោះជីវិត ឬ
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បើមិនជឿសួរ ពួកអាមកពីហ្វឹកហ្វឺន ពីស្រុកយួន ក្នុង១០០ ពួកវាថាដូចគ្នាទាំង ១០០ ។

9:22 AM

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen said that he is a viets' puppet and that there is nothing we can do about it because we are under their controlled. Why is the international do something about it? because it could they too love to see Cambodia and its people to go down. Hun Sen has no power whatsoever, because again, he is under their controlled e,g look at their members they are ex-KR and look at those guns and tanks, they are from China. So, both Viets and China are working together to get rid of our people from their existence, so that they could have it all in the end. Right now, they are using Hun and King as a bridging cause. It has to stop and it has to be now. Cambodia can be at peace until they are gone, out of our system for good.

Cambodia is not your friends nor your enemy, because we have helped them both for as long as we know it, but in return, they killed us instead, where is their morality of appreciation. It is time for them to go and it has to be now. So far, khmers have chosen their leaders, they are Sam and Kem, not the one being installed by foreigners like the King or Hun Sen. Hun Sen must go, because we don't need a puppet, we need our true compatriot leaders for our national interest, not the interests of the outsiders like the Viets and Chinese.

History has shown that they created one party after another to eliminate khmers from their existence and now, they took the whole koh tral including encroaching our territory for their own national interest. They took our land and sea freely and no one can do anything about it. I want them to know that, Cambodia belongs to Cambodians, not the Chinese nor the Viets nor the Hun or the King dynasty. Again, it looks like our leaders like Hun and king have no choice but to follow both Viets and Chinese federation.

Both Viets and Chinese never want khmers to grow but to fall apart. They know that Khmers are Pro US and would grow bigger and better than them, so they prevent it from happening and to do that, they have to kill all of our educated ones and installed one of their own. This has to stop and it has to be now, because every nation needs to have its own state sovereignty and so do we.

Anonymous said...

From now on all citizens, should realize as by fact as the cpp's youn's party. They never and ever admit at what it caused the problem on the innocent Khmer at all, recently. The CPP actually could do all of an impossible things to Khmer that it's not supposed to be, in reality, they were done it because all they want just to destroy Khmer in whole society of under its control Khmer without a doubt and swallow Cambodia as Cham, Lao, Khmer Krom and Cambododia, perhaps, Siem is next.
As they have created so many groups inside Cambodia as one group as they get along the Opposition Party, and other group they get imposed to the Oppostion party, and the group of gangster make a wild of violent, spread rumors, money buy off, get promote, family related and connected, etc.
And all they do is just staying behind those groups, watching the situation and action happen. So then they can be as a back up plans.

e.g.; A Chhouk Bandith's case, Chhut Vuthy, A Hok landy, Chea Vichea, Koh Pich, Grenade explode in 1997, Funcinpec's party, Journalist, Boeung Kak's lake, Chan Se's case, Journalist,etc and etc.
Another easy an example for all citizens to understand as if: People(a) Kills people(b) so that they will let another people(c) to kills people(a) that is how they do! in Khmer, and so this dirty tricks was so good in strategy of YieK Cong trained as like that.

And looks to many yiek Cong in every where they lived in Khmer and using a pure Khmer's name such as a Sok Kong, a Chhoun Sovann, etc. In reality they were all youn to serve their master mind, H. minh. Shamed on them all and some of the Khmer who lost their conscience served youn's dog, Kang Cho. Those will get killed after receiving a full victory on Khmer by Youn, Taking with no racism but only to country whose they were an enemy of Khmer only.

Reas Khmer


the fucker A dog Mr:Chuon Svann you're not any difference from Khmer Rough / Pol Pot regime under a cruel Yuonese / Vietnamese hidden faces behind the killing fields from year 1975 to year 1979, why dog mr:Chuon Sovann a Yuon slaver just only expert to kill our nation Khmer, but I am believing that you're fucking scare Yuon, fucker your Mother cunt, from Mr:Gov Chung Hak Australia the former Prey Sor prisoner was been arrested by a dog idiot Mr:Chuon Narin he's working at the Phnom Penh Principal Police Station as he's received bribe from fucker Mrs:Ung SivNgeng both both small like chicken eggs size and both tits small like Chopstice size and she's living at the address 43C, KROM No:1, STREET No: ( SONY 36 ) SANGKAT TERK TLAR, KHAN SEIN SOK, PHNOM PENH CITY CAMBODIA

Anonymous said...


បុគ្គលក្នុងកំណាព្យ ឆ្អាបឈាមខ្មែរទូទាំងរដ្ឋា
សូមកុំឃាត់គេជេ សូមកុំហាមគេស្ដី!
ម្ដេចមានប្រល័យជាប្រណីតតាហារ អប្រិយទុយសហិង្សា?
ប្រព័ន្ធនៃបេះដូង ឈាមជ័រខ្មែរតែមួយ ទុក្ខវេទនាចាំងចក្ខុហើយ ចរន្នលោហិតារុណ
នុះឯងហើយចាំមាត្រាក្រិត្យ សន្មតធម្មជាតិនៃលោក!

កំណាញ់អ្វីម្លេះ បើគ្រាន់តែផ្ដល់យុត្តិធម៌?
អ្នកគ្រាន់តែប្ដូរមកជាល្អ ទ្រទ្រង់ជាតិផងយើង
ពោលថាក្លាហាន គឺឧត្តម្ភគតិលះ ពុំមែនយកឈ្នះ លើសាសន៍ឯងឡើយ!

អ្នកតូចទាបខ្សោយ បន់ស្រន់រាល់ថ្ងៃ
សូមអំណាចរដ្ឋាថ្មី ប្ដូរឥរិយាបទ
កើតមកជាមនុស្ស មានខ្ចោះគ្រប់រូប
ប្រញាប់ប្រែកាយ សះស្បើយឡើងវិញ!

ព្យាបាលទាន់ពេល សូមកុំទុកត្រាំត្រែង
បើពិតជាម្រេញ ផុតវេជ្ជវិទ្យាឳសុថផ្សំ សាកលលោកគេខ្ពើម យមលោកទាមទា
ម្ចាស់ឈាមតៃហោង ចោមរោមរុករកហៅឈ្មោះ
ព្រោះតែបំណុល ស័ក្ដសិទ្ធចងចាំជាក់
វ័ណ្ឌករដោយឈាមខ្មែរអ្នកស្លូតត្រង កុំចាំក្រែងយ៉ឺតខ្លួនឯងក៏មិនអភ័យ
កិតិយសអក្សារបង់ប្រឡាក់ឈាមងំ ខ្លិនខ្លួនអសោច៍ជាអមតៈ

ឳកូនខ្មែរអើយ សូមបញ្ចប់សាងអាស្រូវ
ឈប់សាងកម្មពៀរទៅ អភិរក្ខសាវតារខ្មែរមាន
ចាប់ដៃរគ្នាជាស្ពាន ទាន់ជឿនលឿនវិទ្យា
អភិវឌ្ឍន៍កល្យាណ ស៊ួនសុវណ្ណសំណប់លោកី!

Anonymous said...

សូមកូនខ្មែរជ្រាបឧ្យបានច្បាស់ថាអាជួន សុវ៉ាន់នេះមិនមែនខ្មែរទេ ? សូមខ្មែរទាំងក្នុងប្រទេស ទាំងនៅក្រៅប្រទេសជ្រាបជាពត៌មានឧ្យបានច្បាស់។
អាជួន សុវ៉ាន់ នេះជាយួនចូលមកស្រុកខ្មែរកាលពីថ្ងៃទី៧មករា១៩៧៩ វាជាអ្នកបកប្រែភាសាយួន
នៅពេលកងទ័ពយួនដកចរញពីស្រុកខ្មែរនៅឆ្នាំ១៩៨៩ អាយួនមួយក្បាលនេះវាដូរឈ្មោះមកជាខ្មែរមានឈ្មោះហៅថាអាជួន សាវ៉ាន់​ ។
១ អាហុក ទ្បងឌី(យួនងាប់)ពាក់ផ្កាយ៤
២ អានេត សាវឿន(យួន)ពាក់ផ្កាយ៤
៣ អាសុខ ផល(យួន)ពាក់ផ្កាយ៣
៤ អាវ៉ាន់ ថន(យួន)ពាក់ផ្កាយ៣
៥ អាគាត ចាន្ថរិត(យួន)ពាក់ផ្កាយ៣
៦ អាជួន សុវ៉ាន់(យួន)ពាក់ផ្កាយ៣
៧ អាជួន ណារិន(យួន)ពាក់ផ្កាយ២
៨ អាហេង ពៅ(យួនជាប់គុក)ពាក់ផ្កាយ២
សូមខ្មែរកុំច្រទ្បំថាអាយួនជាមេប៉លីសខាងលើទាំងអស់នេះថាជាខ្មែរ ? អាយួនទាំងអស់នេះវាធ្វើការបំរើប្រទេសយួន វាសម្លាប់ខ្មែរឧ្យទាល់តែអស់
តើកូនខ្មែរគិតយ៉ាងណាដែរ ??? តើកូនខ្មែរទុកឧ្យអាយួនជាមេប៉ុលីសខ្មែរសម្លាប់ខ្មែរតទៅទៀត?

ពីខ្ញុំឈ្មោះ ជាសារុន អតីតCPPនៅទ្បូវ៉ែល

Anonymous said...

I want to see the picture of Lt. Gen. Sreang. too. He serves Khmer or Yuon?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are a Muslim Cham. WHy are you getting in Khmer politics? There are thousands of Muslim Chams are suffering because of your involment into Khmer politics, has nothing to do with Muslims of Cambodia. You should get out. Next time they will curse your Islam religion. DO you want that? Do you want them to curse the Prophet because of you?


Anonymous said...


អាយួនញញឹមបោក ទាំងនេះគឺ៖
១ អាយួនពាក់ដួន ៧មករា សម រង្ស៊ី
២ អាយួនពាក់ដួន ៤យួន កឹម សុខា
៣ មីយួនពាក់ដួន ៦កណ្ដួយ មួ សុខហួ


ខាងលើទាំងអស់នេះថាជាខ្មែរ ?

ប្រទេសយួន វាសម្លាប់ខ្មែរឧ្យទាល់តែអស់


ចោល ?

ចលនាអំណាចពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរ ?

Anonymous said...

Ah youn vietcong Choun Sovann disguises as khmer police . He tries to kill khmer as much as he can, but his time is coming soon, goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

11:36 PM

Do you know what are you talking about ?
We welcome Jendha, her thoughts and ideas.
She is doing great !

Concerned Khmer

Anonymous said...

Chuon Sovann is a Rat!

Anonymous said...

Chuon Sovann act is the leader of the Gang.

Chuon Sovann talks like a ganger...acts like a gangster...

What laws does criminal Chuon Sovann follow?!

Anonymous said...

Let 'a bring down this security chief, the sooner the better.